Meeting Minutes

The minutes are recorded here in chronological order starting with the most recent meeting.

OFCAN Meeting [Thursday May 3, 2018]

[6:00 PM]

[Rio Encore Room-Onaping Community Centre]



Meeting called by:

Michael Armstrong

Type of meeting:

Monthly OFCAN Meeting


Michael Armstrong


Note taker:

Chris Allen





Cristale Marier, Carrie Morin

Dolly Gordon Andrews

Sharon LeBlanc

Willy Kohl

Mike Armstrong

Christine Allen Scott Sagle


Please read:


Please bring:




Agenda item:



Marc Savignac




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Action items

Person responsible





Agenda item:



Sharon Leblanc



Report: $3085.43 – no changes since February. Mike has some bills for stationery – $53.27 keyboard and mouse and binder for folders.


Action items:

Cut a cheque for Mike and Dolly

Person responsible





Agenda item:




Gerry Montpellier






Action items

Person responsible





Agenda item:

City Representative








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Action items

Person responsible





Agenda item:

Rio Encore


Carrie Morin


Discussion: Clarified that the $300 provided by OFCAN for movies snacks was a donation, not to be refunded

Lots of people go for the old movies….lots of fun

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Action items

Person responsible




Agenda item:

Recreation Committee


Dolly Gordon



  • Constuction to Splash Pad to be restarted soon. Grand opening scheduled for Thursday June 28, 2018. Dog Park should not be in same area as Splash Pad. Suggestions included, the old theatre in Levack, the old dump site in Onaping and others are likely possibilities. Benches were discussed and we need several to encourage more citizens to take advantage on it.
  • General Meeting Sunday May 27, 2018, time to be announced. Musical Ride set for June 8-10, 2018.
  • Tickets for this event are $15 and are available at several local venues. Buses will be provided for all persons who wish to attend at 11am, 12 & 1 pm. Event runs from noon to 5 pm on Sat & Sun.

Northern Corner Run Aug 26 or  Sept 16. This will be a run, walk and mountain bike event at Nordic Ski Club.

Power Skating – late September Halloween Night Oct 31, Breakfast with Santa – Sun Dec 2 (tentative)

Teen New Years Eve Dance – Dec 30 OCC.

Paint Night – held last Tuesday – $635 -27 ladies – great turnout and very successful



An HCI grant request was not supported by our Councillor or City officials as the RCMP Musical Ride is being held outside our community, due to requirements of stabling horses, etc. The Rec Com had initially approached several venues locally, but they were not suitable for an event of this size.


Mike requested an explanation of the relationship between OFCAN and the  Rec Committee. Dolly explained that each group is unique and manage to do ‘lots of events’ by working together. Each group has different ‘rules’ and regulations which help us survive.



Agenda item:

Youth Centre



Louise Ouimette




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Action items;

Secretary to send out emails requesting that Absences be sent to Mike., so that we aren’t waiting for persons who don’t arrive.

Person responsible


  Chris Allen  


Agenda item:

Falls Food





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Action items

Person responsible




Agenda item:

Community Sign


Michael Armstrong



-Scheduling – Anyone who wants an event noted  on the Road Sign are now to send their request to the OFCAN website for scheduling by Mike, so that it’s more orderly, organized and fair. Also the large ‘OFCAN website’ signs can go up below the road sign, guiding people to the website where more details on every event will be available. He will be in touch with Tom Lahnalampi who can then arrange to put up items as per the calendar.


-Erect OFCAN sign(s)


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Put up website signs under the road sign          Person Responsible          Deadline: 


                                                                            Mike Armstrong



Agenda item:

New Projects


Michael Armstrong



-Select from list;

Selections  Community Gardens.  Dog Parks,  Beautification Committee- Cristale Marier

-Assign resources

-schedule meetings




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Action items

Person responsible


Get sub Committees organized                                                  Mike Armstrong  


Agenda item:

Web Page Upgrade

Dolly Gordon Andrews is willing to do this.


Michael Armstrong



Dolly is going to update and revamp the OFCAN webpage and it needs to be renewed in August. Dolly is also interested in maintaining the Oracle website for future information and that renewal is due now. Dolly is the Editor and creator of the Onaping Falls News and hopes to have archives from the Oracle if needed. The gentleman who hosts both domains has been very helpful to Dolly and is willing to help her keep both going. Dolly requested that OFCAN pay for Oracle website for 2 more years, after the one year she has currently paid for.  In August we will be looking for $125 for the OFCAN website for the next 5 years. The host is willing to maintain the domain free of charge. We agreed to purchase the website for the next five years.


Needed on website; who we are, what we do, what we hope to work on and  other ideas.

Action items


Person responsible;

Dolly Gordon


Dolly will purchase domain names  For 5 years



Dolly will work on OFCAN website after getting information from Mike

Mike Armstrong This week


Agenda item:

Economic Growth


Jana Lahalampi



What can OFCAN do to promote economic development?

WE are in need of development and growth otherwise we will only continue to see our services and infrastructure decline.  It is a huge issue but I think we need to start addressing it.



The members decided after some discussion that this is really not within our Mandate. We are more dedicated to improving the community –beautification and safety etc, rather than economic growth, though we certainly feel it’s a worthwhile and important issue.

There is a possibility that in the future the downhill ski hill might be reopened, which would be very positive.

Action items

Person responsible




Agenda item:

No Trespassing Signs Surrounding Town


Michael Armstrong



What can be done to eliminate the threat of being charged with trespassing by walking your dog on a trail leaving town? This has been done by Vale and KGHM and it is an imposition to residents. We discussed the options we might have. Dolly noted that snow machines seem to have permission to use the trails in winter, so she suggested that we might approach the High Riders to see how they get access.


Action items

Person responsible



We will all try to speak to anyone whom we feel might have some answers or suggestions to bring back to next month’s meeting.    


Other Information


The Bluebird and the Onaping Mall have new owners. We  discussed  that we need to be very supportive of the new owners. We need to try to get the Onaping Mall  paved as the owner is having difficulty, We will update next month..


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Special notes:

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Next meeting : Thursday  June 7, 2018 6 pm ALL WELCOME!


Minutes of OFCAN Meeting – Thurs, May 11, 2017, 6 pm Rio Encore Lounge

Present-Don Henwood, Carrie Morin, Marc Savignac, Mike Armstrong, Childa MacDonald, Val Besserer, Bobbi Jo Oakes, Jana Lahnalampi, Sharon LeBlanc, Ramona Haldorson, Chris Allen

Minutes  Of April 13, 2017 accepted by consensus as circulated.


Police-  Marc – Smash and Grab vehicle crimes are on the rise in the Region, and people are reminded to keep their cars locked and valuables out of sight. Cell phones, laptops, wallets etc need to be hidden or taken inside. Hanmer’s total has risen from 10 -30 in recent months, Chelmsford 2. Break and Enters, stolen campers are also increasing.

Fire Regulations- April 1 – Oct 31, fires cannot be lit till 2 hours before sunset and must be out by 2 hours after sunrise, even in fire pits.

Falls Fest – 2 officers will bring out the big boat and a canine and handler along with other items for display at the Dowling Leisure Centre. Thanks Marc!

Marc is in touch with Nicole at the Youth Centre regarding joining events in the area, but busing and costs are an ongoing obstacle to this.

Chair – Don – 2 negative comments were received about OFCAN offering $500 to support the Azilda CAN in an event, given our financial mandate; Marc noted that the Chief’s Youth Initiative Program has funds for these events, so we’ll wait to learn more on this issue.

Treasurer- Sharon – current bank balance is $2337.51 and Don has a bill for the banner from Vistaprint for $41.05. The incoming CAN grant from the City will likely be delayed till the current changes and protocols etc are sorted out.

Councillor- N/A

Community Development Coordinator- N/A as she now has 17 CANs to cover.

Heritage Homecoming Weekend- Ramona updated us on plans and events and offered some suggestions of how residents can help…town and yard cleanups would be great, banners are going up soon. Canada 150 banners are available, Chris will contact Marc Serre (who recently toured OCC) to try to obtain these, and also Grant Day about putting up the Onaping Falls banners of which there are 2 or 3 each of 4 different designs. Ramona had the trees around the cenotaph pruned. Businesses-  Jana volunteered to take letters to local businesses to see how and what they might be willing to provide, offer etc as their businesses will benefit from this event on the August long weekend. Don will arrange to have pamplets/flyers printed to be mailed to all residents reminding them (or making them aware) about OFCAN in hopes of getting more members and encouraging participation in our community in different ways.

Rio Encore – Don 4 movies, 56 attended- avg 17; no parties held or planned at this time. Closing date for Rio for the summer is June 30, and plans are for the Rec. Committee to take on this event in the fall. Thanks to Mike Armstrong for the repair of the speaker broken by the flying squirrel last fall. Val & Carrie will join Don during the June Fridays to learn what’s involved and we appreciate very much their willingness to undertake this new venture.

Youth Centre- N/A

Falls Food – Chris – very busy, getting computerized, lots of interesting and challenging things happening

New Business-

Gas Station – corner of Reg Rd 8 and Third  Avenue-The decay and mess which is so visible in this building is becoming more dangerous and obvious every month. The City is not responsible for the cleanup or care of the area, however the roof is falling in, garbage is piled behind the building, near the railroad tracks, a danger for everyone including youth seen climbing in and around the building. The gas tanks have been completely neglected and could be leaking into the ground. This is a situation for the Ministry of the Environment and Don will send letters to the Ministry and our local members of both provincial and federal governments and others who need to be informed. An article will go into the June ORACLE asking residents (listing contact phone numbers) to call these groups too to try to get some response to this ongoing and badly neglected issue.The Kwikway parking lot is another real menace and hazard, along with the empty grocery store, Fifth Avenue bunkhouse and other buildings which should be torn down and the debris cleared away. Everyone needs to take more pride in our community and do what they can to make and keep it clean and welcoming.

CAN City Document-

Mike outlined the results of a meeting he and Chris attended this afternoon with 2 City employees who are part of the new structure and plans for CAN & City involvement and interaction. Barb McDougal-Murdoch is the Community Development Coordinator  and Eliza Bennett is the Director of Communications and Community Engagement. Both of these are new positions and quite different from the previous liaison titles with which OFCAN has dealt in the past few years. There are many changes going on and being planned for the future and several CAN groups have expressed their dissatisfaction and concerns with communication and information received at this point, mostly via email rather than actual interaction and conversation. Both women were open and interested in sharing their information at this point and hearing our concerns and those of other CANs, all of whom they are meeting (or have met) with individually. There are some issues around legal paperwork that was received by email and around how City Grants to CANs can be used, along with other issues which need to be worked out.

OFCAN Elections- There was to be an Executive Election at this meeting, but due to the above concerns and the lateness of the hour, it was decided, by consensus, that the election would be deferred to at least the June meeting. Mike will consider chairing that meeting as Don will be away and has proffered his resignation as of June 2017 and Chris will take Minutes.

Next Meeting— Thursday June 8, 2017 – 6 pm -Rio Encore Lounge – Everyone Welcome!

Adjournment – 8. 12 pm


Minutes of OFCAN Meeting of  Thursday April 13, 2017 6 pm – Rio Lounge

Present- Don Henwood, Valerie Besserer, Carrie Morin, Constable Marc Savignac, City liaison Barbara Murdoch, Bobbie Joe Oakes, Childa MacDonald, Mike Armstrong, Chris Allen and Mathieu Giroux.

Regrets – Sharon LeBlanc, caring for her very ill sister

Agenda- Accepted as presented

Minutes – Of March 9, 2017 accepted as circulated.


Police- Officers Marc Savignac and Mathieu Guerin were in attendance for the first time as replacements for officer Freeman.  Officer Savignac is new to the rural division and has a background mostly in Search and Rescue.  Officer Guerin is stationed mostly in Walden.  Both have been working closely with local youth centres, and are planning “Home Run for High Schools 2017”, a day of slo-pitch between local youth and officers to be held in Azilda this June.  Officer Guerin requested a donation towards the costs of the event, which includes a free bbq for all participants.  Val Besserer moved that we donate $500 in exchange for hanging the OFCAN banner at the tournament, which was seconded by Carrie Morin.  Discussion followed between Barb Murdoch and all members of the CAN about what our money can be used for.  In the end, it was decided that we would apply for HCI funds to cover the cost, and revisit it at the next meeting if we have not heard back from council in time.  The officers have brought activities to youth centres such as GPS usage and solar cooking and are looking into running some Back to Basics programming during National Youth Week, featuring Larry Berrio.

Officer Guerin reported 9 police calls to the area in the previous month, including 7 thefts from vehicles, 1 theft from a business and 1 suspicious person.

Treasurer  Not available

Councillor – Not available

Youth – No Report at this time

City- Barbara Murdoch joined us this meeting as our new city liaison.  With a long history at the city, she has recently taken the newly created position of CAN coordinator, and is in charge of communications between all of the city CANs.  The city is revamping and reviewing the place of CANs with focus on communication and community engagement.

Rio Theatre-  Don – 6 movies shown with an average of 14 attendees per viewing and a total of 104 patrons all together.  Moana was the most attended movie shown to date, with  total of 35 people at it.

Rec. Committee –  Val & Carrie – Update on Falls Fest scheduled for Jun 26, 2017 at Dowling Leisure Centre. Lots of traditional and new events and community and business support has been really great this year.Falls Food –  Chris – Lots of new clients, fresh items now available on Open Days, and the Client List is being computerized which will be much quicker and easier to use and they will be connected to ALL food banks in the Sudbury area. Volunteers are always needed as they expand….now serving 170 households in total.

Levack Onaping Heritage Homecoming Committee- Carrie – Nothing new to report.

New Business-

Letter RE:New Arena – We received a letter from a concerned citizen who is worried about the impact that new arena/event centre planned for Sudbury will have on the IJ Coady Arena, and if funds will be taken from us to ensure its success.  After much discussion from members and Barb Murdoch, as well as her assurance that all CANs are facing the same worries, it was decided that not much can be done until there are formal plans in place for the new project.

Bus Shelter – The placement of the bus shelter at Dairy Queen is being looked into and we are being placed on the priority list once it is verified that one can, in fact, be physically placed there.

Letter of Resignation , from Don Henwood, as Chair of OFCAN, Editor of ORACLE and Host and Manager of The Rio Encore Theatre, which will be difficult shoes to fill (all 3 pairs). Don will advertise in the May edition of ORACLE to see who might be interested in taking on this position and he expressed his willingness to train and work with anyone who comes forward. The Rec Committee is looking into possibly running the movie nights in the fall.

Meeting adjourned at 8PM.

Next meeting is Thursday May 11 at 6PM in the Rio Encore Lounge.


Minutes of OFCAN Meeting Thursday, March 9, 2017, 6 pm- Rio Meeting Room

Present; Don Henwood, Curtis Freeman, Mark Vainio, Childa MacDonald, Carrie Morin, Valerie Besserer, Sharon LeBlanc, Bobbie Jo Oakes, Mike Armstrong, Chris Allen.


Police- Curtis –Curtis informed us that he will no longer be our Police contact and we wish him well, but will miss him. Radar on Nickel St resulted in 7 tickets, and there were 3 calls from our area, one B/E in Onaping and 2 suspicious persons.

Co Chair-  Chris noted that there is an excessive amount of garbage around the apartment garbage cans at the Onaping Mall so she will call 311 to have this collected as per Mark’s suggestion.

Chair –Don

Electronic sign pricing breakdown: 2 days $106, 3 days $137 and a week $305.

Don received an email noting that RBC hosts Days of Service at which their staff  will provide 3 hours of volunteers (min of 6 people) to help at a function and RBC will donate $1000 to the host group. Rec Com will check into this offer.

Vistaprint will create great vinyl signs (24×18) for only @27.94 so Rec. Com will purchase these for their events. Don already has a good one for ORACLE.

Don shared that the ‘sold’ Municipal building in Levack has been completely stripped on one side of decals and appears to be empty.

Treasurer- Sharon , $300 went to cover the advertising of OFCAN at the Nordic Ski Club leaving a balance of 2337.51. Mark asked if our Financial Report had been sent to the City. Don & Sharon responded that it had, but seems not to have been received. They will check this out and send one if necessary.

Councillor – Councillor Montpellier was not in attendance, but has been active at City Hall according to articles in the Sudbury Star.

City Liaison – Mark won’t be our contact any longer as Renee is returning, though we will likely only see her every few months because of fewer liaisons now being provided by the City to CANs and she will have 8 under her care.

Rio Theatre Don – 5 movies , 61 guests, avg 12, Final 8 pm movie – 6 guests,  1 tentative birthday party is scheduled for March 25.

Recreation Committee –Val & Carrie

Signs are available for trails, up to 18 x 27 inches for $20.

One more day for free public skating – Sun Mar 12, 2017

AGM of Rec Com is set for Tuesday May 8 in Rio Room

Falls Fest set for Saturday Jun3 at Dowling Leisure Centre

Northern Corner Run will be Saturday, August 5 in conjunction with Levack Onaping Heritage Homecoming.

See ORACLE and posters for update on coming events.

Heritage Committee- No Report…next mtg Wed Mar 15- 7pm Legion

Youth Centre – N/A

Falls Food – Chris noted that expenses and guest numbers are high right now, but so far we are holding our own. We have great dedicated volunteers and are learning to work as a team more every month.

Bus Shelter- Don has completed the letter from him and Chelmsford Chair Aaron to the City requesting a bus shelter at Dairy Queen, so we hope to have a response soon. This would be a real asset to all Trans Cab folks.

Fire Services Plan- No meeting is scheduled for Onaping –Levack as at present our station is not on the chopping block.

April ORACLE – Don is looking for a good article for the front page.

Next OFCAN Meeting will be Thursday April 13, 2017 – 6pm in Rio Encore room.

Adjournment at 7.07 pm


Minutes of OFCAN Meeting Thurs. Feb 9, 2017 – 6 pm- Rio Lounge

Present- Curtis Freeman, Valerie Besserer, Ramona Halldorson, Sharon LeBlanc, Don Henwood, Chris Allen, Willy Kohl, (Nordic Ski Club) Childa MacDonald, Aaron Lacasse, (Chelmsford CAN)

Welcome by Don and acceptance of the Minutes as presented.

Police –Curtis – 4 calls, 2 suspicious persons, 2 theft, Nickel St. will be radar checked sometime soon, Bylaw officer has been advised where necessary.

Chair /Co Chair – Don- Wi-Fi is now installed in Rio Room, Road sign is lit up & looks great, Clear Lake sign is now erected. New banners are ready to go up once Spring arrives, will add to downtown displays in time for Heritage Homecoming weekend.

City – Mark had a previous commitment, but will be with us in March for his last meeting and we will welcome Renee back from maternity leave in April.

Treasurer – Sharon – Our balance is $2637.51, recent expenses were $150 for refreshments for Dario Zulich presentation, which was most interesting despite low attendance.


Rio Theatre – Don -6 movies- 67 attendees, avg 7; 4-6 pm 12 average. 8 pm – 1 movie, attended by 8 people, 12 people at Carnival movie . ACF will begin streaming movies, which we can access under our license, cost unknown at this time.

Rec Committee –  Val – The Carnival was a huge success, extremely well attended, lots of people of all ages, lots of fun, lots to do. The Cakewalk was great with  nearly 40 cakes having been donated. The event profited $200, and Val reiterated that the Committee doesn’t worry about making money on this event, but wants to ensure a fun event for everyone.  There were 400 ‘prizes’ bought and Val had to run to Chelmsford to get many more, by 12.30 pm. Many thanks go to the residents and to businesses for their generous donations to this fun winter event and to the adult and youth volunteers who make this possible every year. Falls Fest is Rec. Com’s next big event in June.

Youth Centre – N/A

Falls Fest –Chris – going well, quite a growth in guest numbers, working on making things go more smoothly for everyone’s benefit. Great Executive, great volunteers.

 Onaping Falls Heritage Homecoming Weekend – Ramona

The Committee has applied for HCI funding and hopes to get funding for advertising, postage, etc expenses from OFCAN. Plans for the OFCAN logo to appear in many areas of their advertising and publicity will go along well with our goal of having OFCAN become more visible in the community at large. There was a good attendance at the Heritage January meeting and ‘plans and ideas’ will be becoming actions in the next few weeks and months. Ramona will bring more update information to our April meeting.

Jack Rabbit Ski Program – Willy Kohl shared with us the Nordic Ski Clubs plans for extending their children’s program this winter, especially the Bunny program for 3 -7 year olds and the Jack Rabbit program for 8 year olds and up. They currently have 22 children and expect 30 next winter. The new president is Wayne Chabot; the Club has purchased equipment for use by the children. Willy detailed their plans to work with more children, get better equipment etc. The following motion was put forth after his presentation.

Moved by Sharon LeBlanc / Childa MacDonald that OFCAN advertise with the Onaping Falls Nordic Ski Club Jack Rabbit Program at the Clubhouse and trail area. The cost of this advertising support will be $300 plus the cost to have suitable signage with the OFCAN logo made. Carried unanimously.

Chelmsford CAN – Aaron Lacasse, President of the Chelmsford CAN shared with us his CAN’s plans to hopefully put a bus shelter in the Dairy Queen parking lot for the comfort and safety of folks travelling between Onaping Falls, through Chelmsford, to and from Sudbury and he invited OFCAN to join them in this project as all of our bus travelers would benefit from it and expenses could be shared. Some ground work will involve determining the ownership of the land, the legality of erecting it, the responsibility of upkeep etc and Don and Aaron will work on this in the coming days. It would be great to have this done asap as it would be an asset to have it open during this winter weather. We also shared some of the events and projects each CAN has participated in to date and some we might undertake and share in the future. We look forward to learning the results of Don and Aaron’s research around the bus shelter plan.

Next Meeting will be Thurs. Mar 9, 6 pm in Rio Lounge.

Adjournment at 7.53 pm

Minutes of OFCAN Meeting Thurs. Jan 12, 2017 – 6pm – Rio Lounge

Present-Mark Vainio, BobbiJo Oakes, Childa MacDonald, Sharon LeBlanc, Carrie Morin, Mike Armstrong, Don Henwood, Christine Allen, Valerie Besserer.

Reports –

Police – Not in attendance

Chair – Don shared that the CAN grant received annually from the City will likely be dropped from $2500 to $2000 without consultation, which has upset some of the CAN groups who feel this should have been raised at the November CAN Summit.

Treasurer – Bank balance stands at $3043.12. A cheque is outstanding to Ernie’s signs for the road sign letters and Sharon and Don will get the cheque (which is in the OFCAN postbox # 209) and get it paid asap. Also they will approach the post office to see what can be done about the poor lock on that box.

Councillor- Not in attendance

City Liaison – Mark noted that the snow plowing budget for the City for this winter is already close to being used up. Members expressed their general discontent with the road plowing to date and Mark will pass that on the Public Works folks. The City is in the process of making staff changes and it’s difficult to reach appropriate people or get answers right now. Chris Gore is retiring and Mark cannot say whom or what will be replacing him. We will miss Chris who has been open and very helpful to OFCAN and our community in recent years.

Mark shared that there are changes being made around the HCI funding and this is causing delays and concerns too. However, we were lucky enough to receive $1000 for the local food hampers from this fund and $15,000 to the Splash Pad fund, for which we are most grateful in our community.

Note: Sharon shared that she’s been looking into and comparing rates around the Region for programs held at community centres and Leisure Centres. There appears to be a fairly large disparity in swimming costs, family rates and generally all programs from one area to another. Perhaps this deserves to be checked out by City Leisure people?

Rec. Committee – Val and Carrie updated the group on their upcoming events and plans and all will be publicized at local businesses and in ORACLE. There are lots of plans being made around the Winter Carnival which will be held at the Onaping Community Centre this year….note venue change! Ray Chevrette is now in charge of Road Permits, sanding etc. and is the go to person for the Rec. Com to approach with requests for the Winter Carnival e.g. sanding the roads for the horse and wagon rides, which are always a favourite with the children.

Rio Theatre – Don – Movies shown- 4 (2 @ 6 pm, 1 @ 8 pm, 1 birthday party) –total attendance 39. The new popcorn machine is now paid for, thanks to generous donations!! Nothing planned for coming month. Don is still working on getting a replacement speaker for the one which was destroyed by the flying squirrel.

Heritage Homecoming Committee- Not in attendance

The next meeting will be held at the Legion on January 18, and a decision will be made at that time as to whether there is sufficient interest (and registrations) to go ahead with this event. See their great Facebook page for registrations, information, contacts etc. or come to the meeting next Wednesday!

Clear Lake Sign – Nothing yet, likely in spring.

Laptop Donation – Don

The laptop, donated to OFCAN by the City is great, and Don has added Windows 10, Excel and Word to it and downloaded OFCAN info to the computer. Mark & Don will check after the meeting to determine how they might access the Wi-Fi which is in OCC, though not in our area. Sharon and Don worked on putting OFCAN finances onto the computer so this will ease a lot of our OFCAN  paperwork.

Road Sign – Don shared that the lighting process for the Road Sign is about half finished and should be activated soon, thanks again to the generosity of Glencore!

Upcoming –Dario Zulich – Tuesday Jan 24, Sudbury Wolves owner Dario Zulich will make a presentation at the Legion at 7 pm, hosted by OFCAN, catered by the Legion. This promises to be an interesting and informative evening and is open to the public. Mr. Zulich’s interest is in the entire City area and his ideas should be well worth hearing.

Next OFCAN Meeting – Thurs. Feb 9 @ 6 pm. Adjournment – 7.25 pm

Minutes of OFCAN Meeting – Thursday, Dec 8, 2016- Rio Theatre Lounge

Present: Constable Curtis Freeman, Mark Vainio, Childa MacDonald, Carrie Morin, Ramona Halldorson, Chris Allen, Don Henwood, Rocky (the flying squirrel)

Though our numbers were small, we shared a delicious Christmas Supper delivered by Harry from the Bluebird Restaurant, and enjoyed it immensely.

Reports: Police – Curtis shared that there had been a few reports of thefts and some vandalism, but mostly a quiet month, likely too cold for this mischief.

Chair – Don :

Don shared that Chris Lachance is retiring in the Spring from Glencore and though we will be wishing him well, OFCAN will miss his information and cooperation with our events and projects.

Chris Allen and Don attended the CAN Summit in late November and felt it was a great evening, warm, friendly, lots of exchanging of ideas between CAN members throughout the Region. Not as many people attended as usually do, but that allowed for everyone to have time to share and the meal and hosting was most enjoyable.

Don and Mark noted that Renee Germaine will likely be returning to work in March after her Parental leave and we look forward to seeing her again, but will miss Mark at the same time.

Mark outlined some of the changes and restructuring coming to City Hall and gave us a brief outline of the plans, which are still under discussion and planning.

Community Sign – Don shared the plans for solar lighting to brighten up the sign and noted once again our thanks to Chris Lachance for his support in this project.

Treasurer’s Report –Sharon

Sharon shared that $500 was donated to Rec Committee toward the cost of the soil samples taken for the Splash Pad area and $500 toward the Christmas Hamper Fund for our less fortunate neighbours. Bills included $200 to cover our Christmas supper and $37.27 to Vista Print for 1000 cards promoting OFCAN, of which everyone took a few to circulate among friends, family and businesses. This was an idea suggested by Don at the CAN Summit and supported by the other CANs who felt that few people knew about CAN in some of the local areas. Bal. $3043.12.

City – Mark had reported earlier on the restructuring at the City and added that there is a new City website, which we are encouraged to check out. Lots of new ideas and plans in the works for 2017.

Ramona asked about crosswalks and sparked a lively discussion about different concerns and thoughts citizens have about how the City handles all kinds of things, snow plowing, closing Public Works buildings, inaccessibility of other events and information that folks have tried to access on the webpage or by phone.

Mark brought out a surplus laptop computer for OFCAN’s use and Don will check it out and update Windows and some other programs and will work with Sharon to enable her to do the financials online, which she is interested in learning to do. We appreciated this gift to OFCAN and hope it will allow us to operate more efficiently and not always have to store information on our computers at home.

Rio Theatre- Don

86 people have watched 5 movies at 6 pm, average 17, 1 8 pm movie was a no-show.

Smoke Free Movie Night was attended by approx. 25 youth and 1 birthday party is planned .

Recreation Committee- Carrie again presented a super report, see attached and follow the posters and ORACLE for the events that the committee is already working on for 2017,

Youth Centre- Nicole- no report but the Smoke Free Night was a success.

Community Sign – Don has been busy publicizing many events of the season. He noted too that Day Construction took down the old banners which were pretty tattered, which we appreciate their doing for us.

Homecoming Heritage Event– Ramona shared the newest plans, but there is much concern that few registrations have come in, so while plans continue, the event may not happen without more income or it may be less extensive than we’d all hoped. So get your registrations in and check out the web and Facebook pages for information. It should be a great weekend!

Next Meeting –Thursday, Jan. 12- 6 pm Rio Lounge.

Adjournment -8.25 pm


OFCAN Meeting – Thursday November 10, 2016 – 6 pm- Rio Encore Meeting Room

Present – Constable Curtis Freeman, Childa MacDonald, Sharon LeBlanc, Valerie Besserer, Don Henwood, Chris Allen

Regrets – Mark Vainio, Carrie Morin, Leona Dawe


Police– Curtis… no phone calls from the community. We informed Curtis of several areas in Onaping where multiple vehicles are being parked on the sidewalks, necessitating that pedestrians walk on the road. There was nearly a very bad accident at the top end of Fir St. involving a mother and baby in a wagon having to walk on the middle of the road and nearly being hit by a car coming down the hill. Neither the driver or pedestrian could see around all the vehicles.  Curtis will have the Bylaw Officer investigate this situation and others, particularly along Fir St.

Renaming areas – Neither Jana nor Ray were available for the meeting so they can catch up with plans between them by phone.

Treasurer- Sharon provided a Financial Report from Jan 1, 2016. It is interesting to see where our funding has been used in the community. Our current balance is $4305.39 less $25 for a Tim Horton’s card purchased by Chris Allen as a Thank You to Denis Dequanne who repaired the popcorn machine.

Councillor – No Report

City– Mark had informed us that he had another commitment, but he’s always readily available by email.

Rio Encore Theatre – Don

7 movie, total attendance 111, average 16; 4 were at 6 pm with 72, average 18 attending. No one came to the one 8 pm movie, so this likely won’t be continued during the winter months. 2 parties drew 36 guests and the following are booked for Nov.

Nov 24- Youth Movie Night hosted by Sudbury Health Unit in support of encouraging youth not to smoke.

Nov 26 – Baby Shower and November 30, booking by TOPS group for their Christmas Party.

Don noted that Denis had fixed the popcorn machine twice, but it is now broken, so he’s purchased a new one. An anonymous donation toward the machine for $100 and others which may be made will be put toward the cost.

Moved by Childa / Sharon that once the donations are all in, OFCAN will cover the rest of the cost of the new popcorn machine which Don paid for. Carried.

Rec Committee –Val

After an extremely busy Fall, the Rec Com. is taking a bit of a break. The profit from Yuk Yuks was approx. $3000 which is great.  A live band has been booked for the Youth New Year’s Party to be held on December 30. Val shared that soil samples were dug up this week in OCC lawn, to see if the water etc. are okay to support the Splash Pad; slowly but surely this is coming together. Well done Ladies!!

Youth Centre – No report but the movie night to be held on November 24 should be fun and informative for everyone involved.

Community Sign- Don

Investigation into the cost and viability of solar lighting for the community sign uncovered the fact that the solar panels involved are too heavy for the current sign, so that cannot happen. Discussion between Ernie’s Signs and BRS Batteries resulted in a solution which is doable and will result in a brighter sign, cost to be covered by Glencore, again with our thanks.

Don noted that Chris Lachance at Glencore will be retiring in the new year and we extend our gratitude to Mr. Lachance for his help, suggestions etc.  during the past few years Glencore has been very generous with donations to OFCAN on several occasions.

Don is investigating the purchase of punctuation marks for the sign.

Falls Food –  Chris

Preparations for the Hamper Appeal and Christmas events and plans are underway and meetings to finalize these plans are coming up soon.

Centennial Homecoming Heritage Committee– No Representative present, but the committee has been very busy on Facebook and it’s obvious there is lots going on now and lots will be happening on the event weekend. Anyone can check out ‘what’s happening’ at any time on Facebook.

New Business-

Clear Lake sign. Martha Cunningham Closs is still interacting with artists and Glencore and we hope to have a picture sign up in the Spring, reminding folks not to dump at Clear Lake (and other places we hope).

Age- Friendly Communities Survey– Don (from Sherri Moroso, on behalf of Stephanie Mathieu)

Don has received a number of copies of this survey being done by Laurentian University and forwarded to OFCAN by the folks at City Hall. Several copies were handed out for distribution around Onaping Falls to be filled out and returned to Don, to be sent by interoffice courier to Sherri Moroso, who will return them to Stephanie Mathieu. The goal of the survey is to identify strengths and weaknesses in local and Regional services, with hopes of improving them.

Next Meeting- Thursday, December 8 at 6 pm, Rio Encore Room, our Christmas meeting.

Adjournment – 6.50 pm



OFCAN Meeting – Thursday October 13, 2016- Rio Meeting Room

Present: Bobbie Joe Oakes, Childa MacDonald, Constable Curtis Freeman, Willy Kohl, Martha Cunningham Closs, Ray Parker, Valerie Besserer, Carrie Morin, Chris Allen, Don Henwood

Regrets;  Sharon LeBlanc


Police- Curtis – 4 calls, stolen sauna being investigated, suspicious vehicle on bridge, caught on camera, mischief in Onaping, Speeders on Nickel Street, 6 and 3 during 2 day watch and one was just 2 km short of stunt speeding.

A volleyball game between O. F. Youth and the police is set for Nov. 1 – 6 pm in Onaping C.C. gym.

We discussed possible sources of funding for the Youth Centre. Curtis shared that 8 computers were donated by the police service to Youth Centres and Curtis will approach Levack Public School to see if they could make use of some as well.

Chair – Don

Don inquired about the possibility of having the 50 km sign on Reg. Rd 8 illuminated by solar power with ‘strictly enforced’ on the sign. Mark will check into this option.

Keeping Seniors Warm Program-

A letter came from Donovan Elm West CAN requesting a donation toward their program to provide warm clothing etc. for some needy seniors in their area. After discussion, it was decided that we (as other CANs have responded to this), feel our funds are needed in our area and that we prefer to ‘take care of our own’.

City Budget Meeting-

8 people from Chelmsford Fire and Paramedics and a few residents from our area attended. The leaders made a good presentation and Ray Parker spoke about downtown Levack and how it needs repairs and ‘a bit of paint at least’. Members noted at our meeting that the ‘upgraded’ parking in downtown Levack has shortened the parking lot and not helped much at all. A letter about the Budget meeting is available on email and Don will forward to those who are interested in following up.

City – Mark

There was an enquiry about the 2 ‘Aging Population’ reports that were completed a couple of years ago with involvement from OFCAN members (Feb 2015) and what had happened with those. Transportation Master Plan did not include any changes in Onaping Falls at that time. There was confusion about these ‘reports’ because they were separate, but happened about the same time, and we didn’t get feedback.

Mark shared that the Terms of Engagement when all CANs meet to share thoughts, concerns and ideas will be held on Tuesday November 15 at the Sports Complex in Sudbury. We can send up to 3 members.

Mark noted that the Rainbow Board meeting re school closures held in the Valley had a good turnout and people had lots of concerns as do the folks in our area.

Plaque- Don showed us the beautiful plaque that he received from Legion Branch 503, in recognition of all his contributions to our community in the short time he’s been here. YEAH DON!!

Treasurer No Report

Councillor – No Report

Youth Centre – No Report – There was some discussion over ‘open’ hours beginning before O.F. children are even off the buses, but this is a City choice and the hours are the uniform throughout the Region and allow for prep for leaders as well.

Rio Encore- 6 movies shown, attendance of 83, average of 14, 5 of those were 6 pm movies which drew in 79 and 1 at 8 pm drew 9 people. The popcorn machine shorted out and a new one would cost $1200, but Denis Dequanne took it home and repaired it so Chris will get a ‘$25 Tim Card’ to thank him. There are 2 parties planned at Rio and a special event for youth. The Health Unit is presenting a movie and a video to promote Non Smoking on November 24. Tomorrow’s movie is Witches.

Onaping Falls Recreation Committee – Carrie and Val – See Carrie’s Report or ORACLE

Community sign – Don. By our next meeting the sign may be illuminated (via solar technology) courtesy of Glencore at an approx. cost of $1900. Our gratitude goes out to Glencore yet again for their generosity.

Falls Food-  Martha and Chris

Martha shared the ongoing plans for The Community Christmas Spirit Event which will involve Hampers, gifts for the children, and possibly a meal or family event of some sort. The entire community, residents, businesses, churches, schools etc. are families on Dec and the Holiday Train arrives in Cartier on Nov. 30, approx. 9.30 am.

Centennial Organizing Committee- Not in attendance

New Business-

Jana Niemi Lahnalampi wasn’t in attendance so the follow-up on ‘renaming’ areas, buildings etc. wasn’t addressed in detail, though Mark explained that this is still a very involved and difficult process, whereas a ‘plaque’ is much easier to provide.

Clear Lake Sign-Martha

Martha has been in touch with Glencore about putting up an attractive and more permanent ‘No Dumping’ type sign on their property at Clear Lake. They were most receptive and suggested that Martha get appropriate information or a sample sign emailed, with to them and it can be installed, bill to come to OFCAN.

Donation Request-

A request was received regarding a donation for a young lady from the community to take part in a pageant, for some of her expenses etc. We spent some time discussing the pros and cons of doing this and thereby setting a precedent around ‘individual’ requests, which we don’t usually get. OFCAN supports events and requests which benefit the community as a whole and Mark noted that the City prefers that this particular type of request is not encouraged for CANs. So we regretfully wished her well in her pursuits and refused the request.

Resolution by City Council-

The Finance and Administration Committee of Greater Sudbury City Council will be sending out a ‘Criteria and Application’ form in November and it MAY need to be filled out to enable OFCAN (and other CANs) to apply for funding.

There was a question addressed to Mark about possible funding available from the City toward Recreation events and finances, but he explained that the City is more likely to support actual ‘building’ needs and concerns than smaller local events.

Childa noted and shared a couple of phone numbers to call about the disgraceful state of the Onaping Mall parking lot, owned by Doug MacIsaac and suggested more people need to be calling and complaining. Yvon at 705-919-4461 or Doug MacIsaac at 705-670-0382.

Next Meeting – Thursday, November 10, 2015 at 6 pm-Rio Meeting Room

Adjournment -7.25 pm


OFCAN Meeting Minutes – Thursday, September 8, 2016- Rio Encore Theatre Lounge- 6pm

Present- Don Henwood, Jana Niemi Lahnalampi, Chris Allen, Officer Curtis Freeman, Martha Cunningham Closs, Leona Dawe, Childa MacDonald, Ramona Halldorson, Ray Parker, Carrie Morin, Mark Vainio

Call To Order- 6 pm

Reports –

Police- Curtis

The Bike Rodeo was a huge success, thanks to “many hands”. Curtis thanked OFCAN volunteers personally and gave letters of thanks to the Committee and one to go to TD CanadaTrust.

People shared concerns about ATVs, traffic failing to stop for stop signs and other situations.  Apparently the intersections of First Ave and Nickel Streets, Third and Nickel and Tamarack and Pine are particularly a problem with vehicles failing to stop on a regular basis. There is also a snow bank problem in winter and Curtis will alert the traffic units to be aware of this, once the snow arrives.  As before Curtis stressed that we need to ‘call it in’ to the police at 705-675-9171, then 8, then 0. The more we make our complaints known, the better our policing will be as it’s ‘Data Driven’.

There were 4 Break and Enter complaints during the summer in our community.

Chair- Don

Rae Swan of Cartier News had contacted Don about a printer breakdown; Don tried to print her newsletter but our printer was uncooperative. It then printed the ORACLE just perfectly!

Belanger Construction- Maple Crest Cemetery –

Dirt berms are occurring around the cemetery and many folks are upset. However Martha noted that this is part of opening up the cemetery to enlarge it, so hopefully it will be a temporary problem.

OFCAN received letters of thanks from St. John’s United and St. Bartholomew’s Roman Catholic Churches for our donations toward both their financial situations.

Treasurer- Sharon was unable to attend. Don presented a bill for the carpeting he’d had installed in the Rio Theatre and a bill from Jack Piette for replacing the fallen New 2U sign.

Moved by Jana /Martha that Don be paid by cheque $ 101.79 for his costs. Carried.

Councillor- Mr. Montpellier was not in attendance.

Jana noted that the Councillor should be encouraged to attend all meetings involving  community and regional issues around  possible school closures, to help keep everyone informed on what’s happening, when, where, why and what our options and responsibilities are.

City Liaison- Mark noted that Public information and input sessions are going to be held around the issue of possible school closures throughout many of the regional communities. We all need to be aware of when these and where these are being held and make our presence and ideas and concerns known.

The Onaping Falls Youth Centre reopens on Monday; they received $1000 toward expenses and purchases from the HCI Fund which can now be accessed once again.

Kids’ Klub also received $1000 and it’s great to see our community children being City supported.

FYI. HCI can be accessed through Leisure Services online and the Fall Leisure Guide is also online, with hard copies being available at all community libraries. This is a cost saving ‘trial’ to see how it works.

Garbage cans are not being treated with respect in our community and again, we are encouraged to call 311 and make our complaints known. All calls are logged and retained for future information and planning.

Leona noted that manholes at the lower end of Copper Street aren’t being drained by City crews often enough and this could lead to sewer backups, as that street runs downhill. Draining is supposed to be done monthly, so Mark will pass that on to the appropriate people.

Rio Encore-Don…..Rio reopened last week and is showing kids’ movies at 6 pm on Fridays during September and an adult-ish movie at 8PM on the last Friday of each month.

Recreation Committee – Carrie

See Carrie’s detailed, extensive report on Facebook under Community Events. Our Rec Committee is a huge asset and contributes so much to the community in all kinds of areas.

The current bank balance stands at around $14,000.

Watch for Power Skating, another exciting Paint Night, Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Night and a Teen New Year’s Dance, complete with a live band. What’s going to be happening that you might be interested in?

Moved by Martha / Childa that OFCAN donate $500 to the Onaping Falls Youth Choir which is busy planning a full schedule of concerts and events for the fall and into Advent.

Pump Park /Bleachers?

Since the Pump Park didn’t really have many users, and the ground was later levelled to house snow removed from street corners, the Rec Com.  is permitted to utilize the funds allocated by the City toward the Pump Park for other projects, one such being bleachers for the ones removed from the Levack Ballfield a few years ago.  This is sanctioned by the City; once allocated, the funds become discretionary for the recipients to use as they think is most effective. Mark noted this is done by approaching the Leisure Services and letting them know the updated decision and plans.

Community Sign- Don

Don was approached by Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (Glencore) about presenting a proposal for illuminating the road sign at the corner of Onaping Drive and Regional Road 8 and he will follow this up.

Falls Food- Chris. All is going well; plans are being made to start preparing for Christmas Hampers.

Centennial Organizing Committee-Levack Onaping Heritage Homecoming- 2017

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Gary Lampi, our contact from this group. However, we are pleased that the committee is continuing with their plans for this event, to take place from Aug 4-7, 2017, Canada’s 150th year, Onaping Falls’ 135th.

Ramona Halldorson updated us on plans, hopes, ideas etc., and circulated beautiful cards depicting some gorgeous local scenes, courtesy of local photographers, mostly Robert Vincent, whose work is lovely.

The Committee will ‘partner’ a table with the Youth Choir at Cavalcade of Colours to share what’s happening and inform the public. There is to be a Facebook page and information in ORACLE as plans move forward.  Meetings are monthly at the Legion. Anyone is welcome to attend. All of these plans cost money, of course.

Moved by Martha /Jana that OFCAN donate $500 Seed Money to Levack Onaping Heritage Homecoming to support this exciting, upcoming event. Carried.

New Business-

Ray Parker suggested that we consider pursuing the idea of naming certain local buildings or areas after some of our ‘still living’ councilors etc. Apparently this is very difficult to do and is very involved. Mark noted that folks in other communities placed plaques in appropriated areas to commemorate former leaders when they realized  the work and process involved in “renaming”.

After some discussion, it was decided that Mark would send the appropriate information to Jana to be brought to the next OFCAN meeting which Ray will attend. The following were chosen as areas of possible recognition – plaques or such. Some possible suggestions were: Dowling Leisure Centre – Bob Parker, Levack Ball Field – Jean Guy Quesnel. Levack Onaping Walking Path – Shirley Mirka and Onaping Pool – Cathy Durocher.

Garbage Dumping- Martha

Someone has placed a ‘NO DUMPING’ sign at Clear Lake and Martha wondered about OFCAN purchasing and placing nicer ones, with green pictures at such areas. Once again, the issue of ‘going through correct channels’ arose and Martha will see what she can learn about whose land it is and what could / should be done in this situation and will report next month at OFCAN. Upon further investigation (the following day) Mark informed us that this area is owned by SINO (Glencore).

Police Presence- Discussion arose around a ‘hostage’ incident last Wednesday, which was well handled and safely concluded by our area police officers. Well done Everyone! It was also suggested that since police presence is statistically driven that residents be encourage to call the Communications Department at GSPS. ORACLE will inform the reading public as to the procedures.

Pool Hours-Leona. Thanks to Leona’s dedication and tenacity, the pool will return to some morning swims which are so much more beneficial and practical for our community Seniors. WELL DONE!!

OFCAN will request that the City actively pursue partnership with the Rainbow District School Board with regard to utilization of excess space in our local schools.

Next Meeting- Thursday Oct 13, 2016 – 6pm, Rio Encore Theatre Lounge. All welcome! Adjournment- 8.10 pm


OFCAN Meeting Thursday June 9, 2016 – 6 pm Rio Meeting Room

Present – Constable Curtis Freeman, Emanuella Doucet, Leona Dawe, Chris Allen, Bobbie Jo Oakes, Sharon LeBlanc, Childa MacDonald, Valerie Besserer, Carrie Morin, Don Henwood, Mark Vainio.


Police – Curtis 5 calls from each of Dowling and Onaping. Police are cracking down on quads in Dowling, as a recent death occurred with a youth on a quad. Curtis noted that 8 year old children can ride a quad in the bush, so many also choose to ride on the road. At the Bike Rodeo, 48 children took part and 35 were chip ID’d for safety by the Masons, Bar BQ was hosted by the Rec Com, all in all a great day!

Emanuella – noted that she’s upset about the garbage , old tree limbs, fish guts etc being dumped on the side of the road etc instead of put out correctly at the curb. She will write a letter about her concerns for the July issue of ORACLE.

Leona – shared that she is still pursuing the issue of pool times and hopes to take a petition to City Hall to see if she can get some support there. Mark shared some of the reasons and issues that have come into play in these changes at the City level.

Chair- Don noted that there are still no screens in the Rio office. The Rio Encore sign fell down and Jack Piette will put it back up.

Treasurer- Sharon shared that our balance is approx. $5800 after invoices are paid for some purchases made for the Bike Rodeo. Don will purchase black non slip mats to go under the Bar BQ for safety. Mark pointed out that OFCAN is not spending as much money as they should be to keep earning grants. We will work on this. One of the suggestions was that we hire someone to complete the setting up of the jump park in Levack, which was never finalized.

Moved by Don/ Sharon that we hire a contractor to complete the Jump Park. Carried.

Councillor – no report

Rio Encore- Don shared that the outside flower bed is to be planted soon; the gardeners are doing some areas already in the community.

5 movies, 4 at 6 pm, 1 at 8 pm which drew 54 people. 3 more movies will be shown before the summer closing, 2 x 1 movie and 1 x 2 movies in an evening.

Don shared that Vance Maurice, Nicholas Charron and Naomi Rapski have done a fine job of supplying for Don when he wasn’t available. Chris noted that the boys are very polite, nice to the patrons, even with the little kids and very professional. Well done! Don will be reassessing the timing etc of movies in the fall.

Recreation Committee- Carrie & Val

Some new rules and regulations at the City level have been implemented for groups wishing to host events in the Region. This information wasn’t shared with the Rec. Com when they approached the Leisure Centre to schedule Falls Fest, which created some headaches etc for the group, during the week leading up to the already scheduled event. After some discussion it was suggested that perhaps a pamphlet of ‘event booking’ regulations could be created and made available to those wanting to raise money for their community to avoid similar problems in the future. It appears that the Leisure Centre Staff are not aware of what’s required for such events, which is unfair and unreasonable to everyone involved, both staff and groups taking part in planning them.

Paint Night –  Friday June 17 at the Royal Canadian Legion. We hope this event will be as much fun and as successful as the previous one was.

Youth Centre-  No report

Centennial Meetings – Gary had informed us that meetings will continue throughout the summer. Watch the ORACLE or the Community Events on Facebook for details.

Community Sign- Don will keep the sign as up to date as possible with the Paint Night being the next item on the sign. This sign is a great publicity sharer!

Falls Food –Chris noted that the AGM for Falls Food will take place on Monday June 13 in the Rio Meeting Room at 7 pm with elections taking place and updates being shared. Everyone is welcome to attend.

St. Bart’s Debt Retirement- Moved by Don/ Bobbie Joe that OFCAN donate $300 toward this project. Carried.

It was decided that OFCAN would suspend meetings for the summer. Next meeting will be held Thursday September 8, 2016 at 6 pm in the Rio Meeting Room. Everyone is welcome to join us and see what’s happening in and around Onaping Falls. Have a safe and peace filled summer!

Adjournment at 6.55 pm.


OFCAN Meeting Thursday May 12, 2016 – 6 pm Rio Meeting Room

Present- Constable Curtis Freeman, City Liaison Mark Vainio, Bobbi Jo Oakes,

 Childa MacDonald, Carrie Morin, Leona Dawe, Gary Lampi, Don Henwood, Chris Allen

Reports- Police – Curtis

There were 6 calls last month, stolen gasoline, theft from cars and stealing cars.

Bike Rodeo- Posters have been delivered and posted around town for June 4 Rodeo & to the schools. Bar BQ to be run by Rec Committee are now clean and serviceable, thanks to Guy. At least 1 Levack Fire Truck will be in evidence with pamphlets etc, & the police information table. Thanks to Fire Chief Wayne Lausch.

ChairDon. The damaged street lights in Levack will not be repaired, painted or replaced until almost all are broken and safety becomes a serious issue.

Treasurer-  Sharon – OFCAN’s stipend of $2500 has been received from the City.

Councillor – Not in attendance

City –  Mark – Berky will erect barricades for the Bike Rodeo. Don will contact the Public Works Dept to firm this up.

Barricades will also be needed for Falls Fest on June 11 at the Dowling Leisure Centre, and we hope to have both Fire and Police displays as last year, which were a big hit with the little kids.

Old Buildings – No movement on this…this is a long complicated process. Mark will look into getting a ditch dug behind the bins beside Rio Encore to allow the dirty water to drain into the creek further back on the property. City machines are needed in many places in the spring so it may be a while before our turn comes.

Sign Letters – Reg Rd #8 – Don is trying to access new letters for the damaged ones and a new sign may ultimately be needed. The city’s letters aren’t right size.

Screens for Rio windows  are being investigated to help cool the area in summer.

No garbage can will be put out near the Onaping mail boxes.

Summer Playground-  Carrie noted that the ads for summer playground haven’t arrived yet, which impacts the number of children we may be able to register.

Skateboard equipment is to be moved from the back of and onto the Onaping rink for summer usage.

Leona reiterated her concern about, and ongoing pursuit of better pool hours.

Rio Encore –Don…4 movies, 3 @ 6 pm, 64 total, 1 @ 8 pm – none

End of May is Deadpool, end of June Heart of the Sea

Rec Com – Carrie

See attached excellent Report of current and upcoming plans and finances etc.

Carrie noted that she’s now working at Onaping Falls Credit Union so can be reached there most days.

Youth Centre – No Report but their area and numbers are great this spring.

Lots of things going on for our youth. No summer hours this year. Curtis noted that the privately run Chelmsford Youth Group runs all summer, as it’s not City sponsored.

Other ideas for youth were discussed, and there is a community challenge which covers $10,000 toward new children’s equipment, a City initiative.

Falls Food – Chris – keeping busy every month.

Centennial Committee – Gary – Event will be only 1 day, as there are not enough folks to manage a weekend event and so many people are away here in summer.

Meetings at the Legion will be held May 18, Jun 15, July 20, Aug 17, Sept 14- 7pm

Bar BQ- After discussion, it was decided to use the present Bar BQ till it dies, then revisit our options. We will continue to loan it out and stress the need for it to be returned clean. We will try putting a tray to catch the grease, which seems to be causing a problem, due to grease buildup.

St. John’s New Roof –Moved by Childa / Don that OFCAN donate $300 toward the new church roof. Carried.

Next Meeting- Monday June 9, 2016 6 pm Rio Meeting Room.

Adjournment –  7.06 pm


OFCAN Meeting Minutes Thursday April 21, 2016 – 6 pm

Present –Childa MacDonald, Carrie Morin, Leona Dawe, Gary Lampi, Constable Curtis Freeman, Sharon LeBlanc, Don Henwood, Chris Allen, Mark Vainio

Police – Curtis

There was very little criminal activity reported to the police in the past month, but Val had submitted a detailed outline of thefts which had occurred during the month, but which no one had reported to the police, so Curtis took that.

Curtis updated us on Bike Rodeo plans, and it’s been decided that the parking lot immediately adjacent to OCC is the best area for the Obstacle Bike races. The Rec Committee will purchase food, set up tents, etc and run the Bar B Q for the Rodeo, taking complete charge of that part of the event. By consensus the members of OFCAN voted to donate $500 to the Rec Com for their expenses. Mark will arrange for barricades from the City to be placed where needed and the street sweeper will clear the lot, both to be done the day before the Rodeo, on Friday June 3. The event will run from 11 am – 3pm and will present about $300 worth of prizes. Vale has graciously donated $1000 to allow helmets to be given to any children who have none, or have dented or damaged helmets. Many thanks Vale!!

The Bike Rodeo will be on June 4 in Onaping, and Falls Fest in Dowling on June 11. Mark and Don will try to arrange for police and fire vehicles for those events too.

Chair – Don—no report

Treasurer – Sharon

No grant has yet been received from the City for 2016, so Don and Sharon will check the OFCAN mailbox as Mark told them the applications were out some time ago. Sharon gave the $500 cheque to Carrie for the Bar B Q at the Rodeo.

Councillor- Gerry– No report

Theatre – Don

10 movies – 152 people…6 movies 6 pm…116, 3 movies 8 pm….10 people, 1 bday party

Friday May 6  – 8 pm….Magic Mike, Deadpool and Heart of the Sea upcoming and Onaping Minor Hockey Ass’n registration all at the Theatre.

Youth Centre- Nicole No report

City Liaison – Mark

We welcomed back Mark, during Renee’s Maternity Leave. Don noted that the old gas station is still an eyesore and that the Municipal building which housed the Police Storefront for a couple of years is for sale. Other messy yards and areas were also shared with Mark by members.

Sharon and Don requested a blue box for the Onaping mailboxes and some people insist on throwing down items they don’t want right at the boxes.

Community Sign- Don

Very well received but difficult to maintain during winter. Lighting is being looked into to improve its visibility.

Onaping Recreation Committee – Carrie

Splash Pad – some changes; Trillium Foundation applications are currently suspended due to changes in the program.

HCI applications underway, and mini peel golf cards on sale at $20  in May.

AGM 4 attendees ….For more details, see schedule.

May 1 – Indoor Yard  Sale at Onaping Community Centre, fundraiser Bar BQ

Sat Aug 20 -Northern Cancer Run – See Running Room website and Oracle

Moved by Chris / Leona that OFCAN donate $1000 to Falls Fest expenses. Carried.

Falls Food – Chris – Going well, not as hectic as in winter months.

Centennial Organizing Committee- Gary

If the Event goes on, lighting the road sign may be done as part of the profits. We suggested to Gary that he approach the City to see about partnering with them to enable the Committee to obtain funding for expenses under the OFCAN umbrella.

New Business-

Correction – Apology to the Brawl in the Falls Folks. OFCAN secretary’s error, the event did NOT lose money,but the Recreation Committee did not make money. Sincere apologies, my error. Chris Allen,OFCAN Secretary.

This event may be repeated, but not during HOCKEY season, to boost attendance.

Pool Hours Petition – Leona

Leona has over 400 names supporting her request for the City to revisit the change in pool hours at the Onaping Pool. Mark recommended to Leona that the contact she needs to approach is  Bridget Sobush and Leona will do that.

211??? What’s This??

Mark shared sheets outlining this new service being offered by the City of Greater Sudbury. ‘Finding help is easier when you make the right call’ is the message that is offered on the sheets. Many different resources and information sites are listed on its records. Apparently the service has been in operation since 2011 and for more information, it suggests you visit to search for services, watch their video or read the Annual Report.

Kastletree Building-

We again had a discussion on this ‘now ready for occupancy’ building, though there seems to be little interest from possible tenants. This has been an ongoing situation, which though it is now improved, is still not satisfactory or pleasant to view.

Next Meeting – Thursday May 12, 2016 – 6 pm

Adjournment- 7.35 pm


OFCAN Meeting Minutes Thursday March 10, 2016- 6pm

Present-Carrie Morin, Don Henwood, Const. Curtis Freeman, Leona Dawe, Emanuella Doucet, Sonja Mathiasen, Sherry Quinn, Transit Driver Normand Lortie, Gary Lampi, Rachel Rijrevic, Paul House, Melissa McDonald, Sarah McDonald, Valerie Besserer, Marilyn Brooks, Chris Allen, City Transit Mgr. Rob Gauthier.

Transit Manager of Operations- Rob Gauthier

Rob shared with us the updates in transit routes plans; we have a regular ridership in Onaping Falls so we can utilize this service. New stops have been added and a tandem system, along with the previous ‘phone ahead 90 minutes for pickup’ has been started with folks just meeting the Trans Cab at specific times at the stops.

There was lots of discussion on choices, likes, dislikes etc. Ultimately Rob requested that one person each from Levack, Onaping and Dowling who were present, mark on maps exactly where they feel the stops should be.

Rob and Transit driver Normand Lortie were most helpful with the whole process, listening and guiding these choices, which will be taken back to the City and finalized asap. Laminated signs at TransCab locations, with a schedule will be installed soon. Shelters were requested but are very expensive and other suggestions were dealt with very fairly and reasonably by these 2 guests. Rob will share the changes with the ‘riders’ and with Don to be put into April’s ORACLE and posted in Community Events.

Police- Curtis

Due to several recent incidents of lost snowmobilers and the danger and work this causes for police and searchers, Curtis encouraged everyone to ‘file’ and stick to a route plan, left at home, to carry charged cell phones and warm clothing on trips.

Some criminal calls were received throughout the Region during the past month, but only one call for a suspicious break and enter from our area, 4th Ave in Levack.

Bike Rodeo-

The cost of supplies (burgers and hot dogs from M & M Meats) has risen from $400 last year to $1200 this year so Curtis is concerned for the Bike Rodeo.

200 each of burgers and weiners were purchased last time. The Rec. Committee is volunteered to cover the supply cost for June 4 at the Onaping Community Centre.

Chair –

Don shared that he’d contacted the City about the ‘lake’ forming beside the Rio Encore entrance and the danger involved and they sent out a huge machine which cleared the snow and helped but a channel needs to be dug from that area  back to the creek behind to allow the water to drain away, which could be done soon.

The old street lights in Levack will be cleaned and repainted when the weather permits, but won’t be replaced until all the lights are broken, hopefully not too long.

Snow plowing and removal had been poor throughout the City but is somewhat better now. Don had contacted the Mayor, Councillor and Public Works about this.

The plans to reactivate the gravel pit at Windy Lake has been cancelled by William Day Construction and Trucking, thanks to the public input and concerns against this. This is a very generous withdrawal on the part of this community company.

Treasurer- not present

Councillor – not present

Youth Rep- not present

City Rep – not present due to illness

Rio Encore-  Don

8 movies were shown with 105 patrons, an average of 13

6 pm- 88, average of 22, 8 pm – 4, 12 total for an average of 3 patrons.

Reminder- As of April 1st there will only be an 8 PM movie shown on the last Friday of the month and it will be an adult only movie.

Recreation Committee-  Carrie & Val

Brawl in the Falls- lost money due to low attendance, but was so great and enjoyed very much by everyone who was there, from Seniors to children. We need to try this event again next year if possible.

Adult Paint Night, great attendance of 50 people, cleared $788, after expenses, which was donated to the three elementary schools in the community-$250 each toward art supplies. This will be done again, an all around great event.

Splash Park-

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Carrie attended the meeting alone with the City to follow up on the Splash Park plans. The committee is working with Jeanette Rose Forget on an application to the Ontario Trillium Foundation to help further (and perhaps complete) the funding for this project.

Pool Hours – Leona

Petitions seem to be going well; we must make the City aware of how important the swimming pool morning hours are to our citizens, seniors in particular. Don explained that we should consider taking up a Civic Petition which must be read at a City Council meeting and which then becomes a matter of Public Record. Val will help Leona with this idea.

Centennial Committee- Gary

Gary reported that the committee has approached 3 levels of government to determine the viability of trying to bring the RCMP Musical Ride to Onaping Falls.

Due to the specifics involved in doing this, it’s not really feasible but he says the Musical Ride will be coming to Sudbury on August 18 for those interested.

The idea of bringing the Snow Birds to perform over Windy Lake is still being investigated, though the provincial government needs to be involved as the Park is provincial land. We are most interested to see if this can happen. Apparently there is government funding, The Canada 150 Fund for groups planning events for 2017.

Gary seems to have done well in recruiting ‘others’ to participate in the planning of this great event!

Falls Food- Chris

Guests Geoffrey Lougheed and Dan Xilion will be attending the Falls Food meeting on Monday March 14, to see how they are doing and to offer support and advice. The meeting is open to any interested persons, 7 pm in the Falls Food Room.

Next Meeting – Thurs Apr. 14, 2016 – 6pm.    Adjournment at 8.20 pm



OFCAN Meeting Minutes, Thursday February 11, 2016 – Rio Theatre Meeting Room

Present – Bobbie-Jo Oakes, Childa MacDonald, Don Henwood, Konner Sharpe, Sharon LeBlanc, Gary Lampi (Heritage Centennial 2017), Constable Curtis Freeman, Renee Richer (Recreation Committee rep), Valerie Besserer, Chris Allen


Police- Curtis reported 2 calls from our area, suspicious vehicle and mischief damage to a shed.

The Storefront Police Office may be put up for sale.

Bike Rodeo-

Renee Richer and Curtis updated us on plans to hold a Rodeo Sat. June 4, 2016 at the Onaping Community Centre, with a possible switch to Sun. Jun 5 if it’s raining. Young people from Azilda to Levack will be invited to attend, as over 400 attended in Chelmsford last year. Events will include Helmet and Bike Checks, free helmets if needed, Family Zumba, face painting and more.


Moved by Bobbie-Jo/ Sharon that voting privileges be extended to all present. Carried.

Moved by Sharon / Don that OFCAN cover the costs of food for the Bar BQ for the Bike Rodeo. Carried.

From Renee-

Renee shared that will often provide gift cards for snacks, money toward insurance for events etc. Val took down the information with our thanks to Renee.

Chair- Don

We discussed whether to continue to try to have guests come to the meetings to share information about their groups etc, but felt that the small attendance at OFCAN made this not a great plan, especially in the winter months.

WiFi costs about $1200 to connect to Theatre end of the building where our meetings are held.

Snowplowing has been very poor so far in our area (and other areas too). Don will email our concerns to everyone who might be able to check into this. Snow removal from high snow banks is just starting in our area, and that should help.

TransCab will be expanded on a six month trial basis, with having to call 90 minutes in advance not being necessary. Specific stops, hopefully with bus shelters are being arranged at this time. The Cabs will go at set times and from set locations throughout the week.

Treasurer- Sharon reported that our bank balance hasn’t changed, though Val has a bill for 2 coffee urns purchased for hot chocolate for the Winter Carnival still to be submitted.

Councillor – not present

City – not present

Youth- Konner Sharpe attended to inquire about a workout gym and we gave him some ideas and suggestions as to how he might learn more about this and what he might pursue.

Rio Theatre- Don

8 movies, 89 patrons, Some movies were better attended than others. No parties right now and we discussed how we might improve attendance, though in the winter weather may play a large part in this. Beginning April 1, there will be no 8PM movies except the last Friday of each month will be an adult-oriented 8PM movie.

Rec Committee-Val

Carnival cleared $60, but was a huge success, lots of fun, many people some of whom didn’t want to go home. Wagon rides and ‘free’ stuff contributed to a great afternoon for all.

City Council has supported the amount of $100,000 toward the Splash Pad, setting us up for other grant applications e.g. Trillium and local businesses. Well done Committee.

Free Skate Friday

Braw at the Falls Saturday Feb. 13         See Community Events FB page for more details.

Skate A Thon Sunday February 21,

March 4 would be artists can come and create their own painting.

Sign- Lots of snow, but well cleared by Day Constr. May have to wait till Spring to continue.

Falls Food – Very busy and some changes going on, but generally going well.

Centennial Committee- Gary

Gary feels this is going well and has some great ideas and plans. Several local photographers attended a recent meeting and offered their services for creating backgrounds, posters etc. RCMP Musical Ride and Snow Birds have been approached about possibly performing and it sounds as if August 2017 could be very interesting and eventful in Onaping Falls. Stay tuned and watch for information in the ORACLE. Interested people can call Gary at 705-866-6520.

Next Meeting is Thursday March 10, 2016, 6 pm.

Adjournment at 8.25 pm


OFCAN Minutes of Thursday January 14, 2016 – Rio Meeting Room – 6pm

Present –Leona Dawe, Constable Curtis Freeman, Gary Lampi, Bobbie-Jo Oakes, City Rep Renée Germaine, Chris Allen, Don Henwood, Nicole Boucher, Tony Heald, David Parsons


Police- Curtis-

2 thefts north of Levack, 1 stolen licence, Winter does deter crime!

A Bike Rodeo is planned for Onaping Levack in Spring 2016 which is great. 412 people took part in the Chelmsford Rodeo last year and we are hoping to do well here too, at the Onaping Community Centre. Events that we`re hoping to include are Zumba, Bar B Q, Obstacle Course, face painting and others. 6 bicycles were given away last year. Currently Curtis noted that the Police Service is involved with ice fishing with youth.

Chair Don-

Gary Roney has kindly volunteered to paint the Rio, New 2 U entrance doors and Renée will check into providing blue paint from the City. Thanks Gary for a great offer.

Treasurer – Not present

Councillor – Not present

City Renée-

Renée updated us on the HCI funding; funds are now under the auspices of Leisure and Community Development and will go back to City Council on Jan 26. Applications for the current year must be made by the end of March to be considered.

The Leisure Guide will be distributed in paper form in the Spring and after that mostly online. One item will be profiled in each Leisure Guide, the first one being Rio Encore. Yeah Don!!

Rio Encore Don-

Movies since Nov 28 -14, 174 patrons, average of 12, 2 birthday parties, likely one upcoming.

Recreation Committee – Please see their Facebook page:

Upcoming Events-

Sat Feb 6- Levack Onaping Winter Carnival, as we remember in the tradition of the Oldtimers

Sat Feb 13 – Brawl in the Falls             Watch for posters around town and ORACLE for more!

Sat Feb 27 or Sun Feb 28 – Skate-A-Thon   For info check Community Events on Facebook!

Sat Jun 11 – Fabulous Falls Fest…….OFRC Annual General Meeting- Tues May 10

Youth Centre Nicole-

Nicole reported that with Louise as a second supervisor, the events and opportunities for the youth have been expanded and as many as 20 youth are often in attendance, which is great!

Nicole is hoping to clarify which facilities at the Dowling Leisure Centre they are allowed to access, so she and Renee will research this.

Road Sign- Gary is going to see what’s available to light up the sign; we weren’t able to find lights last year at a reasonable cost, but he has some ideas so will let Don know what he learns.

Onaping Falls Centennial Committee- Gary

Gary has had several folks contact him in regards to this planned event and there will be a meeting on January 19 at the Legion at 7.30 pm for any and all interested parties and individuals. Everyone is welcome.

Falls Food – Chris-

Still ironing out some ‘kinks’ but going very well and the shelves are well stocked for the winter months, thanks to the generosity of the folks in our community.

Mexican Taco Stand- Dave Parsons

David introduced his idea of hosting a Mexican Taco Stand cart in our community over the summer months, very well researched and laid out clearly to determine what interest there might be in this. 3 tacos and a Mexican pop for $5….

Various ideas and possible locations were discussed and shared. The Rec Com suggested that David might consider being the food provider for the Skate-A-Thon, instead of their ordering pizzas, as a way of advertising his idea and seeing what folks think. He will be in touch with Carrie and Val to see if this is practical and possible.

Gary suggested that David and Tony might be wise to consider attending the Sudbury Business Meeting upcoming in Sudbury for other ideas and information on the best way to pursue this idea. We wish them well in their attempt to bring this new venture to our community.

Onaping Pool Plans by the City- Leona

There have been lots of changes in pool times and services, very quickly recently and most of them appear to be unpopular and not suited to our folks who use the pool regularly. Leona has written to and approached some of the necessary City contacts to share these concerns. Renee updated her on what the `complaint` process involves and what steps to take. Certainly petitions are a good idea and those will be out soon, so make your voice heard if you wish.

Next Meeting Thurs. Feb 11- 6pm – Rio meeting Room. Adjournment at 7.50 pm

ofcanlogo Colour 2

OFCAN Minutes of November 14, 2015 – 6 pm – Rio Encore Room

Present – Gary Lampi, Chris Allen, Bobbie- Jo Oakes, Dana MacDonald, Nicole Boucher, Renee Germaine, Carrie Morin, Leona Dawe, Val Besserer, Jacqueline Armstrong, Sharon LeBlanc, Curtis Freeman, Don Henwood, 2 teen guests.

Youth News – Nicole

Nicole now has a co-worker to make the Centre work better as the number of youth attending is growing monthly. A group of seniors were joined by some volunteers and all went on a bus shopping trip, which the seniors really enjoyed.

A few issues have arisen and been addressed in regards to disrespect and a discipline routine has been instituted by the leaders, which is working well at this time. The 9-11 age group don’t like going home at 7 pm, but this is being ‘enforced’ because the older teens need the time to themselves.

The youth have been, and will be, doing volunteer work around the Onaping Community Centre and any group needing help can ask. Sharon asked if they could help her unload Falls Food supplies later on and they did so. Thanks Everyone1

Renee outlined some of the Youth Centre Guidelines encouraged by the City to help all youth centres function more smoothly.

Police – Curtis

Crime Analysis- Some changes are being implemented by the Police Service which enables important calls to be attended to. There were 4 mischief calls in the past 30 days, along with the suspicious activity and alarms going off at the Community Centre. ATV’s are now allowed on the roads everywhere and the police are very busy on their ATV’s during hunting season.

Renee noted that in her home area, snowmobiles are driving on the sidewalks causing dangerous situations for those shovelling their snow areas. Curtis shared that it’s fine to tell them to get off the sidewalks and to use pylons to help ease the danger factor and make the snow clearers’ presence known.

Poling Classes-

Don shared that Mike Moor, project manager of ‘Trails for Life’ is offering poling classes for those interested. (Poling refers to the growing use of ski poles among dedicated walkers).

Treasurer – Sharon

OFCAN’s book balance is $5591.58, and we will be paying for our Chinese Supper out of that later this evening. We shared a delicious dinner and passed around a card and small gift for Dana MacDonald who is moving to Red Lake at the end of November, with our best wishes for the future, but we will definitely miss her all around Onaping Falls.

HCI Funds-

Renee updated us on the HCI Fund and shared some more insight into how the process for accessing funds works. She suggested that the Rec Committee submit their requests now and not wait, to try to speed up the process for their group’s funding.

She also reminded us that CAN committees report to the community in which they operate, and NOT to local Councillors; it is apparent that while some councillors and CAN’s have a difficult relationship, other work in tandem and help each other out very well. The work done by CAN committees goes ‘way beyond’ the $40,000 available through HCI Funds.

Recreation Committee

Carrie circulated the schedule for her Youth Choir’s events during the Advent Season.

The Rec Committee is currently applying to the Trillium Foundation and has received a donation from Denise Moggy and Chantelle Gorham. The women continue to come up with enterprising ideas to boost their Splash Pad funding, some successful, others not so much. Their recent bar tending at the Minor Hockey Association Yuk Yuk’s event was highly successful and they will likely be doing more of these sort of ‘one evening’ events as well as the Winter Carnival and others which they have in the works.

Rio Encore- Don

7 movies drew 145 patrons, an average of 21, and Don has a new ‘explosive’ popcorn flavour!

Centennial Organizing Committee – Gary

The first meeting was poorly attended but this is a busy time. Gary noted there are some upcoming events to raise awareness and encourage participation..

Wine and Cheese at the Legion November 25 and he plans to speak to the Golden Age members too. We encouraged him to pursue this both now and into the New Year.

Other Items Discussed –

  1. The bear problem and ‘program’…didn’t solve this one
  2. 9 wreaths to be put up downtown in the next couple of weeks – Thanks to Councillor Montpellier and Joan Parker for their part in this decorating endeavour.
  3. Beautiful repair work done on the Winter Banners by Leona Dawe, including the addition of strong grommets, which should prevent the banners from falling, we hope. Our thanks go to Leona for her great work and the time and effort involved here.
  4. Garbage and recycling is undergoing a ‘makeover’ which may mean less pickup and more specific discarding for all citizens. More news on this to come in the new year.

NOTE:   Next Meeting – Thursday January 14, 2016, 6PM…(we’ve moved to 2nd Thursday)

           Happy Holidays Everyone from your OFCAN Committee!!



OFCAN Minutes of October 22, 2015 – 6 pm

Present – Jacqueline Armstrong, Leona Dawe, Ray Parker, Joan Parker, Bobbie Jo Oakes, Childa MacDonald, Chris Allen, Val Besserer, Don Henwood, Gary Lampi, Sharon LeBlanc

Regrets – City liaison Renee isn’t joining us this evening due to health issues.

Reports –

Police – No rep in attendance

Chair – Don

The City is selling off 2 large parcels of land in Dowling and is required by law to notify us of that proposal. The land is in the area of Anne and Ida Streets and Arlington.

Valerie noted that when Azilda sold land, some of the proceeds went toward a playground area, so we will check that out with Renee next month.

Don circulated copies of the responses received by the City from area CAN groups to the City’s recently sent questionnaire. We noted that while OFCAN’s responses were mostly positive and upbeat, most of the others were not.

Last year’s CAN SUMMIT was held in November and that will happen again this year, location and date to be announced; once we know have that information, we may be able to get 2 persons to attend.

Treasurer’s Report – not available

Councillor’s Report – not in attendance

City Liaison – Renee hopes to be in better health and able to join us next month.

Rio Encore – Don

10 movies, 132 attendees, average attendance 10, 1 party, no others currently planned.

The 6 pm movies seem much more popular, but it could be just the time of year; the 8 pm movies may be cancelled during the winter months if attendance doesn’t improve. Don is considering possible running a movie or two at 1 pm, midweek during the Christmas Break if he can find appropriate and available movies, as school finishes on Dec 18, a full week before Christmas Day.

Onaping Falls Rec Committee- Val

Carrie’s Choir of 12 children is visiting Meadowbrook and probably St. Gabriel’s senior s’ Homes before Christmas to provide Concerts. They are working on a couple of projects to raise food for Falls Food and hosting a Concert at Levack Public School.

Vegas at the Falls netted only a $90 profit, 26 people attended compared to 80 last year. Baseball fever?

A Skate A Thon, Curling Event and the Onaping Levack Winter Carnival are all on the agenda during the coming months. Watch the ORACLE for details.

2) Rec Committee (cont)

Val met with Councillor Evelyn Dutrisac and learned that several Splash Pads in the Region had received sizable donations from the City, but our Onaping Falls request for financial support met with no positive response, very discouraging for all of our dedicated volunteers.

Youth Centre – No Report

Community Sign –

Don has been very faithful in advertising lots of events and in getting as many on the Board as possible. We appreciate this effort very much and realize it will be less ‘busy’ during the winter months.

Falls Food – Chris

Going well, but we are low on both food and funds at this time, and are in the middle of our donation drive for the winter months; our donors throughout the community are always very generous and the Holiday Train is coming on Wed. Dec 3, 9.45 am at the Cartier Station. Dana noted that Levack Public School will likely bring out a busload of children again, much appreciated and enjoyed by us all last year!

New Business –

Gary Lampi, representing the Onaping Falls Centennial Organization Celebration Facebook Group shared some of the plans and ideas being raised on this FB page. Our community’s centennial is around this time of the century and will be celebrated in the summer of 2017, as 1917 was when the first permanent homes were built in the area. Again, stay tuned to the ORACLE for further plans and to find out how you can be part of this exciting event! The first meeting will be next Thursday, Oct 29 at 7 pm in the Rio Theatre Meeting Room. We need interested people to come and share ideas, volunteer and help make this happen.

Levack Banners & Wreaths –

Leona has kindly volunteered to repair and fortify the Snowmen Banners and Amanda from Wm. Day will have them put up by Day volunteers after Remembrance Day.

Joan Parker has been talking to and negotiating with the City, in particular with Councillor Montpellier for more of a display in downtown Levack over the holiday season. She reported to us that after 3 weeks of many phone calls, Large Wreaths are coming to all areas of the Region, which is something new for Onaping Falls, paid for by HCI funds, to create a flashy, attractive, colourful display downtown during the Christmas Season. Watch for those in coming weeks. Thanks Councillor Gerry and Joanie!

Other Business –Sharon noted that the brickwork on Main Street is very broken in front of the Storefront Police Station; Chris reported this to 311 a couple of weeks ago and it’s supposed to be on the repair list soon. Alarms were reported during the power outage on Sunday morning, in the Onaping Community Centre. Apparently this is a fluke that can happen when the power is off and was investigated by the police.

Next Meeting – Thursday, November 12, 2015 – 6 pm Rio Encore Room

Adjournment – 7.10 pm

Here is the meeting schedule until June 2016:

November 12

December – NO MEETING

January 14

February 11

March 10

April 14

May 12

June 9

OFCAN Logo Small

OFCAN Minutes of Thursday September 17, 2015 – 6 pm

Present – Chair Don Henwood, Constable Curtis Freeman, City Rep Renee Germaine, Dana MacDonald, Chris Allen, Thomas Sagle and Rec Com reps Val Besserer and Carrie Morin, and Jacqueline Armstrong whom we were happy to meet and welcome to our meeting.


Police- Curtis

Stats, Crime Analysis – last month 7 calls from Levack, 3 from Onaping, mostly theft

Dirt Bikes are an ongoing concern and Jacqueline shared that she hears them behind her home on Glenview, in the Mud Lake area, though less frequently since school began.

Correspondence- Letter from Mike Armstrong re ‘old’ idea of having a gym in OCC

Thomas expressed interest in this too, but the Rio Encore is now in that space, so we won’t be pursuing this as an OFCAN concern. Don will check old minutes for info, but likely Minutes were not taken at that time, at least we don’t have them.

Bus Stop-

Discussion about trying to get bus to stop at Kwik Way or Cobi’s –

Discussion around garbage on walking path. Renee will look into having garbage cans placed along the route.

Renee shared that we can contact 311 by email at …

Councillor- not in attendance


Valerie made a presentation to City Council on Sep 16 re Splash Pad and Renee feels

(& we hope) that some progress will happen at the City end….Ron Henderson is interested.

Carrie’s Choir needs dedicated storage space and is now using the old OFCAN storage room. The City is currently studying the use of dedicated space around the Region, so we may hear more. The instruments are currently covered by Carrie’s homeowners’ insurance till January as they are her instruments.


CBC Reporter Erik White is looking for a person to do an interview on radio about OFCAN; Dana expressed her interest in doing this which is great. Don will email our accomplishment list to Erik to date and in the future.

Rio Encore-

Don shared that he is very pleased with the new non slip floor which took a bit of ingenuity to determine a cleaning method, though it does echo somewhat.

Councillor Montpellier was responsible in great part for the work on this being done, and we appreciate his efforts on this worthwhile endeavour.

Don showed 3 movies in September including Jurassic World which didn’t bring in as many folks as we’d hoped. Dowling showed it outdoors the previous week to 150 attendees, so this was part of the reason. We will show it again on Blue Ray in January. Cost of the movie ended up (thanks Jessica Watts!!!) being only $100, which Don will be reimbursed by OFCAN. Total patrons to date since Dec 2012—-3098.

Don purchased a new remote for the projector but refused reimbursement for it.

Youth Centre-

Nicole now has a new assistant so hopes to attend meetings beginning in Oct and to have the young people become more involved in projects here.

Recreation Committee-

Carrie- Her choir will offer Carol Grams for $5 again this year, the week before Christmas; $5 sends the choir to another person’s home, delightful, proceeds to Splash Pad Fund!

Funding possibilities were discussed, Renee was a huge help here clarifying these.

Power Skating Sep 19-22, Sat –Tues, 34 registered, down from 49 last year

Public Skating Sun Sept 27 – $2, made approx. $600 last year.

Golf Tournament -15 teams, sponsors $1100, $2084 raised

$1500 will be put toward minor hockey ice time

Oct 17 – Vegas Night Legion – tickets $20

Cavalcade and Tri Sport Sat Sept 26, Rec Com has a Craft Table at Leisure Centre, including great caps!

Splash Pad – Quotes are being sought for portions of the Splash Pad, then donations will be solicited as pieces are purchased toward the final facility. Don suggested that a donation jar go in Rio and a large thermometer for amount raised go on road sign.

Falls Food-

Chris reported all is going well. Carrie’s choir is hosting a concert on Thursday Dec 17 to raise funds for Falls Food. The food bank has had lots of patrons, so support is great.

Denise Moggy– Denise sent the message that things are going well at the pool under a new director and that Denise is loving working again with little kids in the pool.


Some discussion was held about electing a new executive but we are so few and other members expressed unanimously that Don stay on as Chair; we may discuss Secretary and Treasurer at a future meeting….status quo for now.

Next Meeting – Thursday, October 15, 6pm in Rio Theatre Room.

ofcanlogo Colour 2

OFCAN Minutes of June 18, 2015 6 pm in Rio Encore Meeting Room


Don Henwood, Constable Angie Sirkka, City Liaison Renee Germain, Sharon LeBlanc, Chris Allen, Carrie Morin and Val Besserer

Regrets – Dana MacDonald

Reports –

Police – Angie

59 calls from Onaping Falls, scattered around the area and involving various concerns.

The laws pertaining to ATVs are becoming more driver friendly.

9 people have signed up for Citizens on Patrol, which is great.

Police Fishing With Youth has become popular around the area.

Chair – Don


3 more banners have fallen in Levack and Don has asked Wm. Day folks to try to come up with a better method of securing them to prevent further falls.


We are still thinking of creating petitions for folks to sign, indicating their displeasure at the number of very ugly and dangerous empty buildings in our towns, particularly in Levack. Fall is likely a better time for this with so many folks on holidays in the summer. Don took and emailed some great photos of these buildings to the folks at City Hall, no response to date.

Stillwater pool behind OCC-

The dirty and dangerous pool of water behind the garbage cans at OCC is still rearing its head with every rainfall; not only is it dangerous, but we wonder if it could be illegal.

Community Garden-

Renee shared that the City is interested in providing funding for this project, but we need a place for the garden and volunteers (other than OFCAN members) to do the work involved.

The City would provide the funds for the start up of the project.

Citizens would prepare the garden, purchase seeds and do the weeding and harvesting.

Painting of OCC doors etc-

No movement on this process. Renee noted that budget cuts and other situations have resulted in fewer summer students being hired and projects being postponed or put on hold, so this (and other upgrades) may not happen for some time.

HCI Fund (Councillors’ Slush Funds)-

This process is roughly back to the way it was; applications can be made to local Councillors with no promise as to which projects will be accepted or when this will happen. Contractors are very busy so the backlog will affect these local projects.

Councillor – Not present

Treasurer- Sharon noted that the blue OFCAN gazebo was loaned out and not returned, so the Rec Com. purchased a new one and turned in the bill to Sharon. We need to be more vigilant about what is loaned out and to whom and that items (especially the BarBQ) are returned and are in decent condition.

City Liaison – Renee-

Apparently there has been some discussion at the City level about a Splash Pad being possibly built in Dowling. This came as a shock to all of us, as our Recreation Committee had met with the City and enquired directly as to whether this was a likelihood, nearly 2 years ago. They were assured it WAS NOT, so began their hard work to try to get one in Onaping.

Unfortunately because Renee was the one who was at our meeting, she took some heat for this situation, which was understandable, but was unfair to her.

Our Rec Com. will attempt to meet with the City again to pursue this line of information, in the fall. Shelley Lalonde is the contact person for the Splash Pad enquiry.

Transportation Master Plan –

There are no changes for our area in the upcoming plan, but Renee suggested that we access the online survey and complete it to enhance our own knowledge for the future.

We at OFCAN appreciate very much all that Renee does for us; when we have questions, she usually gets the answers and more; along with that, she is a welcome addition to our meetings and we are grateful for her knowledge and dedication.

Youth Centre – from Nicole –

This has been a great year for the youth and there are quite a number of them who are there on a regular basis. Nicole has been in touch with the City and chances are good that the Centre could open year round beginning in September 2015.

Rio Theatre- Don-

8 movies, 80 attendees, total to date of 3019 guests; 4 more movies before summer, no parties booked and the Theatre will reopen in September. Well done Don!

Recreation Committee-

Falls Fest-

This event was a huge success, financially and community wise, netting a profit of $1,100.

Some problems with the Dowling Leisure Centre electrical system resulted in blown circuits, but thanks to Bob Coupal of the O. F. Firefighters, a generator was quickly borrowed and the fun was on again. The staff at the Centre were great and helped much more than their positions dictated and we appreciated everyone’s help, support, time, dedication and work to make this work well.

Mayor Bigger was in attendance, along with Councillor Montpellier, but was not introduced to the committee members, who did so much work, which would have been appreciated by them.

The Classic Car folks added another terrific and interesting dimension to the event and many people spent some time admiring and photographing the beautiful vehicles. Guests like Principal Winckel and several young people did a fabulous job in the dunk tank and their participation provided lots of fun and and laughs for all.

Thank you Everyone for making this event such a success and lots of fun! See you next year!

Levack Ball Field – Carrie-

The Rec Committee is considering purchasing a canapy for the players’ bench and Carrie is looking into other improvements which could be made for reasonable costs to make the ball events more pleasant and comfortable for all.

There are plans for possibly A Bike Rodeo and the return of Power Skating School for the fall.

Stay tuned for other events, watch for the ORACLE and posters later in summer, and keep checking the Community Events on Facebook for updates and information.

Road Sign- Don-

The sign has been a big hit and many of us watch weekly to note what’s coming up in and around the community. Lots of people have commented on it and Don’s had feedback that attendance at events has been improved by the sign, helping us to remember what’s happening and where and what events are upcoming.

Falls Food- Chris

Going well, lots of volunteers, around 60 families served, some regularly, others less often, but no one is refused.

Falls Food will continue to operate during the summer months, so it will be interesting to see how busy it is at that time.

Thanks to the continuing generosity of our community groups and individuals, our finances are stable and we are able to make a huge difference to those less fortunate with everyone’s help. Thank you all!

Next Meeting – Thursday September 17- 2015 – 6 pm.

Everyone welcome!

Adjournment – 7.10 pm


OFCAN Minutes May 21, 2015 – 6pm

Present – Don Henwood, Renee Germain, Gerry Montpellier, Chris Allen, Angie Sirkka, Dana MacDonald, Carrie Morin, Val Besserer, Bobbie Jo Oakes, Stephanie Young, Sharon LeBlanc-

Police –Angie – 8 calls from Onaping, 16 from Levack and 3 from Dowling ; there had been a report of a woman trying to pick up children in Levack in April.

Constable Mitch Brunette is again running the Personal Flotation Device program (PFD) providing

T shirts with the police logo to youth who are wearing their PFDs when stopped by police on the water.

Moved by Dana, / Val that OFCAN donate $100 to this worthy program.

Carried, Sharon and Chris to look after this.

Chair –Don –A bare wiring problem near Mini Mart will be fixed shortly.

The lights on Levack lamp posts can’t be repaired as they are too old, so will be replaced ; also a dead tree across from Super Box mailboxes will be taken down. This is a Roads Dept issue.

Retaining wall will be fixed soon, quotes are out for this.

Thanks to Brian Jeffries of the Roads Dept, we have a nice new flag and our thanks go to Brian for this happening soon after our request.

Main Street in Levack will undergo pot hole repairs soon.

Chris noted that the end of Onaping Drive off Reg Rd 8 is a mess, with a large, unavoidable hole right in the intersection; Renee suggested we need to call 311 and report this which Chris agreed to do.

James Tregonning is recovering from a heart attack and will have a pace maker implanted soon. Chris will send a card from OFCAN to James, who has been very helpful to us in some earlier situations and Don noted that James is hoping to get out to a few of our meetings once he’s recuperated, which will be great.

Sudbury Living asked if we would like to place a small ad for $375, but we declined.

Councillor –Gerry

Parking lot at OCC are in poor shape, but not likely to be repaired any time soon.

No word on carpeting in Rio Theatre being removed and new none slip flooring going in.

‘Kicking Ass’ on the horrible empty, disgusting buildings around our community. Gerry suggested that petitions need to be drawn up and go into every business to get Council’s attention, Don will work on this asap! Apparently some Christmas decorations are still up on some buildings in town.

On a more positive note, the wonderful banners created last fall were well preserved and still look great. Thanks done for a great storage job!

Gerry will pass on the request for new back doors and repaired and painted railings at OCC

The Operations Committee meets in June to decide which projects will be done and in what order. Several projects are likely to be put on hold.

City Liasion –Renee

Renee will check into line painting and see if our area is ‘on the list’.

She noted that notifying the City Bylaw Dept of our derelict buildings, could get the buildings checked by the Dept and might be a good way to attack this ongoing sore situation for us.

The Levack ballfield is getting a new net around it and the bleacher query is still being tossed around, but is a big expense. Renee noted that Mark Popowich is the fellow to contact at this time on such issues. The City is encouraging FitBit and hoping to get citizens ‘on board’ with getting more active.

Rio Encore Theatre –Don

145 patrons, average of 13m 1 party for 36 people, 6 pm 77, 8 pm 41. To date total patrons 2939 since Dec 2012. Rio will close June 27-Sept 3, reopening Sept 4.

Rec Committee –Carrie and Valerie


Renee and Gerry provided much useful information about what funds are possibly available and where to go to find more info and or access these. The girls took their own notes on this so they can pursue the ideas offered; the HCI funds (Councillors’ Slush Funds) are being reorganized and currently are frozen, but Renee encouraged Val and Carrie to get the paperwork in order for when the funds are ready for distribution. She also shared information on the Trillium Foundation with us.

Falls Fest 2015-

There is about $7100 in the Splash Pad Fund and the upcoming Falls Fest will hopefully add to that. To date, donations of $2225 have covered all expenses so income now will go toward the profits, which is great. The ball caps are super and 100 have sold with another 50 on the way, well done!

Other donations are pending as well. Our community is as generous as ever and Falls Fest 2015 looks like being a big hit. Join us and bring a friend, Friday and Saturday June 12 & 13. Spread the word!

Keep your eyes on the ORACLE and posters around town for information.

Upcoming –

Golf Tournament-Thursday Aug 29 at Onaping Falls Golf Club $100 per team, OFCAN and ORACLE will each fund a team.

Power Skating will be held in September again; Carrie is working on getting the City to open the Ivan J Coady a week earlier than planned to accommodate this worthy and fitness promoting event.

Vegas at the Falls- Friday October 2, a very exciting and much enjoyed event last year. As is always the case with our Few but Feisty Rec Committee, this year looks like being even better.


Don had been enjoying keeping this up to date and it’s changed quite often so keeps us informed.

Falls Food –

Going well, very busy, but great volunteers in various positions and at different times.

New Business-

Onaping Falls High Riders –Guest Stephanie Young outlined some concerns of the group over Vale’s intention to close access roads to trails used not only by snowmachines but many walkers and hikers.

There is also an aging bridge involved and the cost to fix or replace it is something no one wishes to take on at this time. We hope to see some action and support for this worthy concern.

Next Meeting – Thursday June 18, 6 pm. Rio Theatre meeting room. Then we won’t meet until Sept.

Adjournment at 7.30pm


OFCAN Minutes of April 16, 2015 -6pm

Present- Constable Angie Sirkka, Carrie Morin, Val Besserer, Dana MacDonald, Bobbi Jo Oakes, Don Henwood, Chris Allen

Call to Order – 6.05 pm

Police – Angie

Total of 35 calls, some suspicious vehicles. A resident will set up a video camera at the Third and Vale Rd. intersection in Levack to watch for speeders and those who fail to stop at the signs. We know there are many infractions at this intersection.

A Fall Day of Fishing is planned by the officers –Cops & Kids Fishing and some of us may go to see what goes on, and perhaps we can do one next spring or fall. Sounds like lots of fun!

Chair –Don

Don learned that the beams in the gym are temporary; one outside column needs to be replaced and these are the temporary fix; we hope this will happen very soon as it is a bit disconcerting.

Renee – was not able to attend the meeting so Don noted several items he will email to her for her attention and updates.

Lines need to be repainted and roads swept in Levack Onaping…time line would be good.

Resurfacing on the parking lots both sides of Onaping Community Centre needs to be addresses asap.

New carpeting for Rio Encore Theatre needs to be a priority.

Netting at the ball field behind the IJ Coady Arena should be fixed in time for spring activities.

Street light fixture missing across from Levack Mini Mart. We need lighting in that area in particular.

Dangerously leaning retaining wall in parking lot in downtown Levack hasn’t yet been addressed.

Hit & Run damaged street light in front of Northwest Fudge Factory needs to be fixed or replaced. No identity on suspect vehicle.

Roadway in front of Levack Estates on Third Avenue is a nightmare, may cause an accident or injury if not repaired soon. Sewage work caused a real mess in this area.

With the retrofit of streetlights in the City, can L.O. expect any changes within the foreseeable future as our lights are obsolete & apparently unrepairable and would need to be replaced.

Treasurer – Sharon unable to attend. Our $2500 Annual Grant from the City is here and Chris will pass this on to Sharon for deposit.

Councillor – Not in attendance.

City Liaison- Renee- See Don’s Report for items he will send for her attention.

Rio Encore Theatre- Don

9 movies, 3 Birthday Parties.   Movies drew in 185 people, an incredible number.

3 of the 6 pm movies drew in 86 people, 3 of the 8 pm movies drew in 30 people.

Don shared that though he is pleased that the Rio is doing so well, he is getting tired of doing all of the movies and parties alone. Discussion was shared about this and OFCAN members suggested that Don post an item in the ORACLE to see if there might be some persons in the community who would take a turn running the movies sometimes. A Police Check would be required and Don would do the training necessary- great opportunity for a youth!

In May 3 restricted movies are on the Schedule…The Captive, Lone Survivor & 50 Shades of Grey.

This will need to be advertised to ensure that only adults are in attendance.


During the Good Friday movie, a youth broke one of the chairs in an act of vandalism.

Rec. Committee- Carrie and Val are at it again!!! Falls Fest is scheduled for the weekend of Jun 12 & 13 with all kinds of great things planned.

The girls are recruiting sponsors for the costs associated with different events.

One of the first donations was from the Onaping Falls Credit Union….Thank You!

Trans Kitchens has generously offered to donate a bench as a Door Prize for the weekend.

Again our sincere thanks to these folks for stepping up to support our community events so quickly and generously.

ORACLE will donate toward the event and OFCAN will support the event with $1000.

Moved by Don Henwood, seconded by Dana MacDonald that this donation of $1000 be made to Falls Fest. Carried Unanimously.

Letters will be going out to local businesses and service clubs requesting support where possible to make this a truly exciting community wide event. How can you help?

The ORACLE will carry articles in both May and June on Falls Fest as the responses and event features unfold. Stay tuned and please feel welcome to volunteer or offer ideas at anytime.

Youth Group- No Report

Community Sign. Garnering lots of attention and Cudos for spreading publicity around town.

Falls Food – Going well, learning as we go. June will be our open Annual General Meeting and – Everyone is welcome to come and see our Falls Food Room and see what’s happening.

No New Business

Next Meeting – Thursday May 21, 2015- 6 pm. Open to Everyone in the community!!

ofcanlogo Colour 2

OFCAN Minutes of Thursday March 26, 2015 – 6 pm

Present – Renee Germain, Dana MacDonald, Carrie Morin, Sharon LeBlanc, Chris Allen, Don Henwood, Constable Curtis Freeman

Call to Order – 6 pm

Police –

Curtis noted that sometimes the incident numbers don’t ‘jive’ due to some calls only being inquiries etc. or the officers may determine there is no problem once on site, but these may still be listed as ‘Incidents’.

There may be Bike Rodeos upcoming at some area CANs and possibly we can host one later in the year.

Curtis noted that because there is only one road in out of Levack and due to social media, there is not much element of surprise for the officers to catch speeders, stop sign runners etc.


The bears are back in town and folks are encouraged NOT to fill their bird feeders, which attract the bears. Though the MNR are the authorities to contact about nuisance bears, there may be an MNR strike which will make that invalid. Bear Bangers and Bear Spray are legal in our area, as long as they are only used against bears. If someone sets off a Bear Banger, they should advice the police, as it sounds like a shot and could cause concerns.

Police officers will be out and about on ATV’s soon, so be advised to be safe in the bush.

Chair –

Don noted that he’s concerned about support beams now in the gym and Youth Centre of OCC; Renee advised that a Structural Engineer was involved in their placement and everything was done according to code.

Pavement on either side of the OCC is terrible and Renee will check into that for us.

Old carpeting was to be removed from the Theatre floor and replaced with a safe, cleanable, inexpensive flooring. Renee is moving back into her job at warp speed!

Don has received emails from Rob Beaudoin, which have been sent to several communities; these are ‘heads up’ emails forwarded to those communities which are close to areas being considered for future dump sites. We will try to follow this process and remain aware.

Treasurer –

Sharon noted that our Bank Balance is $4841.11. She will be filling in and forwarding Financial Forms to the City in the next few days.

Councillor –

Not in attendance.

City Liasion –

Renee updated the group on the HCI Funds, previously distributed by Councillors at their discretion alone, which was a very controversial issue. This hotly contested situation is undergoing review and we’ll watch and see where it goes.

Project Impact –

The Recreation Committee’s presentation missed out on being chosen by 8 votes; we felt that the 4 day voting time was far too short and not well publicized, something we need to police better in future such situations.

Rio Encore –

11 movies hosted 128 people, an average of about 12 per movie; 21 birthday parties were held and 2 more are in the works for April. Some adults are interesting in having a Play Station Event, on the big screen, so the feasibility of that is being investigated by them and Don.

Attendance –

Several of us (including Don) noted that the Rio is still a ‘well kept secret’ in the community and we discussed different ways of ‘spreading the word. Dana suggested that Levack Public School be asked to send home flyers and we will spread posters of upcoming movies more widely. Ultimately it was decided that OFCAN would pay for a onetime flyer to go into all Onaping Falls mailboxes and Sharon and Don will coordinate that, to ensure that everyone knows about the movies and other events will be shared from that starting point.

Moved by Chris Allen / Dana MacDonald that the cost of a onetime flyer advertising the

Rio Encore Theatre be covered by OFCAN. Carried.

Approx number of flyers – 2600, cost $185.

Recreation Committee-

Carrie asked for and was granted permission to use the small OFCAN room for storage of Rec Committee items, such as costumes, game boards, utensils etc.

Falls Fest – Dowling Leisure Centre – weekend of May 29-31, 2015, way too many fun plans to list… hope to include 2 Bouncy Castles, vendors, Art Show, Teen Sock Hop, Carnival Games, Classic Car Show, Pig Roast, Bar BQ and so much more.

Corporate Sponsors –

This is to be a major (hopefully Annual) community event and Corporate Sponsors are being sought, see Carrie Morin or Val Besserer for information, ideas, to volunteer etc. Check out the Onaping Falls Recreation Committee and Community Events websites as well.

Summer Playground is a go for Onaping Community Centre, watch Oracle for more details.

Youth Centre- Seems to be going well

Falls Food – Going well, new volunteers, many guests and lots of food donors!!

Next Meeting – Thur. April 16, 6pm, Onaping Falls Community Centre. Hopefully No boots??

Adjournment – 7.15 pm



Minutes – February 19, 2015

Present – Don Henwood, Maryse Raymond Leona Dawe, Constable Angie Sirkka, Carol Weber, Bobbie Jo Oakes, Dana MacDonald, Valerie Besserer, Matt Belanger, Maria Grotek, Krishnan Venkatraman, Jenny Fortin, Mark Vainio and Chris Allen.

Regrets – –Councillor Gerry Montpellier

Call To Order – Don welcomed everyone, and introduced guests, Mark brought great desserts and coffee as this is his last meeting with us; we look forward to again working with Renee Germain who is returning from maternity leave in March.

Thesis Presentation – Maryse Raymond (Dr. Venkatraman) explained the focus of her thesis for which she hopes to gain input from many local seniors.

Questionnaires on ‘What barriers are faced by the older adults in Levack and Onaping as a function of their distance from a major urban centre?’ will be distributed to local senior organizations to aid in determining how to minimize the barriers. This will hopefully facililtate Maryse’s research, which she articulated very well to us.

Police – Constable Angie Sirkka joined us for the first time, due to different shifts in policing: Angie is a 21 year veteran and she shared some of her experiences with us which was very interesting.

There were 16 calls from this area to the police, 50% of which were domestic disputes. 3 from Onaping involved a mining injury, a missing teen (who was located) and 1 bail violation.

Angie updated us on the bylaws regarding snowmachines being on the roads in Onaping as this is a source of concern to citizens in the community.

Chair –

  • Request from Chantelle Gorham to run the Easter Egg Hunt, to be held at Larchwood Public School this year, under the OFCAN umbrella. Several questions & concerns arose, including liability insurance coverage; Don will contact the City to ensure that would be in order before making a decision on this.

It was suggested that in future, for similar requests, it would be helpful if a representative of the group be at the meeting to help clarify any questions right away.

  • The netting at the baseball field is falling down. Mark Vainio has spoken to his contact and it’s being addressed.

Treasurer – No Report. Annual CAN Network Report – 2014 is here for Sharon to complete and return.

Councillor – No Report

City Liaison – Our last meeting with Mark, Renee to return next month. We will miss Mark very much as it has been such a pleasure working with him and he has helped us accomplish so much in the past year; we wish him every success in his future.

          Civic Awards – deadline extended to Feb 27, 2015

Mark noted that the Rec Committee should pursue both the $5000 and $15,000 which they were unable to access in 2014, now that a new Council is in place. Trillium Fund and others are possibilities.

Carmen Robillard at 705-222-5378 is the contact for Trillium and is most helpful when approached.

Rio Encore-

Don shared his stats with us and they are very good.

12 movies, 124 people , average of 10 per movie, 1 with no one, 1 party booked for March. This is particularly impressive given the cold we’ve been continuing to experience during January and February. Go Don!!

Total guests to date –2481!

Rec Committee

  • 13 kids on average at the Wed night Kids’ Club held in the Play & Chat room, going well.
  • Project Impact has been approached for a grant of up to $500
  • Curling Bonspiel planned
  • Falls Fest- Sat June 13, 2015; hope to feature Classic Car Show, fireworks, and many other fun things to do, profits to Splash Pad Fund. Watch Community facebook pages for ongoing updates.
  • Golf tournament planned for August
  • Power Skating again planned for the fall

Youth Centre – from Nicole Boucher

  • Low attendance due to bitter weather
  • ‘Warm Hands, Warm Hearts’ – donated warm clothing to Elgin Street Mission and Ryan Heights Youth Centre…Well done Kids!
  • Speaker & discussion on Respect to be held on Thurs. Feb 26
  • March focus – Healthy eating, planning and preparing a meal with help from Health Unit
  • Upcoming Sport day with parents and youth
  • Check the Facebook page for more information.
  • Lots of interesting things going on. Well done Nicole!

Falls Food – Going very well; lots of ‘guests’ and several super volunteers in different areas.

       We are a generous and caring community in so many ways!

New Business –

  • Sudbury Workers Education & Advocacy Centre. Jenny Fortin gave an interesting outline of her work at the Centre; this is a non- profit community / worker based organization committed to improving the lives and working conditions of people in low-wage & unstable employment.

Pamphlets and information to be shared via OFCAN to make this known locally.

Jenny stressed that they don’t help people find jobs, they help make their jobs better!

  • The Greater Sudbury Development Corporation (GSDC) will host a community information session at the Onaping Community Centre, Thursday March 12 from 6.30 – 8.30 pm. This session is open to everyone and should prove to be both interesting and informative.

N.B. – Next OFCAN Meeting will be Thursday Mar 26, 2015, 6 pm in the Meeting Room. Please note date change!

ofcanlogo Colour 2

Minutes—January 15, 2015

Present: Constable Curtis Freeman, Val Besserer, Carrie Morin, Dana MacDonald, Councillor Gerry Montpellier, Don Henwood, Leona Dawe, Mark Vainio, Chris Allen

The meeting began with a delicious Chinese Dinner, courtesy of OFCAN and delivered, hot and fragrant by the Bluebird staff.

Curtis: Road to Levack – Onaping is terrible. He will now be on 12 hour shifts so only available about 50% of time for our meetings, but another constable will come when Curtis is off. We will miss him when he’s not here. There is little crime activity in the winter time, but CAN’s are active, with Curtis attending in Azilda last night and Capreol later this evening. He did share supper first!

Rec Committee: The committee donated $200 toward the Oldtimers’ Hockey Ass’n. The women shared their upcoming activity plans, ambitious as usual and they are excited about working at the Winter Carnival on Sat Feb 7 and are considering running the Carnival next year. Play & Chat has opened on Wed evenings with 23 and 13 little kids in attendance, a fun event and well attended so far. OFCAN donated $75 toward expenses and supplies for this event and thanks go to Dana for her donation of a water cooler, a great gift to Play & Chat.

They are still working on getting new benches at the Ivan J. Coady Arena after the City removed those which were damaged by the snow plow.

Chair; Don shared an email from the City asking to attend our Mar 19 (changed to Mar 26) meeting to discuss the new Council’s plans, idea and 10 Year Vision for the Greater Sudbury Area.

See attachment for details of ‘From the Ground Up’.

We will invite citizens and alert the Golden Age Club, Legion members etc in hopes of generating interest and attendance for this meeting. A phone survey, out of Huntington University is available for those interested in participating.

Oracle: Escalating costs of printing 700 copies is becoming a problem. Discussion around this issue resulted in the idea of dropping the number of copies to 400 and publicizing that the Oracle is available online for folks to read. Don noted that he is managing to keep the sign at Reg Rd #8 and Onaping Drive busy and updated most of the time, but the rain and cold weather make it very difficult sometimes. We appreciate his efforts and enjoy the sign immensely.

Treaurer: Sharon shared that currently our account balance is $4841.11

Council: Councillor Montpellier shared updates and plans from the new City Council and believes that the new Councillors and staff are working together and that all are ‘learning as they go’. He stressed the importance and usefulness of the City’s 311 phone line when folks need information. Some of us use this line a lot, and find it very helpful.

Gerry has investigated the ‘$5000’ which was believed to have been set aside for Onaping Falls projects and learned that since there is nothing in writing, it’s not happening. The Rec Committee is encouraged to submit a written proposal to him and that will go to the City Council for consideration, likely along with many others. We had hoped to access this toward that Splash Park, but will see what alternatives are available since this fell through.

‘Bussing and Handi Transit’ is also undergoing revamping and discussion for outlying areas.

City: Mark didn’t have a lot to share with Christmas and New Years’ just behind us. We all again discussed what might happen with the disgusting MacIsaac building mess and other very untidy and unsightly areas in Levack and Onaping. There is not a lot the City can do when these businesses are privately owned and cosmetic ‘suggestions’ seem to the owners meet with very little positive response.

Rio Encore: Don shared that 16 movies generated 128 attendees and 2 birthday parties, about 40 guests. Since opening in Dec. 2012, 2357 folks have enjoyed the Rio movies and we congratulated Don on this super response and thanked him for all of his work in creating and operating the Theatre.

Youth Centre: No report at this time.

Falls Food: Chris shared a lengthy explanation and update of what has happened with Falls Food and what transpired to provide special provisions over Christmas and at the beginning of the new year. There was a huge sharing of talent, time, trucks and labour from many businesses, churches, service clubs, our elementary schools, financial institutions etc to make the distribution of Christmas Hampers, gift bags, Ladies’ shoeboxes filled with gifts etc. a wonderful event.

The Falls Food folks are so grateful to the City as well for allowing them such a generous space in the Onaping Community Centre, where the guests can access many other facilities as well as food. This has been a real boon to the whole community of Onaping Falls and Cartier and plans continue for the future of Falls Food.

Those present at the OFCAN meeting suggested that an article on Falls Food go into the Feb. issue of Oracle, which Chris will write and send in.

Next Meeting – Thursday February 19, 2015 at 6 pm.


Minutes—November 20, 2014

Present – Don Henwood, Constable Curtis Freeman, Carrie Morin, Valerie Besserer, Dana MacDonald, Chris Allen, Mark Vainio and guests Dr. Krishnan Venkatraman and Maryse Raymond from Laurentian University, along with Kris Longstron and Jessica Watts from City of Greater Sudbury.

Presentation by Dr. Venkatraman and Maryse:

The two explained that their study is on the older population in Onaping/Levack and the concerns pertaining to mobility and access between the two towns and to other areas of the City and facilities therein. The presentation was most interesting and was to the point and easy to understand.

We decided to invite the folks participating in this process to our March meeting (weather being a factor here) with the plan to invite seniors to attend and contribute toward their study.


Jessica shared plans to add new services for the area libraries, including snowshoe lending, fishing rod lending etc. We suggested tents and a couple of other items which might work in our library. She mentioned the Story Time Trail at Lake Laurentian and we discussed possibly trying to start up something similar at High Falls or at ‘the Rapids’ behind Levack School in the spring. Sue does several ‘kid’ oriented things at the L/O library such as Story time and Lego building and various crafts. The Making Space presentation will be offered again and we will watch for that as interest has grown since the first one held here in June.


Curtis shared that there were 3 calls in the preceding two weeks and encouraged our members to call in about any concerns and events that might need investigating.

Chelmsford CAN is hosting A Bike Rodeo and we might do that next Spring as it used to be a favourite event for the kids.

Other CANs will be hosting events such as our Grand ReOpening once the weather returns to suitable for that sort of event.


Don circulated an outline of Chief Pederson’s Community Safety Forum with numbers and names for contact use.

CAN SUMMIT – The Summit was great and Don particularly enjoyed the Bus Barn and the tour as well as the actual Summit presentations and events. The City, rather than one specific CAN, organized the event this year, which helped make it a neat event. Mark noted that, as in all these events, offering time for folks to share can prove challenging in keeping the event from being too long and going off track.

Science North will put our events on their Circulating Calendar if we let them know what’s happening ‘out our way’.

Government Services guests are available to come to our meetings to share information about their services; we may explore this in the Spring as Winter is not a good time for guests to travel.

Treasurer – No Report

Councillor – No Report

City –

Carrie and Val asked Mark about the approx. $15,000 that the City had previously set aside for Recreation in our area and he’ll check with Chris Gore as it should still be available if we can find out how to access it.

Councillor Gerry Montpellier should have a fund we can also access for $5000 so the Rec Committee will need to track that down through him. The committee hopes to share these funds between new bleachers at the Levack Ball Field and Splash Pad funding.

Rio Theatre –

12 movies, 1 cancelled, 2 parties, with 203 patrons….Well done Don!!

Don noted that the Theatre will be closed Dec 26 & 27 and will reopen Friday Jan 2 – 6 & 8 pm.

Recreation Committee-

Mini peel blitz continues and the girls will have a table at the Bonaventure Mall next weekend.

New Year’s Dance – for Teens on Dec 30 and for adults on Dec 31 will be held at OCC – Yeah!

Murder Mystery is planned for March or April, put on by Laurentian students, likely $25

Skate A Thon planned

Financials – Arena fund $2742, Splash Pad fund $4274…not bad for a couple of young moms!

Falls Food-

Chris shared that over 30 families, totalling somewhere around 80 people are being served and Falls Food is working with the Christmas Hamper Committee and the Holiday Train to make this a special Christmas for all. Jessica shared that the City provides (and has available) ‘shoe boxes’ filled with specific women’s items for women ‘in need’ throughout the City, a great idea and will make these available for distribution to Falls Food guests at our Christmas Eve Open Day. About 30 or 40 would be needed.

Holiday Train will be in Cartier with food for Falls Food on Mon Dec 1 at 9.45 am.

Melody To Christmas –

Carrie shared that on Sunday Dec 21 at 1 pm, at St. Bartholomew’s Church Melody to Christmas will be presented and all are invited to attend.

Next Meeting – Thursday January 15, 2015 at 6 pm.



Meeting Minutes—October 16, 2014

Present- Don Henwood, Dana MacDonald, Sharon LeBlanc, Curtis Freeman, Carrie Morin, Val Besserer, Chris Allen and Ward 3 Council candidates, Gerry Montpellier & Marcel Montpellier

Meeting called to order at 6.15 pm by Chair Don.

Police – Curtis reported that there had been 4 calls to the service, all to do with youth and possibly connected.

Several of the CAN committees have specific events which they host each year and Curtis detailed a couple in case we might be interested in doing something similar. Azilda hosts a Pumpkin Patrol which allows police and residents in that area to interact on a friendly basis and Chelmsford holds an annual Bike Rodeo.

Capreol held their Opening recently with not a great turnout, except for the school children who had a great time participating in the basketball game with officers and Lively will be hosting their opening soon.

Chair – Don reported that the Bistro building and the old Shell garage have both been sold and we will see what happens with those.

The Third Avenue Townhouses are in the process of being completed, currently 7 units and the price of occupancy has risen from $176,900 to $229,900.

The walkway along the Day side of the highway between Levack and Onaping has had the rest area benches removed due to being damaged, as was the roof over the one. Public Works put those up but they will not be replaced by the City. Don is looking into having at least one donated by KGHM which the City might agree to put in place.

CAN Summit – Thursday Nov. 13 at the New Transit building and Sharon and Don will attend and possibly Chris.

Elmcrest CAN is entering a float in the Santa Claus Parade.

Daffodils for Hope – Home Hardware has daffodils for sale @ 5 for $5 and Sharon and Chris offered to purchase earth and flowers and place a ‘bin’ beneath the road sign with daffodils in hopes of having a spring display there in 2015. $100 was allocated to them for this cost.

Treasurer – Sharon detailed our expenses since March; these included the downtown banners, $200 to the LPS Community Safe Room, cost of gym time for the Family Fun Day, $100 for a golf hole for the Rec. Committees golf day, $135.87 refund from the Police services from the Grand Reopening expenses, leaving us with a balance of $5421.77.

Sign Expenses-

Don will have a bill for the 8 padlocks (one key type) and some more letters, numbers and (&) etcs for the sign. Don & Dana will check online and elsewhere for some reasonable prices for these as they are expensive and unique.

Moved by Chris / Sharon that Don be reimbursed for these costs. Carried.


Council– Our liaison Mark was not available but Val mentioned that she and Carrie have been in touch with him regarding the $15,000 designated, some time ago for ‘Leisure Activities’ and also the $5000 which could be available from our next Councillor’s Slush Fund. The Rec Committee executive would like to split these monies (whatever amount they be) evenly between the Splash Pad in Onaping and new bleachers for the ballfield in Levack so that each community benefits from the money.

This idea was approved by consensus by everyone present!

Pump Park –Sharon suggested that we hire a contractor with a small backhoe to level the pump park area and make is as user friendly as possible in the Spring. Mally Brosseau has a backhoe and is very community minded so may be willing to do this at little cost.

Rio Encore- Don will do movies at 6 pm and 8 pm on Friday evenings (for kids and families respectively) starting in January.

Movie Night Party – for teens will be held at the theatre on Oct 24, free pop & chips, provided and hosted by Chantelle Gorham.

Rec. Committee –

Tri Sport Event – made about $850, the weather was awful so that was a fair profit, though lots of work.

Curling – big hit, not profitable but the children loved it and the pony rides were a bonus.

November 30 – Dan Messier may put on a junior curling session to determine interest for kids in January.

Glencore (IN) Open House– Great event, terrific presentations, the people leading each section were great with the kids, and Don handed out 200 boxes of popcorn.

Vegas in the Falls- 60 tickets sold, more at the door we hope.

Teen New Year’s Eve Dance- Dec 30, live teen band – OCC

Adult New Year’s Dance – Dec 31- Legion with DJ

Our Children, Our Future – Request from Matt Belanger for support and we will donate $100 to this worthy cause. A fund raiser will be held on Sat. Oct 25 from 12- 4 pm at the former Curves building in Chelmsford.

We debated the idea of lights for our road sign but it’s too expensive at this time.

New Business – Oracle may be able to be printed by Journal Printing as lesser cost, Don is working with them on this and it sounds promising.

OFCAN – We need to get back keys from the Sagels from previous years & also speak to Scott about his currently having the only access to OFCAN gmail account. Don will create another email address for OFCAN to correct this and will approach the Sagels about returning the keys.

OFCAN—Val has resigned as Secretary to OFCAN and Chris has agreed to take on this task going forward. OFCAN letterhead has been changed to reflect this change. Chris will have the banking information changed to reflect this as well.

Adjournment at 7.40 pm

Next Meeting: Thursday November 20, 2104, 6PM, OFCAN office.

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Meeting Minutes—September 18, 2014


Electronic Voting – The City Clerk, Leanne Bacon showed slides and outlined the new electronic voting process which was then followed by some questions and discussion.

Present- All 4 candidates for Ward 3 Councillor and several Mayoralty candidates. Approximately 20 interested citizens. Unfortunately there were a couple of other events on the same evening so the turnout was not great. However this did allow one on one conversations and a chance to meet everyone whom you wished to meet. It was an interesting and informative time.

Some of the candidates stayed for the OFCAN meeting which started at 7.20 pm, along with other interested residents.

Police- Constable Curtis Freeman

1 call to police from Levack.

7-9 volunteers signed up after the Grand Reopening of the police office in Levack and the idea is to keep them busy and interested, and hopefully increase the numbers as well.

OFCAN had donated $500 toward the Bar BQ on that day and we received $147.87 back.

There was talk of T shirt purchases for the ball players but that did not work out at this time.

Chair- Don Henwood

Email from Claude Berthiaume with attendance regrets and noting that the HCI fund still holds $5000 for the Pump Park which does not dissipate at election time….Ron Dupuis. This may be able to be reallocated toward the Rec Committee as interest in the Pump Park seemed to have dwindled this summer.

We need to check our finances and clarify them, and also to push for a decent lock on the OFCAN postal box or preferably a larger, more useful box lower in the rows. We will also consider approaching the Post Master General about reopening our post office at noon.

City- Mark Vainio

Mark and Ron Dupuis noted that the $5000 for the Pump Park should be able to be reallocated.

Laurentian University is involved in ‘Mobility for Seniors’ with the City. We discussed removal of the garbage bins again but learned these are currently supplied at no cost to us, so will not push this issue at this time.

Theatre- Don

The theatre was closed over the summer but 5 movies since then have generated 54 patrons. Don will try presenting 2 movies on Friday evenings, beginning in January, kids’ movie at 6, adults at 8 pm.

Banners- 2 of the banners have fallen and been retrieved, but will stay down, as the winter ones will go up soon. They need to be better secured against wind and weather.

2) Don shared a letter of thanks which will go to Integrated Nickel for the gift of the Community Events sign which will be displayed at the corner of Onaping Drive and Regional Road 8. We are most grateful for this worthwhile donation.

CAN SUMMIT- The date is November 13, but no location has yet been chosen.

Recreation Committee – Valerie Besserer

Val outlined the committee’s goals for the ‘newcomers’ – to keep our Arena open in Levack and to build a Splash Pad in Onaping through fund raising and hopefully corporate donations. The cost is estimated at $200,000 and the City will do all the maintenance ongoing once this is built. The theme they have chosen is a mining theme and this may spur donations from the mining industry for this worthy recreation area for our children.

Planned Fund Raisers and fun events-

Oct 1-3 – Rocks and Rings at the 3 local schools to teach children the joy of curling.

Oct 4—–Rocks and Rings for the community with games and a Bar BQ

Oct 18 – Vegas Night at the Legion

Dec 31 –New Year’s Eve Event

Oracle – October issue has a Sep 24 deadline.

Falls Food- Chris Allen

Chris updated everyone on the process to date and thanked Mark and the City and many others for helping this happen. Not a date was missed by our guests during this extensive move and transition.

Scott Sagle has shelving contacts if Falls Food present ‘plan’ falls through and both

Scott and Matt Belanger offered to contact Dan Xilon if Falls Food continues to have problems accessing their funding which was promised. Matt also offered his help with loading, obtaining and transporting food, information which Chris will share with the Falls Food Committee at the next meeting on Monday Oct 20, which Matt will attend if he’s in town.

New Business- James Tregonning spoke on Ontora, a company which has been doing illegal activity after they are finished working on Crown Land, making the land inaccessible to outdoorsmen and trappers and such. The company is deliberately destroying the roads once they are done working there and it’s a dangerous and criminal activity for which they were charged and fined. James is travelling around the North holding meetings with hunters, trappers and fishers to try to stimulate some interest in ‘fighting back’ against this unnecessary and illegal activity. He hopes to initiate Town Meetings throughout the north.

Next Meeting – Thursday October 16, 6 pm in the OFCAN meeting room.

Adjournment – 8.15 pm

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Meeting Minutes – June 19, 2014

To be followed at 7 pm sharp by the Food Bank Closure Prevention Meeting

Present – Sharon LeBlanc, Kim Daigle, Joan Schmut, Dana MacDonald, Bobbi Jo Oakes, Val Besserer, Mark Vainio, Chris Allen, Carrie Morin, Aila Kelemen

Regrets – Don Henwood, Councillor Berthiaume

Call to order at 6 pm sharp, Chris Allen chairing, to accommodate Food Bank Closure meeting at 7 pm across the hall in the Rio Theatre snack bar.

Reminder to complete Attendance Sheet

Approval of last month’s Minutes.

Reports- Most of the groups listed on the Agenda were not in attendance at this time, so we moved to them in order as present.

City- Mark

There is not yet a definitive response to the inquiry made to the City about possibly housing the Food Bank which is scheduled to close at St. Bartholomew`s church July 1, 2014 at the Onaping Community Centre. Mark is continuing to work on this with our thanks.

Mark also shared pamphlets about electronic voting and offered some details on how this will happen since it will be used in the Oct. Municipal election.

Valerie noted that registration is ongoing for Summer Day Camp and for 6-8 year olds for Science North Camp, though time is getting short for registration, and she thanked Mark for his help with these wonderful programs being made available in our community.

Treasurer – Sharon circulated an excellent, comprehensive and clear financial statement detailing OFCAN transactions from January 2012 to Jun 19, 2014.

She also updated us at this time on her ongoing effort to have the Pump Park at least made useable this summer. The dirt needed to make this happen is there and she hopes to have this moved and levelled and hilled to meet the boarders’ needs and wishes. Thanks Sharon.

Rio Encore –

Report ( located after the meeting)- 11 movies, 2 parties (which are being very well received and enjoyed), 113 patrons, 10 average attendance, 1 nobody showed, and another party booked.

Banners – A selection of the beautiful banners (one of each style) is proudly hanging in the snack bar; we all trooped over to check them out and they are stunning, and quite large and very well made.

The total cost was $600 and was a real bargain at that price. We can be most proud of our young artists in the community. Each artist also received a banner of his/her artwork.

Wm Day Construction has again offered to put up the new banners this week.

Onaping Falls Recreation –

Carrie noted that Family Fun Day netted $707 and it was a fabulous day and a great success!

Val and Carrie are meeting with Integrated Nickel – Glencore to pitch the idea of the Splash Pad and see how Glencore might help.

To date the committee has $2357.16 and Sharon gave Carrie a cheque so that it will all be in the Recreation account; the Rec Committee now has official Charity status which is due to their hardwork and initiative and should open some funding doors for their projects.

Carrie reminded us of upcoming events as listed last month in the Minutes and added a few new plans in the works for funding.

These include Power skating, Learn to Skate, community coupon Booklets, a local lottery and New Year’s Eve Dance.

At this time (approx. 6.35 pm) people began arriving for the Onaping Falls Cartier Food Bank meeting scheduled for 7 pm and our meeting kept being interrupted because of this; (this was great as 40 folks attended and it was a very good meeting).

So we decided to adjourn and most of us moved to the other meeting.

Next meeting – Thursday Sept 18 – 6pm Community Centre.

Note- See below other ‘things’ which are of interest but didn’t get dealt with because of the time constraints.

1) Correspondence – There were 2 or 3 letters which were dated this past week requesting volunteer information and other things. They appear to have come from summer students working in different venues but we had no time to deal with them.

2) Officer Curtis Freeman arrived at 7.10 pm and apologized for being late; he has money remaining from the Grand ReOpening event and wanted to know what our plans were for it; other CANs have given T shirts to the youth but I had no idea of our thoughts, so he will contact Don about this via email.

3) I hope no one had a heart attack when I mentioned the cost of banners but I believe I said $6000 and it was only $600 so my apologies for that!

Have a super, save and restful summer Everyone!

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Meeting Minutes – May 22, 2014

Call To Order: 6.06 PM

Attendees: Constable Curtis Freeman, Don Henwood, Dana MacDonald, Mary Martel, Sharon LeBlanc, Kim Daigle, Councillor Claude Berthiaume, Chris Allen, Mark Vainio, Nicole Boucher, Gerry Montpellier, Jeff Huska, Carrie Morin

Approval of last month’s Minutes, by consensus


Police Report: Only 1 call since last meeting.

Marine Presentation may be made to Youth Group if interested.

Grand ReOpening of Police Storefront- Coffee and cake will be available from 2-5 pm

Expenses to date for Bar BQ etc around $321, around $200 left may be returned to us.

6 computers will be donated to the Onaping Falls Youth Group.

Chair and Vice Chair- Covered in the Agenda

Treasurer – No change in Bank Balance, $2706 in fundraising account.

Councillor – $15,000 likely remains in Bike Park Fund “Let It Be Kids’ Fund. Contact is Chris Gore at the City. A meeting will be held at the Youth Centre or Rio Theatre on Thurs Jun 12 at 6 pm. To stimulate parental and other interest in getting this project moving. Don will create flyers to be circulated at the Storefront Re-Opening in hopes of reaching lots of parents.

City- HCI Fund – Skate Board Parks in Dowling & Chelmsford, Outdoor rinks etc worked on for a year, Anne Gervais – equipment $11K-$18 K- going to tender

Kastletree- Guido Mazza- Building Department – project is moving slowly

Mary asked about landscaping being neglected in downtown Levack till August in previous years (not sure about any of this stuff Don, edit or delete as you see fit)

George has no one to pick up 3 old printers but Mark will keep checking on that. City is hoping to have carpeting for Rio and maybe some repair money for OCC parking lots??

Cory Piche is recruiting risers for the Hockey Jersey Dance- contact Gary Michalak.

The City is working with Curtis for May 28th event, Public Works is planning to clean the carpet and approx. 10 people will be hosting with the police at the Storefront Re-Opening. Chris will remind Home Hardware about 2 donated propane tanks.

2) Rio Theatre- 214 People have attended since our last meeting which is great, Brian Harding will lead a workshop on 3D printing if a minimum of 1 0 sign up, which is likely fine, July 19 at Rio Encore.

Onaping Falls Recreation Committee

Jun 3 & 5- Power Skating Registration, flyers have gone to all 3 area public schools for Sept event.

Thanks to Don (and family) for printing and cutting flyers – approx. 450

Jun 13- Family Fun Day

BBQ hosted by Knights of Columbus

Games – Val Besserer – 9 games, face painting, and music, trying for 3 on 3 road hockey

See Scavenger Hunt pages in June Oracle.

Jun 21- Hockey Jersey Dance

Onaping Curling Club – Ice Breaker, Starlite DJ

Bar Onaping Legion- Door prize- 2 tickets to Rock ‘n Roar – Spanish

August 24- Golf Tournament – Onaping Golf Club

October 1-4 – Rocks ‘n Rings

Oct 1 – Levack, Oct 2 – St. Etienne, Oct 3 – Larchwood, Oct 4-Community event curling club.

Splash Pad – working toward 3- 5 years.

Community Garden- Kim Daigle, lots of work done and lots of information found, won’t likely happen this year; Kim will contact TD Bank manager who is very interested in this.

Community Centre Parking Lot and possible removal of garbage bins at Rio and New 2U entrance discussed; Mark will check this out.

Banners Contest- 3 great entries received so far; businesses have been canvassed for donations toward a great prize package for the winner. Don has had a couple of responses of prices for 10 banners (plus one for winner) with the lowest to date being $840; Don will continue to follow up on this.

Community Sign – at corner of Onaping Drive and RR#8

Don will get quotes from some local businesses for this project. Integrated Nickel has made some suggestions re covering this cost when plans and costs are established.

Claude noted that Donavan Splash Pad in Sudbury received $80,000 from the Trillium Foundation, but there are some non profit requirements around this. Carmen Robillard is the Trillium contact and Carrie will pass that on to Val.

New Business;

Levack Public School is creating a ‘friendly community classroom’ for school and community usage; the goal is to raise $2500 and we agreed to donate $200 toward this.

Windy Lake Motel’s Jun 7 & 8 yard sale & Bar BQ is donating their proceeds to this also.

3) Oracle – June issue will be out on Monday. The Oracle’s Second Anniversary photo contest will be in the issue.

Don thanked everyone for attending as the meeting adjourned at 7.45 PM

Mayor Candidate Jeff Huska introduced himself and shared some of his thoughts, plans and ideas for if he is elected Mayor. He gave us some good ideas for meetings, publicity (one which we will use… flyers for the Skate Park meeting to be handed out at the Storefront Re-Opening when many folks are all together already)

Councillor Candidate Gerry Montpellier then shared some of his ideas and thoughts and what he intends to do if elected as well. His background in our area is lifelong and his knowledge of the area was interesting.

The next meeting will be held on June 19, 2014 at 6PM in the OFCAN office at the Onaping Community Centre.

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Meeting Minutes – April 24, 2014

Call to Order – 6.07 pm

Attendees: Don Henwood, Carrie Morin, Dana MacDonald, Val Besserer, Kim Daigle, Chris Allen, Officer Curtis Freeman, Staff Sargent Terry Rumford, Sharon LeBlanc, Nicole Boucher, Leona Dawe, Marc Vainio, Bobbi Jo Oakes.

Police Report:3 emergency calls in the month, 1 suspicious person, 1 stolen vehicle, vicinity of Burma Road

Chair Report: Covered in the Agenda

Councillor: not present

City: Mark has been checking into our inquiries from the March meeting and once the snow goes, we may have some results. Mark is vigilant about responding to emails etc, which is great. Mark will look into the possibility of having the City remove the 3 old printers.

Treasurer Report: Sharon reported our balance as over $8500 and some bills and invoices were shared by members and Treasurer.

Police – Grand Reopening of Storefront Police Office – Wed May 28, 2014. Curtis shared the plans for this important event, and that the hope is to encourage volunteer staffing of the office to help facilitate improved policing in our community. The event will run from 2 – 7 pm and will take place in downtown Levack in front of the Police Storefront and in the parking area immediately in front of the office for major impact and visibility. Barricades will be put in place by City workers the evening before, making the area single lane traffic only, providing a safe area for activities taking place. Tables will be set up with information and plans, the Police Tactical Unit will attend, with Inspector Mooseau as a special guest. M & M Meats will run a Bar BQ tent, and take care of all supplies and condiments for a cost of $241 and we appreciate this addition to the event. The OFCAN Bar BQ will again be in use for the food preparation. Chris will approach John Gouchie of Levack Home Hardware to inquire about propane donation for the event. At 4.30 pm, a basketball game between local youth and officers will take place, followed by the Bar BQ beginning at 5 pm. Mobile Basketball nets and basketballs have been purchased by the Police Service for our Opening at a cost of approx. $1000. These will be owned by the Police Service and used for planned future similar events in the other satellite communities in the Sudbury Region. Curtis noted that we are the pilot project event in the Region. Nicole has arranged to borrow and collect pick up Score Cards for the game from Levack Public School and she and Curtis have met and have lists of youth and plans for the involvement of the Youth Centre kids. Chris and Dana will check out and arrange the cleanup of the offices before the Reopening and arrange for a key to do so. A motion was made by Dana, seconded by Bobbi Jo that OFCAN donate $500, payable to the Sudbury Police Services to cover all event costs. Carried.

Staff Sargent Terry Rumford introduced himself and explained his new position which encompasses a huge area of policing, and that his focus is on mental health in the youth in the Sudbury Region, as many concerns and issues are arising in young people today. The other area of focus is on revitalizing the ‘call back’ program, where volunteers at the Police Office will be calling on seniors to see how they are doing and check on their needs. Terry handed out his ‘cards’ with his extension number – 2446 and that of Officer Carl Hoeg, extension – 2432 who is also involved in this program. He said that he will be returning calls as quickly as possible at all times. Terry detailed the many changes in policing today and that the Community Mobilization Program is designed to help people in communities solve some of their less serious problems and concerns, to free up officers, of whom there are really not as many as needed, to deal with the more serious and dangerous situations and concerns. Possible future events, specifically for youth were discussed and contacts who have been involved in these in other CANs were shared. Our thanks go to Officer Freeman for all the work he has put into making this event happen and to Staff Sargent Rumford for his information and input as well.

Rio Encore Report; Don noted that there were 241 attendees at movies in the past month at 12 movies, along with an Easter Egg Hunt, Easter movie and craft, along with tea parties and birthday events. 50 people attended the Easter movie. All is going very well, and the theatre looks fabulous with the new chairs and ‘new to us’ couches; Don is working on getting new flooring of some type for easier cleaning and hygiene. We may start holding OFCAN meetings in the theatre as there’s more room and it’s much nicer and we can access refreshments more easily.

Onaping Falls Recreation Committee. Splash Pad discussion: Val asked if the $500 from the Magic Show profits could be specifically allocated toward the Splash Pad. Discussion ensued, the outcome of which was as follows; Moved by Dana, seconded by Bobbi Jo that $500 Magic Show profits, along with previously unallocated event profits of $2247.01 be specifically applied toward the Splash Pad funding. Carried unanimously. Don is lunching with a person from Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (a Glencore Company) and will be requesting funding for this project, with the offer of the company name on the Project if funding is such that we feel this is warranted.

Pump Park: Sharon noted that the Pump Park needs to be graded, leveled etc. to make is usable for the skateboarders. Funding in the amount of $15,000 was originally allocated toward this project and Mark will check into the status of this fund with Chris Gore at the City to see what’s required and how this job can be completed for use by the youth.

Science North Camp: After some investigation, we may be having a pilot project camp for ages 6-8 if the interest and expense is worthwhile.

Summer Camp: This is likely going to run in Onaping for ages 5- 12

Youth Talent Show: Several of the planned participants have cancelled so no show.

Family Fun Day: Scheduled for PA Day, Friday June 13 at the OCC with lots of fun events planned- Scavenger Hunt, Pick Up Road Hockey 3 on 3, rental of a Bouncy House etc.

Moved by Sharon, seconded by Don that OFCAN donate $200 toward the Family Fun Day expenses. Carried.

Power Skating School:

Carrie reported that this will run at the Levack Arena from Sep 2-7, daily sessions for $90 per child, volunteer trainers have been secured. Bobbi Jo mentioned that some children had already signed up and paid for this in Sudbury, so we will get ‘onboard’ earlier next year. Carrie explained why the Rec. Committee is incorporating, allowing access to more funding, providing insurance etc. and will likely cost around $1000 for lawyers etc.

Hockey Jersey Dance: Saturday June 21 at the Arena.

Golf Tournament: August with 9 holes of golf, played by teams of 4 and Don noted that the Oracle is sponsoring a team this year.

Great work Val and Carrie on these events and your hard work!!

Youth Centre: Nicole noted that there are regularly 25-30 youth attending in Onaping (from both communities) which is great; she said Curtis drops in sometimes and this is good for all of us. A possible Floor Hockey event is in the works and she is looking into having some Youth Centre time in the summer at the community centre.

Community Ideas: Kim detailed her research and knowledge around ‘all things gardening’, Veggie Swap, Grow a Row, TD Community Garden and other things done by other OFCANs in the Region.

Moved by Sharon, seconded by Dana that Kim research these programs further under the umbrella of the oversight of OFCAN, particularly, the idea of community gardens. Carried.

The Summer Banner Contest will begin on Mon, ending May 30, details in the May ORACLE.

We checked in again with Mark about parking lot holes, dumpsters etc., which we hope to get settled now that Spring seems to be here.

Due to the lateness of the hour, some items were deferred to the May meeting which will be May 22, 2014. Meeting adjourned at 8.15 pm.

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Meeting Minutes – March 20, 2014

Call to Order 6:05

Attendees: Don Henwood, Chris Allen, Val Besserer, Sharon Leblanc, Nihaad, Mark Vainio, Carrie Morin, Dana Macdonald, Kim Daigle

Police Report: 6 emergency calls in the month since last meeting, including 1 assault, 1 break and enter, 1 liquor license offense, 1 stolen vehicle, 1 youth complaint

Chair Report: A printer was purchased for OFCAN and has been delivered and is running well. Community groups can request the use of the printer for events, fundraisers, etc.

Councillor Report: Councillor was absent

Treasurer Report: Current totals were reviewed.

City Report: Introductions were made to our new city representative, Mark Vainio. Kim introduced the information that the daycare at the public will be closed for maintenance for part of the summer, and requested that Mark find out if there was a possibility of having the temporary daycare be somewhere in Onaping as opposed to Dowling. Mark was also asked if there was anything the community can do regarding the warehouse storefronts in downtown Levack, in an attempt to beautify the downtown. As well, the question was raised as to the safety of the gas tanks at the old gas station. Addresses were provided to Mark, and he will gather as much information as possible.

Rio Encore Report: 11 movies have played since our last meeting, with a total of 113 attendees, with the lowest attendance being 4, and the highest 18. Disney movies are proving to be the biggest hits.

Recreation Committee Report: The Recreation Committee is continuing their quest to obtain non-profit status. Recent totals for their fundraising efforts including the Skate-A-Thon, BBQ and Silent Auction. Special thanks were expressed to the Novice Huskies parents who volunteered for these events. Coming events include the 2nd annual Hockey Jersey dance, a family fun day including a scavenger hunt involving local landmarks, bbq, and children’s games. The committee will be approaching the city with hopes of starting a power skating training camp this September run by local volunteers.

Fundraising report:Update on Stefano Presenza magic show.Everything needed has been purchased and is ready to go.Ticket shave sold slowly, but we have sold more than needed to break even, with 2 days to go.

Next meeting: April 24, 2014 at 6PM in the OFCAN office in the Onaping Community Centre.

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Meeting Minutes – February 20, 2014

Attendees:     Chair- Don Henwood, Vice-Chair Chris Allen, Treasurer- Sharon Leblanc, Secretary –     Valerie Besserer, Councillor Claude Berthiaume, Carrie Morin, Dana MacDonald, Childa MacDonald, James Tregonning

Call to Order: 6:08pm

Police Report: No officers were able to attend.

Chair Report: Nothing new to report. Letters have been sent to Kastletree Homes as well as the city requesting info re: building plans in Levack, but have been unanswered as of yet. It seems there are no bylaws which may help to have the construction moved along, as it is private property.

Treasurer report: Nothing new to report.

Councillor report: Councillor Berthiaume reports that the repairs needed to highway 144 between Cartier and Chelmsford is the responsibility of the Ministry of transportation. He has provided the number for the MTO office for residents to call to voice their concerns. Councillor Barbeau will be attending a conference with the Ministry of Transportation and will bring forth a motion requesting information and reparation regarding this stretch of highway.

Councillor Berthiaume has also informed us that the Leisure Centre in Dowling will be running a pilot project this April and May offering free admission on Saturdays to the community, as well as Wednesday nights in June.

As well, Councillor Berthiaume has secured some equipment for the Dowling Skate Park, and come spring, will be looking into possible locations for the equipment. All are hoping to find a permanent location for the Skate Park. CAN will verify how much has been raised towards the park to date.

City Report: The city was unable to attend.

Rio Encore report: The Rio showed 8 movies since our last meeting, with an average attendance of 3 people per showing. We are hoping to see those numbers improve as the weather warms up.

OF Recreation Committee Report: The newly formed Recreation Committee will be committed to ensuring the people of our town are supplied with ample recreational facilities and new and exciting opportunities to enjoy our community. They are hoping to achieve non-profit status in order to apply for grants, lottery licenses, etc., in order to provide unique fundraising opportunities for our town. The directors will be Carrie Morin, Valerie Besserer and Danielle Landry.

The committee is currently working with CAN on a fundraiser with magician Stephano Presenza at the Onaping Community Centre towards a joint endeavour. CAN has donated $200 towards providing refreshments for the fundraiser,   and the Rio Encore and Northwest Fudge Factory will also provide donations of saleable refreshments.

The recreation committee is also looking into new ways to up arena usage, and has requesting the operating budget for the arena from the city to help them to do so.

Russell Beaudry Outdoor Rink: The rink hosted a family fun day on Family Day this year, and enjoyed 80 participants. Special thanks to the volunteers and staff at the rink for providing this fantastic family entertainment to our community.

Levack Outdoor Rink Report: While it has been mentioned that the rink may enjoy an official name, it has been decided that it is more important at the moment to try to get a more permanent source of water to the rink, and volunteers to help maintain it.We will contact the city as well as some foundations who may provide grant money towards this endeavour.

Next meeting: March 20, 2014 at 6PM in the OFCAN office in the Onaping Community Centre.

Meeting adjourned:8:20 PM

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Meeting Minutes – January 23, 2014

In attendance: Don Henwood, Matthew Belanger, Dana Macdonald, Carrie Morin, Curtis Freeman, Chris Moggy, Chris Allen, Val Besserer, James Tregonning

Call to Order: 6:03pm.

Police Report: Officers Freeman and Moggy report that they have issued 6 tickets since our last meeting to vehicles who have failed to come to a complete stop at the intersection of Nickel and Main in Levack. They also patrolled the public school to ensure that proper car seats and safety belts are being used to secure the children, and found 0 incidents where this wasn’t the case. They also walked downtown Levack, visiting business owners. They have repeatedly checked the Russell Beaudry Outdoor rink for signs of youth using the property for illegal activity, but have found no signs, presumably due to the change in weather. They have also roped off some open water dangers near the STP trail in Levack, to warn other snowmobilers of the danger.

They report that there were 3 calls to them since our last meeting; 1 for assault and 2 for theft.

Chair Report:  Don welcomed to Matt Belanger, who clarified from the minutes of our last meeting that the firefighters in Chelmsford did indeed volunteer their time to hang the winter banners in Chelmsford, and the money saved was then used as a donation to 2 families in need for the holiday season.

Our banners in Levack will be removed in spring thanks again to Day Group, and will be washed and stored by Don.   A contest is being considered to provide a picture for new banners to be hung for the rest of the year.   Quotes will be collected to be discussed at the next meeting to help decide whether to purchase a generic theme or a personalized one.

Treasurer Report: Treasurer was absent.

Councillor’s Report: Councillor was absent

City’s Report: City was absent

Rio Encore Report: 20 movies have been shown since last meeting. 188 patrons in all, 4 had no attendants, 24 was the largest turnout, and an average of 9.4 attendants per movie.

Oracle: Requested and was granted $98 for domain name registration for their website.

IJ Coady Events Committee: Started last April, with all proceeds going to funding more ice time usage for the arena. They have recently lost 3 hours of weekly ice time from a group, and are therefore currently maintaining status quo. They will be hosting a Skate-a-thon and BBQ on February 22, a silent auction at the ROE division ***** February 28-March 1, 2014 and are looking for donations. They will also be holding the 2nd Annual Hockey Jersey Dance on June 14th. It will likely be at the Curling Club, as the arena is too expensive to rent. Carrie will ask Claude if he can help offset the cost at all, so they can hold the dance at the arena. The 2nd annual golf tournament will be this summer as well, at the Onaping Golf and Beach Club. They have also asked for community support in the 2014 Kraft Hockeyville contest. It was moved and passed that CAN donate $200 to the committee towards food for the BBQ on the 22nd.

Russell Beaudry Outdoor Rink: No new business.

Action Items:   Many matters have been suspended until spring weather arrives: Retaining wall in Levack, pathway repair, barrier at Community Centre parking lot, parking lot resurfacing. It was suggested that come spring, as many community members as possible call the city to complain about the parking lots at the community centre until they are repaired.

Kastletree Homes: New members were briefed about the situation.   We are still awaiting a response from the city as to what is going on. James referenced a building in Sudbury which was privately bought and ran into trouble with finances and zoning laws, and is just now beginning to progress after several years. He offered to discuss the matter with Ron Dupuis and Dave Kilgore, who is the Chair councillor for the planning/zoning committee.

Splash Pad: The possibility of a Splash Pad is being discussed and researched. Valerie will research what is required to begin planning for this.

Fundraising Ideas: Many fundraising ideas were proposed for the Splash Pad, as well as general fun things for youth in town, including a family magician show, a talent show use of Extreme North Gymnastics, the Play ‘N’ Chat and a Science North Camp.   We will begin with a Family Magic Night on March 22, 2014.

Next meeting: February 20, 2014 at 6PM in the OFCAN office in the Onaping Community Centre.

Meeting adjourned:8:20 PM

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Meeting Minutes – November 21, 2013

Call to Order—6:36pm

Attendance:      Present- Don Henwood, Christine Allen, Dana MacDonald, Bobbi-Jo McDonald, Carrie Morin,

Kim Daigle, Valerie Besserer, Melinda Mott

Absent – Claude Berthiaume, Rene Germain, Curtis Freeman

Message from Claude Berthiaume—Claude sent a message informing the group that the Chelmsford CAN is paying the volunteer firefighters to hang their holiday banners this winter, and in the past Tait Electric has done it for approximately $500. We are still waiting for confirmation in where the banners are at the moment; once found. They will be brought and kept here.


Report on CBC – Don reported that the city will be requesting an RFP looking for someone to run the gymnasium portion of the Onaping Community Centre. If the request is fulfilled, programming will continue to operate as is, if nobody bids on RFP, it remains the status quo.

Rio Encore Theatre – Don reported that for the last month, the average attendance for 6PM showings on Friday night was 14, Fridays at 9PM the average was 4 and Saturdays at 1PM was an average of 3 patrons per week, but cited that other local programming for kids may have played a part in the Saturday numbers this month. The group moved to cancel the 9PM Friday night viewings for December, January and February, while keeping the opportunity open to be available for people to plan parties, ladies’ nights, etc.

Police Report – 7pm. Officer Curtis Freeman arrives. Officer Freeman reports that there was only one call to Dowling in October, and one to Onaping, averaging 1% of the calls to police in the Sudbury region. Officer Freeman has twice investigated the ‘shack’ which has presumably been built by local teens near the Russell Beaudry Open Air Rink. The 2nd time he visited, someone ran from inside and deeper into the woods. Bobbi-Jo voiced concerns that the shack has simply been moved deeper into the woods, and Officer Freeman will continue to investigate. Concerns over the 6 way stop near First and Nickel Street were raised, regarding cars not stopping at the stop signs. Officer Freeman informed us that failing to stop at a stop sign will result in a $110 fine and 3 demerit points. Times, dates and locations were discussed which would best enable him to see the issue. Worries over local use of car seats were also discussed, as well as speed limits for ATVs and side by sides. Discussions ensued regarding appropriate age/weight/height ranges for car seats, and speed limits for ATVs.   He will continue to monitor both situations locally.   Someone has also asked that Officer Freeman take a walk about in downtown Levack; he has agreed and will visit local businesses and citizens downtown starting this week.

CAN Summit—A brief review of the recent CAN summit held in Lively was given by Chris Allen. Overall the summit was well received and enjoyed.   Commendations and recommendations for next year’s summit were shared by both Don and Chris.

Action Items

Banners – Don will track down the current location of the banners, and will speak with the fire department regarding hanging them, as a cherry picker will need to be hired or donated to complete the task. Don will also request from the firefighters that Boot Drive be held in Onaping and Levack in support of the Telethon.

Neighbourhood Association – There is currently one volunteer in Onaping, while no one has stepped in to the position for Levack.   There was discussion that the family who takes care of the Levack open air rink may be a good candidate.

The Onaping volunteer reported that the city may place a trailer at the Russell Beaudry open air rink this season for volunteers to use. They are also planning a Family Day on New Year’s Day with music, hot chocolate and puck and stick free skating.

It was moved, seconded and passed that we remove the name of the Neighbourhood Association from future agendas, and add the Russell Beaudry Outdoor Rink.

Vale application for pump park – No longer needed. Michelle will continue to pursue the Ontario Sports and Recreation Community Fund for the skate park in Dowling.

Property Maintenance Initiative – Has been discontinued.

Gym Floor – New lines for volleyball were proposed previously, but we have decided not to pursue it at the moment, as there are very few community groups who use the gymnasium for volleyball.

Road Sign for Onaping Drive – Don is meeting with Integrated Nickel in the coming week. He is hopeful to secure funding from Integrated Nickel and Vale. It was suggested that he may also contact KGHM and Day Group if more funding is required.

Telephone in Youth Centre and Theatre – It was decided that the theatre does not need a telephone, and the Teen Centre can approach their city contact to organize their own telephone.

Wi-Fi in OFCAN room – It was decided that the OFCAN room does not need Wi-Fi at this time.

Pamphlet – Don has created a beautiful pamphlet regarding the OFCAN committee which is printed and ready to be distributed to community members.

Pathway from Onaping to Levack – It was decided that we will request feedback from those who walk this pathway frequently and revisit the issue in spring when it would be more timely to consider fixing.

Barrier for field at Community Centre – To be revisited in the spring.

Parking lot – To be revisited in the spring, and to include the pool side parking lot.

BBQ – A contract has been created for those wishing to borrow the OFCAN BBQ. It was agreed that we should advertise its availability.

New Business

Splash Pad – A discussion was had regarding the possibility for a splash pad for Onaping. Fundraising ideas were discussed, and Valerie will try to research options for funding, and what is required for permission, location, plumbing, etc.

New OFCAN Executive is as follows:Chair: Don Henwood

Vice Chair: Christine Allen

Treasurer: Sharon Leblanc

Secretary: Valerie Besserer

Kastletree Homes – After extensive research , Don has discovered that The Niacon project of homes in Levack has been passed on to a company called Kastletree Homes. Don has been unsuccessful in contacting Kastletree homes after several attempts , in order to get an update on the progress of the homes. Chris will draft a letter asking the city to demand a status report and send it to Marianne Matichuk, Claude Berthiaume, and Renee Germain.

Retaining wall in Levack – The retaining wall in Levack is in terrible disrepair, and concerns that the snowplow may damage it this winter were raised. Don will email Renee about the concerns and report back.

December OFCAN meeting has been cancelled. January’s meeting will be held Thursday January 16 at 6PM.

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—October 24, 2013

*            Don called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM

*            Attendance:                   Don Henwood               Dana MacDonald                          Bobbie-Jo Oakes

Renee Germain             Carrie Morin                               Val Besserer

Curtis FreemanChris Allen

James Tregonning (observer from Liberal Party of Ontario)

*The Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as amended to include that OFCAN will cover the financial cost of the ice rental at I.J. Coady Memorial Arena for the Hallowe’en event and that no changes will be made to OFCAN banking authority until the topic is covered at this meeting.

*Curtis Freeman (GSPS liaison) reported that the number of police calls in September and October (to date) have only numbered 7 which is a significant drop since August. Based on these statistics and a discussion around the table, it was decided to NOT pursue a Citizens On Patrol (COP) programme for Onaping Falls at this time.

*Bobbie-Jo Oakes raised the issue of complaints about unknown persons congregating in and around the Russell Beaudry Outdoor Rink, an illegal structure in the area and questionable smoking in the area. Curtis took this information and said that police patrols will be advised to maintain vigilance.

*Scott Sagle was unable to be present for the meeting and sent no report.

*Mike Armstrong was unable to be present for the meeting and sent no report.

*Michelle McTaggart was unable to be present for the meeting but sent a report that the Dowling Skateboard Park project was still ongoing and that funding sources were still being pursued and that $10 000.00 is currently in the fund. She also reported that she is still in discussions with Claude Berthiaume (Councillor).

*Claude Berthiaume (Councillor, Ward 5) was not able to be present for the meeting but sent a report that the seasonal banners could not be re-installed as per HCI guidelines. He requested that OFCAN cover this cost. He also reported that he would locate the banners and get back to OFCAN. Renee Germain (City representative) indicated that she would find out how much the installation would cost and the location of the banners and report back.

*Claude also requested that a budget be submitted for the expenditure for the BMX Park (officially known now as the Levack Pump Park). Don was requested to notify Claude that further funding for the Levack Pump Park was not needed as any more additions to the park would be obtained through donations.

*Sharon Leblanc (Treasurer) was unable to be present for the meeting and sent no report.

*Don Henwood reported that attendance is steadily increasing at the Rio Encore Theatre and that many compliments have been received regarding the set-up and operation of this welcome facility. It was noted that this project was a fantastic collaboration between the City, OFCAN and Library Services and showed a marked increase in the use of the Onaping Community Centre facility.

*There was nothing to report on the Neighbourhood Associations in either Levack or Onaping. It was also pointed out that although Dowling is part of Onaping Falls (and OFCAN) there is still little to no representation at the monthly meetings.

*There was no report about the proposed property maintenance initiative with other CAN groups in the City.

*There was no report about the gymnasium floor in the Onaping Community Centre.

*Don Henwood reported that the proposed outdoor sign (at the corner of Onaping Drive and RR#8) is still an ongoing project and it was approved by all present that Don pursue a set-up that will see one side of the sign greeting drivers coming into Onaping/Levack and the other side visible to those drivers leaving Levack/Onaping. The sign is to approximate the signs at Larchwood Public School and Chelmsford High School—with 5 or 6 lines of changeable letters. Don will investigate more thoroughly and report back on the estimated cost and funding for this project.

*Renee Germain reported that the cost of upgrading the Wi-Fi capabilities at the OFCAN end of the community centre would be in the neighbourhood of $1200 (with unanimous approval for an OFCAN expenditure of up to $600 if needed) but that Wi-Fi is already in the building and it may be suitable for OFCAN’s purpose. Don was instructed to investigate the “strength” of the Wi-Fi signal and report back to the next meeting.

*Don Henwood shared the proposed OFCAN pamphlet with those in attendance. It was approved by all present that the City be requested to print and fold the pamphlets on light yellow paper. The pamphlets will be distributed to all events that are held in the community and that OFCAN may fund a mail out to all residents of Onaping Falls in order to increase the participation of more residents.

*Renee Germain reported that a barrier fence at the Onaping Community Centre baseball field/parking lot would not be the best option but a strategic placement of decorative quarry stones would be more effective and aesthetically pleasing. Renee said that she would get more information about this and report back at the next meeting.

*It was unanimously approved that the Secretary of OFCAN (Don Henwood at this time) would be responsible for any community group booking requests for the OFCAN BBQ and that all requests be forwarded to him to ensure that no conflicts occur in the future.

*At this time the OFCAN has, in its possession, two non-functioning printers. Don reported that these two printers could be made into one functioning printer by Laurentian Business Products of Sudbury but this would be costly.

*The editor/publisher of our local newsletter ORACLE (Don Henwood) withdrew his request at this time for OFCAN funding of paper/printer toner cartridges. He did, however, indicate that this request may be put back on the table in the future. He said that providing this service at this time is showing support for OFCAN.

* Don asked Renee about City insurance/liability coverage for community events. Renee stated that the City’s policy encourages community events under sponsorship of community action networks so that communities work together for the common good. It was agreed by all present that, going forward, all community events be presented and discussed through/with OFCAN to ensure this process.

*It was unanimously approved by all present that the make-up of OFCAN be revised to show the following:

Scott Sagle and Mike Armstrong would be removed as Co-Chairs of OFCAN reflective of their desire to pursue other personal interests. Michelle McTaggart indicated (through correspondence) that she is willing to remain as a Co-Chair). Both Scott and Mike’s names are to be removed as signatories on all OFCAN documents and banking authority. Don Henwood will assume the roles of Co-chair and Secretary. Official OFCAN letterhead is to be revised to show these changes.

Sharon Leblanc is to remain as Treasurer and continue to have signing authority on all OFCAN cheques.

Don Henwood and Christine Allen are to be added to include full signing authority on all OFCAN cheques.

Our community newsletter ORACLE’s banking papers are to be revised to show that the only signature required is that of the editor/publisher (at this time it is Don Henwood).

The secretary of OFCAN (Don Henwood) was instructed to draw up official OFCAN letters to effect the above changes.

*Renee Germain reported that the City’s survey about community centre use shows a very positive regard for community centres and their retention.

*Renee Germain also requested that OFCAN send up to three representatives to the CAN Summit on November 7. It was agreed by all present that OFCAN would be best represented by Don Henwood and Christine Allen—and both agreed to attend on OFCAN’s behalf.

*Renee Germain was requested to report back on the installation of a telephone in both the Teen Centre and Rio Encore Theatre. She will report back at the next meeting.

*Val Besserer volunteered to provide babysitting service at OFCAN meetings going forward so that more residents could attend OFCAN meetings. The Rio Encore Theatre offered to provide the space and possibly show cartoons and the Library would be approached to provide play items.

*It was unanimously approved by all present that, going forward, all OFCAN meetings would begin at 6:30PM instead of 7:00PM.

*Renee Germain reported that the request for an OFCAN laptop is still in progress and that she would report back at the next meeting.

*Renee Germain was requested to provide information regarding clean up and resurfacing possibilities at the Onaping Community Centre.

*The next OFCAN meeting will be on November 21, 2013 at 6:30PM in the OFCAN office at the Onaping Community Centre.

*The meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM.

Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary.

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—September 19, 2013

  1. Don called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM
  1. Attendance:                   Dana MacDonald                          Sharon LeBlanc                 Claude Berthiaume

Chris Dero                                  Don Henwood                               Renee Germain

Stephane Brouillette

Citizens on Patrol (Sheila Kelly-Petrin, Ann Barbeau)

  1. The minutes from the previous meeting were NOT approved as this turned into a quite different meeting. The Citizens On Patrol team made a presentation of the scope, requirements, history and

plans for Onaping Falls. OFCAN fully supports this initiative and will continue to provide support for its creation in our community.

  1. A) There was no police report.

B) There were no reports.

C) There was no report.

D) Claude presented the staff report (from the city) outlining the recommendations for Community Services charges beginning January 1, 2014. There was a fair amount of discussion surrounding the Fitness Centres, their designations and user fees. Claude stressed strongly that this report was only a recommendation and had not yet been vetted by committee. City council will be presented with this report in the next while after the committee has completed their assessment. The report is available at the city’s website and can be accessed by going to:

E) Renee had nothing to report but she did provide information, suggestions and assistance with various items as the meeting progressed. Renee made a note about a request for fencing between the parking area and the baseball field at the community centre to prevent a repeat of vehicle vandalism on the grassed surface (as has happened).

F) Both Don and Sharon reported that the Pump Park was being used as it is right now and is very much appreciated by the bicycle riders in our community. Sharon is going to continue to investigate more clean-up of the area.

I) Don reported that the Rio Encore theatre is doing well. Average movie patronage has been steadily increasing.

  1. Don will undertake the following items:

• create a letter on OFCAN letterhead to change OFCAN banking authority to Don Henwood and Sharon LeBlanc only

• create a letter on OFCAN letterhead to inform the I.J. Coady Arena Events Committee that going forward, their attendance at regular OFCAN meetings is required. It was agreed that the events committee is part of this community and should be an integral part of OFCAN meetings.

• create a letter from ORACLE on ORACLE letterhead requesting the purchase by OFCAN of two printer toner cartridges for meeting preparations.

• contact Chantalle Gorham (Northwest Fudge Factory) to inform her that OFCAN will not underwrite the cost of ice rental at the I.J. Coady Arena for the planned Halloween Crafts event.

• contact the “Cavalcade of Colour” organizers requesting inclusion of a COP (Citizens On Patrol) display and police officer at the event. Don will follow that with a request to COP for preparation of said display.

• work with Dana MacDonald on the creation of a flyer outlining what OFCAN does and how community members should be part of this exciting process.

• maintain booking control over the OFCAN BBQ and related equipment.

• revise the OFCAN letter requesting a computer for the OFCAN office and forward it to Renee Germain at the city.

  1. The next OFCAN meeting will be on October 24, 2013, in the OFCAN office at the Onaping Community Centre.
  1. The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 PM.
  2. Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary.

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—June 20, 2013

  1. Mike called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM
  1. Attendance:                   Dana MacDonald                          Sharon LeBlanc                 Curtis Freeman

Mike Armstrong                          Don Henwood                               Melinda Mott

  1. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.
  1. A) Curtis Freeman will be our new GSPS liaison going forward. Curtis shared with the group the past month’s police activity in Levack and Onaping and Dowling. He pointed out that there were a few incidents in our communities that the GSPS is continuing to monitor.

B) Neither Scott nor Michelle were able to be present for the meeting. Michelle messaged that she had no news to report on the recreational activities in Dowling nor the funding progress. Mike made mention of the deteriorating state of the pathway between Levack and Onaping. Don was requested to contact the City to have this remedied as soon as possible.

C) Sharon reported a current balance of $7798.29 in the General Account and $2247.01 in the Fundraising/Recreation account.

D) Claude was unable to attend the meeting but it was noted that the new planters for Levack and Onaping were installed and filled—all thanks to him. It was also noted that the Tot Lot on Fraser Avenue had been remedied by the Parks and Recreation department.

E) Renee was unable to attend the meeting but it was noted that the WiFi for the OFCAN office would be done soon by the city’s IT department. Renee has also been instrumental in obtaining a laptop computer (possibly) for the OFCAN office. Don and Mike will proceed with further action on this item. 4 new keys for the OFCAN office will be made and kept with the caretaker at the community centre until distributed. There was also some discussion about the refuse surrounding the mailboxes behind the Onaping Plaza and the need for a refuse container in that area. Don will proceed with this task.

F) Sharon reported that Therriault Sand and Gravel would be donating the first 25 cubic yards of suitable clay-like material for the pump park. Sharon will contact them to set a date for delivery and Don will be present at delivery to ensure proper placement. Don also reported that an item will be placed in the next issue of ORACLE advising local youth of the arrival.

G) Don reported that some fluorescent lighting will removed in the Rio Encore theatre to facilitate projection of movies. He also noted that the electrician doing that work will also be installing a dedicated electrical outlet on the ceiling for the suspended projector. The electrician is also ensuring that the air unit on the building is cleaned and up to date as well as the exhaust fan system in the boys’ washroom is being replaced. OFCAN unanimously endorsed the new Rio Encore sign and provided Don with the funds to cover the cost. Don reported that attendance is steadily increasing and that movies will continue to be shown during the summer.

  1. Some discussion arose about the emails between Don and Angie Robson (Vale). OFCAN unanimously decided that Don would meet with Angie and the Mine Manger as soon as possible. Don is going to urge Vale to provide an illuminated sign to be erected at the corner of Onaping Drive and RR#8.

Melinda Mott reported that the dance this Saturday at the Curling Club was in dire need of volunteers.

It was also reported that there is probably no hope for re-locating the mailboxes back into the Onaping Plaza due to cut-backs at Canada Post.

  1. The next OFCAN meeting will be on September 19, 2013, at an earlier time of 6 PM at the Bluebird Restaurant in Levack with light munchies to accompany!
  1. The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.

Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary.

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—May 16, 2013

1.       Mike called the meeting to order at 7:13 PM

  1. Attendance:            Dana MacDonald                 Sharon LeBlanc                    Chris Gore

Mitch Brunette                            Gilles Rainville                    Claude Berthiaume

Marck BlayScott SagleLisa Sagle

Mike ArmstrongDon Henwood

3.     The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

  1. A) Mitch reported that there have been some Break & enters in Levack and Dowling in detached garages and sheds. He said that GSPS will be increasing patrols in the areas. He noted that the B&Es had not occurred in Onaping at all.

Mitch also reported back that the GSPS nor COP (Citizens on Patrol) have patrolled the area in a dark sedan at any time. In fact, COP vehicles are white. He requested that citizens be asked to call the police at any time to report strange or suspicious vehicles. He also asked that this notice be put in ORACLE.

Don has been asked to request a COP presentation to the Levack/Onaping community.

B) The ATV meeting in Chelmsford was well attended. One of the items approved as a $120 trail permit fee which would cover any one owner and an unlimited number of vehicles. Claude reminded everyone that ATVs may now be used year-round and that a ruling is being requested from the MTO regarding side-by-side ATVs. He will report back when the information is available.

C) Sharon reported a current balance of $5898.04 in the General Account and $2247.01 in the Fundraising Account—which was unchanged from last month. The $300 donation from the Legion for the purchase of a popcorn machine for the theatre was received and the money paid out to ORACLE as ORACLE paid up front for the machine. The arena fundraising committee was also paid just over $300 for postage concerning their latest mail-out. This amount was approved.

D) Claude informed everyone that the Family Health Team (in Chelmsford at the old town hall) was awaiting promised funds from the Ministry of Health to match city funding for improvements to the facility in order that the team can get underway. The amount of funding from each is in the neighbourhood of $650,000

Claude informed everyone that the playground/tennis court on Fraser Avenue in Onaping is being assessed by the City. Claude will present a report to OFCAN when it is available.

Claude has been instrumental in obtaining 4 large round planters that will be placed on Main Street in Levack and 4 placed near the plaza in Dowling.

City Council will be hearing from the arena fundraising committee representative (Steve Bastien) at the July council meeting (postponed from June). There was a lively discussion about the use of recreation facilities in our community.

E) Chris Gore advised OFCAN that Renee Germain will be taking over as permanent liaison as City representative at future meetings. Chris will also be providing Sharon with the necessary information regarding the type of material needed for the Pump Park and the requirements for preparing the surface. Chris also outlined the reasoning behind not painting bicycle signs on the roadway. He said that painting like this would, for the most part, restrict walkers from using the pathways along the road surface. There was discussion surrounding the placement of signage on the side of the roadway instead mainly as a caution to vehicles about sharing the roadway. Mike also requested Chris speak to those re-doing the floor at the gym to include volleyball lines when the floor is redone soon. The outdoor sign is still under discussion.

F) This item was dealt with in the City Report and should be completed within a couple of weeks.

G) Don reported that since December 12, 2012 (when movies began) the total patronage has mounted to 283 for 46 movie presentations. The average number of patrons is at 6.6 now. It was agreed that OFCAN would provide funding for a “stock” of Snack Bar items to keep the community event operating smoothly. It was also discussed and agreed that the completion of the projector suspension apparatus be completed as soon as Chris Gore obtains permission—which should be very soon. Chris will also obtain permission to have two banks of ceiling lights removed to facilitate projection. OFCAN will also provide funding for replacement of the necessary wiring since that is, at this time, borrowed equipment.

  1. The OFCAN BBQ and related materials have now been stored in the theatre room to facilitate easier access should they be required. The arena fundraising events committee will be borrowing the BBQ and related materials for their Walk/Run event on May 25. Scott reminded everyone that the propane cylinders are stored at his home.

It was also agreed that OFCAN would not meet during July and August of 2013 but would resume in September 2013.

Lisa noted that New2U was in dire need of volunteers to help operate the centre. She also indicated that racks and counters were also needed to facilitate sorting and displaying items. Scott will provide ORACLE with a write-up for the next issue.

Marck Blay (PC candidate for Nickel Belt) introduced himself to OFCAN and spoke for a few minutes about various items.

Chris Gore will be researching with City departments about Internet service in the OFCAN office and the movie room and will report back.

  1. The next OFCAN meeting will be on June 20, 2013, 7PM, Onaping Community Centre.
  1. The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.

Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary.

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—April 18, 2013

1.       Mike called the meeting to order at 7:18 PM

  1. Attendance:                   Sharon Leblanc                          Mike Armstrong                Leona Dawe

Don Henwood

3.     The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

  1. A) Mitch was unable to be present at the meeting.

B) Mike reported that he had attended the Chelmsford CAN meeting where the ATV project was discussed. He said that the Chelmsford CAN wants to develop an ATV trail from Chelmsford to Levack that currently only goes from Chelmsford to Dowling. There is a current trail from Levack that goes all the way to Timmins. There were mixed comments from the snowmobile club with regard to upkeep of the trail should it be used for ATVs as well. The snowmobile club, however, is looking at the issue of mixed-use for the trails. The next meeting of the Chelmsford CAN is on May 13 at Club 50 in Chelmsford at 6:30 PM.

C) Sharon reported a current balance of $5898.04 in the General Account and $2247.01 in the Fundraising Account.

D) Claude was not present at the meting and no report was submitted.

E) There was no City representative at the meeting and no report was submitted.

F) Don and Sharon were instructed to go ahead with the purchase of at least three loads of suitable dirt for the pump park as soon as the weather permits. They will consult with some local youth in the community as to where the dirt should go. More dirt will be purchased as needed up to the limit of the bank account.

G) Don reported that movie attendance was steadily increasing. Don also informed the group that a new larger popcorn machine has been purchased and should be delivered within the next couple of weeks. He indicated that the generous donation of $300 from the Legion Branch 503 plus $38 will cover the cost. As it is right now, the cost has been paid by ORACLE and the $300 would be reimbursed to ORACLE when the cheque is received.

  1. Action Items are in the chart on the following page.
  1. A) The cleanup was not discussed.

B) Leona expressed concern about the parking signage and the possibility of having better and clearer parking lines done near St. Bartholomew’s Church to allow for more and safer parking. It was suggested that the City be called to get this done.

C) Leona brought up the point that the Dowling Teen Centre has many exciting activities scheduled and that the Onaping Teen Centre partner with them to add some of these activities. Leona will be in touch with the Onaping Teen Centre supervisor about this.

D) Don has been directed to request the City to provide a WiFi enabled device in the OFCAN office so that City representation will be at each meeting.

E) Sharon has been directed to complete and provide the City with the annual CAN report.

  1. The next OFCAN meeting will be on May 16, 2013, 7PM, Onaping Community Centre.
  1. The meeting was adjourned at 8:38PM.

Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary.

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—March 21, 2013

1.       Mike called the meeting to order at 7:14 PM

  1. Attendance:            Dana MacDonald    Naomi Rapski      Don Henwood

Sharon LeBlanc             Mike Armstrong             Michelle McTaggart

Will Kraus                      Katie Nautt       (others not signed in)

3.     There were no previous minutes to approve.

  1. Mike introduced Renee Germain (Community Development Officer) from the City.

A) Mitch was unable to be present at the meeting. He did send a report that indicated crime instances for the previous month was a single one—a break and enter at Day Construction which is still under investigation. The thefts of snow machines, as reported in the past, have stopped. No arrest have been made to this point.

B) Mike reported that the lines on the floor of the gymnasium are tentatively scheduled for this summer. Michelle reported that the Vale funding proposal was returned by Vale as being too vague in its scope. Michelle will re-contact Vale with a more modest proposal and report back at the next meeting. Scott was unable to attend this meeting.

C) Sharon reported that there was no change in banking information from last meeting.

D) Claude was not present at the meting

E) There was no report from the City.

F) It was decided that the next step in the Pump Park project would be to obtain at least 3 loads of proper material and have them dumped in the area to allow users to begin to construct a suitable park for the next few months. This, of course, depends on the weather!

G) Don reported that movie attendance was steadily increasing. Don showed everyone the theatre room after the meeting.

  1. Action Items are in the chart on the following page.
  1. There was a lively discussion about impressions of the meeting.
  1. There was no new business.
  1. The next meeting will be April 18 at 7PM in the CAN Office at the Community Centre.

Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary.

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—February 21 2013

Scott called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM and in light of the recent events surrounding the potential closure of the I.J. Coady Arena in Levack, the regular Agenda was suspended for this meeting.

Councillor Claude Berthiaume (Ward 3 which covers Levack, Onaping and Dowling and part of Chelmsford) was not in attendance at the meeting.

Scott and Mike presented an overview of what OFCAN is and what it has accomplished in the last little while.

Following that, the floor was opened to those in attendance to share their thoughts, feelings and questions regarding the possible closure of the I. J. Coady arena in Levack.

It was noted that the group formed to save the arena has a following of over 600 members on their Facebook page.

There was lively discussion about the arena and many ideas were presented as to the next steps to take—one of which was the petition that will be presented to City Council.

No firm decisions were made at the meeting. A number of residents are going to meet at another time to formulate plans for the use and sustained revenue for the arena.

More will be reported at the next meeting of OFCAN.

Don advised that the April issue of ORACLE will devote portion to explaining the operation and membership and goals of OFCAN with the hope of encouraging more residents to become an integral part of their community.

The next meeting of the Onaping Falls Community Action Network will be held on March 21, 2013 at 7PM in the OFCAN office at the Onaping Community Centre.

Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary, OFCAN

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—January 17, 2013

1.       Scott called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM

  1. Attendance:            Lisa Sagle            Scott Sagle           Don Henwood

Sharon LeBlanc             Mike Armstrong             Mitch Brunette

Gilles RainvilleMichelle McTaggartLisa Langley

Chris DerroClaude BerthiaumeMelinda Mott

Lisa Lahnalampi

3.     The minutes of the last meeting were approved as printed

4. GMichel (Mitch) Brunette introduced himself as our new GSPS liaison. He brought OFCAN up to date on issues in the area: snow machine thefts, an assault and drug complaints. He noted that these issues are ongoing and was not at liberty to divulge details at this time. Don will provide Mitch with email addresses of the OFCAN Executive.

4. A Michelle stated that the funding application to Vale is almost complete and she asked for some more input on some wording. Once the wording is complete, she will submit the application. She also noted that she is in the process of completing an application to the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund.

4. B Mike indicated that there is no progress on the volleyball program and the gym floor at the Onaping Community Centre has not been prepared with markings for volleyball. Scott will email Mike with Chris Gore’s contact information so that Mike can converse with Chris on having the gym floor redone to include volleyball court marking.

4. C Scott reported that there is no progress on the Teen Centre coordinator hiring and that he would investigate further. He also noted that he would be investigating further on the outdoor/road sign. He said he is also still waiting for the Adanac BMX park plans from Chris Gore. He went on to say that he was informed that the creative playground in Onaping on Fraser Drive in Onaping is the oldest in the city and is in need of replacement. He said that this will be scheduled as soon as a request is made to the city (before June 2013). He will look after this request. Mike was asked if he would be the Onaping Neighbourhood Association Coordinator to oversee funds for the area. Mike agreed and will have Scott’s helping carrying this out. Don volunteered to assist Scott on the Levack committee. It was noted that $1200 is ear-marked for each association to fund tasks in the area (most frequently ice rink maintenance).

4. E Claude reported that taxes are going up 2.9% and water rates up 4.2%. He also reported that the BIA funding of $57,000 originally requested had been cut to $37,000 by the City. The $75,000 originally budgeted for downtown Levack improvements has not been cut. This generated quite a discussion around the table. It was indicated that Kris Langston is more than willing to come out to explain to local merchants how to go about applying for funding. Don is going to speak to the merchants in downtown Levack and organize a meeting with Kris.

Claude went on to report that City staff are tabling a report before the Communities Committee that the Jim Coady Arena in Levack and the Edgar Leclair Community Arena in Azilda both be closed and that a new twin-pad arena be built in Chelmsford. This recommendation was made by an outside consultant hired by the City. This recommendation is being presented by Committee who will then present it to Sudbury City Council. This announcement caused quite a stir initially and there was a lively discussion around the table. Claude went on to say that this is just a report with recommendations and that nothing was written in stone yet as the Communities Committee will be meeting next Monday evening and will be discussing it. The committee’s recommendations from this report will be presented to City Council on January 29.

Claude also noted that the $5000 originally provided by him for the Pump Park would still be available but under new HCI guidelines, it must be applied for with full justification.

Don will prepare a flyer and, once approved by the Executive of OFCAN, will have it printed and distributed to all mailboxes in Levack, Onaping and Dowling. Don also indicated that the local newsletter, ORACLE, would have a full-page devoted to this item in its next issue (available on January 28).

4. F There was no City report, per se, as Chris was unable to attend the meeting. However, Scott did present the City items in his report.

4. D Sharon reported that the current balance is approximately $8800 of which $2250 is ear-marked for the Pump Park.

4. H The Vale application was covered in Michelle’s report.

4. I There was no movie presentations report. Don did provide a poster showing February and March titles. There was some discussion about moving an unused fridge from elsewhere in the building to the movie room.

5.     Action Items can be found in the chart at the end of these Minutes.

6.     Jana asked about the Teen Centre not having a coordinator yet and Scott indicated that he would follow up with the City. She also said that she would provide Scott with information she has about the person/position in an email.

  1. The next meeting: February 21, 2013 in the OFCAN office in the Onaping Community Centre at 7PM.
  1. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.

Action Items arising out of tonight’s meeting are on the following page.

Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary.

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—November 15, 2012

1.       Mike called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

2.       Attendance:                     Michelle McTaggart                          Glen Eady                          Darren Charbonneau

Joanne C. Charron                          Sharon Le Blanc    James Maki

Don HenwoodMike ArmstrongMelinda Mott

3.     The minutes of the last meeting did not need approval.

4. A Michelle brought us up to speed on her meeting with the Dowling Lion’s Club. The Dowling Lions Club is interested in becoming a part of the fundraising efforts for the Dowling Skateboard Park and any other fundraising efforts that may be planned. It was indicated that the Dowling CAN is pursuing a garden in the grass verge in front of the Valu Mart in Dowling. At this time an investigation is underway as to who “owns” this property.

Michelle introduced Jim Maki who made a presentation to the group about the proposed gravel pit by a local company in Dowling. He showed us a diagram and many photographs of the pristine green space that is there now and the loss it would be to the community and region as a whole should it be approved. He highlighted the growth of extremely large and old trees that can be found in the area. He also pointed out that there are a number of trails leading to and from the A.Y. Jackson Centre at High Falls. It was noted that the proposed pit (and bridge to be built) would be visible from the highway and that it would detract from the landscape. It was also noted that considerable pollution in terms of dust clouds would result as trucks were moving in the pit should it be allowed. Everyone agreed that this piece of Crown land should not be turned into a gravel pit. The application from this local company has not yet been approved. Jim was thanked very much for his presentation.

Michelle introduced Glen Eady who has volunteered as Rink Coordinator for the past 9 years in Onaping. Glen made it clear that he wished to “retire” from this position. He did say that he would not leave it un-coordinated, however! He said that the City provides a paid worker to assist with the maintenance for 25 hours per week but that this did not cover all the necessary maintenance of the rink. Jim brought us up to speed on the equipment that the rink building has for upkeep—that he has voluntarily looked after and obtained so that the many residents of Onaping Falls can enjoy the facility. Glen is asking for volunteers to assist him with the maintenance of the rink and so that he can slowly withdraw from the onerous task he takes on each year. Glen will prepare an article that will be forwarded to the newsletter (ORACLE) to that effect and to solicit volunteers for the tasks ahead. It was also discussed that the rink in downtown Levack is of far less quality than the rink in Onaping yet both facilities are well-used in the winter months—especially over the Christmas Break. It was indicated that the storage shed in Levack had a limited amount of maintenance equipment and no access to water for flooding. Glen did indicate that the Levack rink has much superior lighting than does the Onaping rink. New lighting has been proposed for the Onaping rink.

4. B There was no report from Scott as he was unable to be present for the meeting.

4. C Mike had nothing to report.

4. D Sharon reported that there was no change in the bank balance since the last meeting as there had been no transactions. Sharon did indicate that she would be visiting the Credit Union to initiate an internal division of the bank account to ensure that each specific area of fund-raising and existing monies be allocated solely for the project intended. She will report back at the next meeting.

4. E There was no Councillor’s report as Claude was unable to attend the meting.

4. F There was no City report as Chris was unable to attend the meeting.

4. G Darren had nothing to report from the GSPS. He did indicate that he has been transferred to another part of GSPS and that a replacement officer would be our liaison in the new year. Darren will be introducing this person to the Chelmsford CAN next month and Michelle will be attending that meeting to meet this person as well.

4. H Don reported that Vale has provided us with an application for funding and that they are eager to show more support for our planned facility in Levack now and in the future. Don made special note that Chris Derro from the Ontario Liberal Association has been instrumental in coordinating this overture from Vale. Don will forward all of the information to the Executive so that they may complete it and present it to Vale as soon as possible.

5.     Action Items are on Page 4 of these Minutes.

6.     Melinda presented information on behalf of Jana that there has been some progress on getting the Post Office back into the Onaping Mall. She said that progress was moving along well then seemed to have stalled for some reason. A report will be presented at the next meeting.

There was no report on the property maintenance initiative with other CAN groups.

Mike is waiting for volleyball lines to be painted on the floor of the gymnasium so that the volleyball group can begin to operate. Mike will provide the newsletter (ORACLE) with an article looking for participants in this group.

There is no progress that we are aware of with regard to painting bicycle symbols on the path along RR#8 since Claude is looking after this item.

There was no report on the installation of the outdoor sign for the roadway in Onaping.

There was no report on the availability of the Adanac BMX park plans.

Don reported that he will obtain a quotation from Future Shop for the purchase of a video projector, spare bulb, Blu Ray player and portable sound system. Once he obtains this quotation he will inform the Executive

and a cheque will be provided so that this equipment can be purchased and on site and ready to provide movie nights as quickly as possible.

Joanne Charron (from the Chelmsford CAN) has requested our support in putting a committee together to create an ATV/UTV trail that will be of benefit to all surrounding communities. She indicated that this would be an item at the January meeting for the Chelmsford CAN. It was agreed that OFCAN would support this.

Don reported that utility poles and ground stakes are present along RR#8 for the installation of street lights.

Don reported that new banners had been installed on many of the street lights and standards in Levack, Onaping and Dowling. This was provided by Councillor Berthiaume’s HCI Fund.

Don was requested to investigate the installation of a 3-in-1 litter receptacle at the mail boxes behind the Kwik Way in Onaping. He will make a report at the next meeting.

Don was requested to investigate why the City has not yet hired a person to run the Teen Centre program at the Onaping Community Centre. It was indicated by Jana (through Melinda) that 3 fully-qualified people were interviewed for the position. Melinda noted that the Teen Centre is not yet operational and when it is operating it is widely used! Don will make a report at the next meeting.

  1. The next meeting: January 17, 2013 in the OFCAN office in the Onaping Community Centre at 7PM.
  1. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15PM.

Action Items arising out of tonight’s meeting are on the following page.

Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary.

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—October 11, 2012

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:14 PM with Mike Armstrong acting as Chair. This meeting              should be considered Part 1 of 2 as the next meeting on October 18 will use the same Agenda.
  1.     Attendees:        Sharon LeBlanc            Don Henwood                   Michelle McTaggart

Michael ArmstrongClaude BerthiaumeAndre Bisson

Richard GauthierScott Sagle

  1. The minutes of the meeting held on September 20 were approved as prepared.

4. AMichelle reported that she is in the process of networking with the Dowling Lion’s Club for future events regarding the Dowling Skateboard Park. She also reported that the pepperettes are the next fundraising activity now underway. She indicated that the pepperettes sell for $4 per package with a profit of $1.50 per package.

4. BMike reported that he is in the process of organizing a volleyball event at the Community Centre in Onaping.

4. CScott reported that he had spoken with Chris Gore (from the City) and that they had discussed a number of items. Chris indicated that there was no possibility of obtaining a video projector from any source within the City. A discussion followed with regard to future movie nights in Onaping at the Community Centre. It was discovered that the Library division at the City does hold a license for movie rights and that we would have to select from a list of movies approved for public showing. As the OFCAN had already approved the potential purchase of a movie projector should one not be available from the City that Don would present (at the next meeting) a list of potential projectors from which we could choose one. It was also decided to include a video player in the list. Scott will also investigate the actual process by which we would obtain the movies and present his results at the next meeting.

Scott and Chris are going to realign the banking setup to ensure better control and accountability and to ensure that community groups have access to specific funds ear-marked for their specific project.

A discussion followed about keys and access to the Dowling Leisure Centre for meetings should Staff not be available. Chris indicated to Scott that this would not be an issue since OFCAN is a City-sanctioned event. Keys and access would have to be arranged through the Manager of the DLC.

The painting of bicycle symbols on the bike path beside RR #8 is an item that Claude said he would look into with the appropriate City department and report back to OFCAN.

The outdoor sign discussion was lively and Michelle presented some examples as did Scott. Scott will investigate this item further with Chris Gore and present a proposal at the next meeting. A location was chosen (the corner of RR#8 and Onaping Drive) and built in such a way that it would be visible to traffic going in both directions along RR#8. It was also suggested that providing lighting for the sign

would not be an expensive undertaking.

4. DSharon reported the current balance is $8291.05 with $2247.01 ear-marked for the Pump Park. Scott also indicated that there was approximately $15,000 in the City account set aside for the Pump Park and Claude also indicated that his offer of $5000 was also available. With the funds available for the Pump Park it was decided to forgo a professional design company and use the Adanac Park design as a jumping-off point. The discussion continued with 4H below.

4. ECouncillor Berthiaume brought the OFCAN up to date on the #144 by-pass proposals, the proposed Casino locations, the Maley Drive extension plan. He also indicated that the water quality at the Jim Coady Arena should be acceptable now. Scott will provide a follow-up for the next meeting. Claude also reported that he had purchased banners for the light standards for Levack, Onaping and Dowling. He said that the banners would be installed after Hallowe’en. Claude will report back to OFCAN with progress on that. Claude also reported that a new policy for the HCI funds would be coming from the City soon. He also indicated that there would be no increase in the HCI funds at this time. Claude also indicated that the CAN Summit Conference will be held in November and that he would provide Scott with the dates. Claude indicated that he would not be able to attend the next meeting but will send his report to Scott.

4. FWhile Chris was unable to attend this meeting, he did speak with Scott on the telephone about many things that were mentioned in Scott’s report above. Scott will also follow-up with Chris to invite him to the next meeting.

4. GThere was no Police report.

4. HDon reported that the Pump Park is already being well-used by the youth of the community. Scott agreed with that as his sons and other youth have been talking and organizing and planning already. Don reported that the City had left a large pile of dirt from the reconstruction of the Creative Playground at the site and the youth had already been using that dirt to construct the beginnings of a Pump Park. As mentioned earlier in these minutes, it was decided to use Adanac’s plans (which Chris Gore will provide) and to go ahead as soon as possible with a meeting of all concerned and the purchase of materials and obtaining equipment and operators to get this Pump Park constructed. Scott will provide an up-date at the next meeting.

  1. The Action Items chart was not discussed at this meeting but will be discussed at the next meeting. The Action Items chart on the following pagecontains items from the last meeting as well as items generated from this meeting and all will be discussed at the next meeting.
  1. The next OFCAN meeting will be held on October 18 in the OFCAN office at the Onaping Community Centre at 7PM.
  1. The meeting was not adjourned, per se, but ended at 8:45PM and will be continued at the next meeting.

Minutes, Part 1, was prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary.

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—September 20, 2012

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM with Mike Armstrong acting as Chair.
  1. Attendees:        Jana Niemi                 Lisa Sagle                          Scott Sagle

Mike Armstrong        Sharon LeBlanc    Michelle McTaggart

Don Henwood

  1. The minutes of the meeting held on August 16 were approved as prepared.

4. AMichelle reported that she is still waiting for more information about fundraising initiatives and will report at the next meeting.

4. B/CNeither Mike nor Scott had items to report.

4. DSharon reported that there was only one payout the previous month and that was for printing—$55.00 for the Dowling Skateboard Park flyers.

4. ECouncillor Berthiaume was not present at the meeting.

4. FThe City report was presented by Don from an email received from Mike Whitehouse from the Mayor’s Office at the City. Mike reported that the City has agreed to place 7 new 3-in-1 waste containers in our area:

• the container now located in from of the Credit Union will be moved to the curb on public property

• a container will be placed on the same street and side but closer to Second Avenue

• a container will be placed curbside near the lamp post near the empty grocery store

• a container will be placed near RR8 and Fraser Street by the foot path near the Onaping Mall

• a container will be placed curbside by the lamp post in front of the old town hall in Levack

• a container will be placed across the street from Tim Horton’s in Dowling close to Leonard Street

• a container will be placed on Main Street in Dowling near the Valu Mart

Don will request, through Chris Gore, that the property manager of the Onaping Community Centre obtain a 3-in-1 container for placement in the parking area. Mike Whitehouse indicated that the City will complete the exact locates for each container then the foreperson will arrange for installation. He indicated that this is a long process and it may take many weeks to complete.

Also from the City, Don reported that he received an email from Chris Gore that his duties will now include duties that were once performed by Jaime Thurston. Chris also indicated that the City’s website is undergoing redesign and that he will investigate how to implement changes OFCAN requested (adding our website link to the City’s site). Don will report on this item at the next meeting. Don also reported that the swing set at the playground on 4th Avenue in Levack has been complete and it is used on a daily basis.

It was also decided that Don would request an additional three 3-in-1 containers to be located on North Shore Drive and the Elk’s Club, directly in front of the Kwik Way at the Onaping Mall and one at the community mail boxes behind the Onaping Mall (at Fraser and St. James streets). Don is also going to request that the City give OFCAN the existing big blue barrels that are currently being used as garbage receptacles (and slated to be replaced with 3-in-1 containers).

4. GThere was no Police report.

4. HDon reported that the Pump Park (originally BMX Park) has been measured and photographs taken. The engineering department at the City has been given the measurements and the photographs and will be creating a topographical map. Don reported that the two companies who are interested in designing the Pump Park have been given the information and are awaiting the topographical map to continue with their proposal. Don will report on the progress at the next meeting.

5. AAfter some discussion, it was decided not to hold a meeting in Dowling on September 27 but to hold the next OFCAN meeting in Dowling on October 11, 2012 at 7PM in Room A. Michelle is going to book the room for that date and time. Jana is going to arrange advertising for the meeting on the sign in front of the Dowling Leisure Centre. Both Don and Michelle are going to create an advertising flyer for that meeting with the goal of encouraging Dowling residents to attend. It was also decided that on October 18, OFCAN will hold another regular meeting at the OFCAN office in the Onaping Community Centre using the same Agenda as the meeting for October 11.

5. BScott will report, at the next meeting, any progress on obtaining a projector from the City—through the office of Chris Gore.

5. CEveryone agreed that the OFCAN website, as a work-in-progress, is developing nicely!

5. DJana, on behalf of the Onaping Pool, requested that OFCAN members attend, if possible, the Family Swim nights to show support for the Pool and to be more “seen” by residents.

5. EJana will report at the next meeting on progress about having the Post Office relocate the Onaping mail boxes back inside the Onaping Mall.

5. FMichelle and Don are going to investigate the purchase and installation of a roadside sign for OFCAN and report their findings at the next meeting.

5. GDon is going to investigate the replacement of outside lighting at the rear entrance of the Onaping Community Centre.

5. HThere was a lively discussion about the sad state of property maintenance in the Onaping Falls area—specifically residences. It was decided that OFCAN will draft a proposal to be shared with the other CAN groups in the Sudbury area to solicit support for City action. Jana will spearhead this initiative and make a report at the next meeting as to its progress.

5. IIt was decided that a strongly-worded request be sent to the City with regard to City presence at every OFCAN meeting. It was agreed that no City presence at OFCAN meetings makes it feel like the City is basically not taking Onaping Falls seriously and with care. Don will undertake this request and invite Councillor Berthiaume to each meeting and report at the next meeting.

5. JIt was agreed that an overdue Thank You be sent to the Mayor for attending our last OFCAN meeting. Don will complete this task.

Based on this meeting, the following table shows items requiring action and a report will be expected at the next OFCAN meeting:

  1. The next OFCAN meeting will be held on October 11 at the Dowling Leisure Centre at 7PM in Meeting Room A.
  1. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM by Mike.

Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary.

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OFCAN Meeting Minutes—August 16, 2012

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM with Mike Armstrong acting as Chair.
  1. Attendees:         Scott Sagle                   Mike McKeever              Michael Armstrong

Don Henwood        Michelle McTaggart                   Mary Martel

Sharon LeBlancMarianne MatichukClaude Swinton

Mike WhitehouseRichard GauthierDarren Charbonneau

  1. The minutes of the meeting held on July 19 were approved as printed.
  1. Mike introduced Her Worship, Mayor Marianne Matichuk and welcomed her to the meeting. Ms. Matichuk said that she was pleased to attend the meeting saying that she was familiar with the area and she had praise for the Onaping Falls Community Action Network and all the hard work that is being done in the communities of Levack, Onaping and Dowling.

4A)Scott had no update on the line-painting on Regional Road #8 at this time but that he would pursue this matter.

4B)Mike reported that his wife, who was approached to create a logo for OFCAN declined in favour of approaching an OFCAN (or other) person. Don presented his version of an OFCAN logo and, after some suggestions, the logo that appears on this page, has been accepted by the Executive of OFCAN going forward. It was suggested that the three water-flows be re-generated to include the names of the three communities that comprise the Onaping Falls area.

4C)Michelle reported that the BBQ netted a profit of approximately $400. She noted that the event was well-attended by visitors and that representatives from the Liberal Party as well as two local radio stations were present. Michelle also noted that the volunteer workers at the BBQ were mostly young people who worked tirelessly during the two days. Michelle is now awaiting a meeting with a City person to discuss “visibility” and other items with regard to the location of the Skateboard Park. She will report, again, at the next meeting. Michelle also reported that there are other fundraising activities in the planning stages at this time.

4D)Sharon presented a balance sheet showing $10,611.06 presently in the bank. She pointed out that of this amount, $2247 is earmarked for the Levack/Onaping recreation project. A discussion followed surrounding the organization of the bank account so that a differentiation can be made as to what the CAN supports financially. Scott said that he would approach Chris Gore (at the City) in this regard and report back at the next meeting.

4E)Councillor Berthiaume was not present at the meeting.

4F)Jamie was not present at the meeting and it was reported that she has accepted a new position at the City and will no longer be the liaison for CAN groups but she did file an email report which Scott shared with the group. The High Falls signage has been updated/repaired and City workers will re-visit the area to inspect the signage again. The garbage receptacle request is still ongoing at this time. There has been some mention of a garbage transfer station being located on New Cobden Road to alleviate roadside trash-pitching. Evidently Mr. Berthiaume had presented this item to City Council a number of times yet it was always removed from the City budget. The cleaning of the Youth Centre will be taken care of as soon as possible.

4G)Darren reported that St. John’s United Church had been regularly vandalized in terms of graffiti and the GSPS had apprehended the guilty party and the matter is now considered closed. The GSPS has been concerned with speeding “quads” in the Dowling area and while the GSPS has made their presence known, a number of charges have been laid. The GSPS will continue to monitor this situation. There was also a discussion of the recent car crash on Highway 144 and the fact that the road was closed for many hours and that with this road being closed for so long, it effectively isolates our communities. Apparently there is an alternative route but it is a longer route and relatively dangerous. Ms. Matichuk assured the group that the City has included such a scenario in their Emergency Plan and made it clear that emergency vehicles would have priority both at a closed road and in any detour situation and that our communities would not be “cut off”.

4H)Don gave a brief history of the BMX Park project from beginning to where it stands at this time. He also reported that Chris Gore from the City will be on-site soon to measure and mark out the available space. Don then said that he would take these measurements and take pictures then share them with the two companies that have expressed interest in providing proposals for the build. He will report back at the next meeting on any progress. It was also suggested that Don pursue discussions about the possibility of having the creek flooded during the winter to provide a gentle skate path for interested residents.

5A)There was no report on the Trillium Foundation communications.

5B)There was no new information on the lighting on the path between Levack and Onaping. Ms. Matichuk was brought up to date on the proposal. A discussion followed about the Community Improvement Plan as presented by Kris Langston a few months ago.

5C)The OFCAN meeting dates through December 2013 were approved as presented. It was noted that some meeting dates may be changed (with sufficient notice to OFCAN members) due to various conflicts. The meeting dates will be:





















Don and Michelle will prepare an Agenda for the meeting in Dowling on August 23.

5D)Don reported that the website has been purchased as is ready to go. There was no decision as to the make-up or operation of the new website.

5E)The no-parking signs in front of the businesses in Levack will be investigated as to their legality and Darren will report back at the next meeting.

5F)There was a lively discussion about Pre– and Post– Amalgamation businesses and services in Levack/Onaping. It was pointed out that our communities have lost much. Ms. Matichuk pointed out that some type of plan for the improvement of buildings is necessary and that she would discuss this with Councillor Berthiaume in terms of follow-up. It was also mentioned that some type of tax-break is possible for businesses in our communities. There was also some discussion about the Community Improvement Plan as presented by Kris Langston some time ago. It was reported that the plans are not fully-finalized and that Mr. Langston will notify the merchants and OFCAN when the CIP funds are ready to be distributed.

5G)It was reported that Levack still does not have the promised storage building for the Skating Oval that was built a few years ago. Evidently this was budgeted for (and approved) for four locations in Sudbury and Levack is the only community that did not see construction of the storage building. Councillor Berthiaume is aware of this situation and said that the funds are no longer available. Ms. Matichuk will investigate and file a report to the OFCAN.

5H)There was some discussion about the transit situation in Levack/Onaping/Dowling. Ms. Matichuk suggested that the Director of Transit (Roger Sauvé) and the Operations Manager (Robert Gauthier) be invited to an OFCAN meeting to discuss any plans for this area. It was also suggested that Councillor Berthiaume be informed of the invitation.

  1. The next OFCAN meeting will be held in Dowling at the Leisure Centre on August 23 at 7PM and that the meeting following that will be on September 20 in Onaping (as noted on the previous page).
  1. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM by Mike.

[Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary]

ofcanlogo Colour 2

Minutes of OFCAN Meeting—July 19, 2011

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM with Mike Armstrong acting as Chair.
  1. Attendees:

Scott Sagle                     Michelle McTaggart                          Mike Armstrong

Don Henwood                 Joan Matte                                   Melinda Mott

Jaime Thurston               Leona Dawe       Jana Lahnalampi

Mike O’ByrneChris DerroRichard Gauthier

Nancy O’ByrneShanleigh O’Byrne

  1. The minutes of the meeting held on June 21 were approved with the correction of item 5B to now show “Dowling Skateboard Park” instead of “Onaping Skateboard Park” as was written.
  1. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mayor Marianne Matichuk was not present at the meeting.
  1. Scott had no report.
  1. Mike reported on his investigation with regard to business cards for the OFCAN Executive. He deferred to Jaime Thurston who indicated that OFCAN was not permitted to use the Greater City of Sudbury’s logo on the business cards. She also indicated that she has information about a private firm that would provide business cards with interesting photographs on the reverse of the cards. Mike went on to suggest that OFCAN is thinking about creating their own business cards using templates and forms which can be purchased at a stationery store. No decision was made at this time but Mike will do some further investigation and report back at the next meeting.
  1. Michelle led a discussion about the Dowling Skateboard Park and the community presentation and meeting that was held on July 17 in Dowling. It was noted that there was much positivity surrounding the skateboard park in the community and that she had received many volunteers for its fundraising events planned. There was also some discussion about partnering with a group that can access funds through the Trillium Foundation for this facility since OFCAN cannot receive any Trillium funding. Jaime also discussed the storage space that would be needed for the park equipment and suggested that the appropriate departments from the City would be represented at an on-site meeting to discuss this. The date is to be determined. As an integral part of the skateboard park, it was suggested that some type of crosswalk or traffic lights be installed to facilitate safety for the park users once it is built. It was also suggested that an investigation begin about lowering the speed limit through Dowling from the current 60 km/h posted. It was noted that most school zones have a posted limit of 40 km/h and this is not the case in Dowling.
  1. A Treasurer’s report was not available as Sharon was not present at the meeting.
  1. A Councillor’s report was not available as Claude was not present at the meeting.
  1. Jaime had nothing further to add to what she had already said earlier but she was open to any and all suggestions from attendees. Items that were brought forward and discussed at in bullet form in Item 6 to follow.
  1. A Police report was not available as Darren was not present at the meeting.
  1. Don brought all attendees up to date with regard to the progress and status of the BMX Park in Levack. Don indicated that Chris Gore from the City will be on-site next week to assist with staking and measuring the proposed site so that interested companies can provide more information so that a community meeting can be held for input and suggested inclusions.
  1. There was no further information about the Trillium Foundation other than what was mentioned in 5F earlier in the minutes.

Other items for discussion at the meeting were:

  • we all welcomed Chris and Richard from the Ontario Liberal Riding Association to the meeting
  • To encourage greater attendance at future OFCAN meetings, Don (Editor and Publisher of ORACLE) would devote an entire page to OFCAN.
  • A great deal of discussion centred around Sudbury Transit and the lack of service to our communities. Don presented a proposed routing system for local and city-connected transit. Other residents were quite vocal in their displeasure at the service of the Trans Cab. It was suggested that OFCAN devote time to soliciting input from residents and then inviting our councillor and Transit officials and the Mayor to attending a meeting whereby OFCAN would propose a more acceptable transit system for our communities. Jaime made it clear that when we do have these people attend a transit meeting that OFCAN present a plan AND have many more interested residents attend that meeting. Scott will contact our councillor to arrange to have a Transit manager attend a meeting.
  • There was also some discussion about the history of Levack/Onaping’s water supply and how some residents are still experiencing less-than-acceptable water quality in their homes.
  • It was expressed to the attendees that OFCAN appreciates residents who come to the meetings to express concerns as the Executive cannot make decisions based on a few voices that may or may not reflect the feelings of the communities.
  • A community BBQ was also discussed.
  • Don will contact our councillor with a request for an update to the progress of the townhouse complex under construction in Levack. A number of residents were upset that this has been allowed to go on for so long without any progress on the buildings or site appearance.
  • Kris Longston (City Planner) will be invited to another OFCAN meeting to discuss all of the procedures and forms required for businesses to access funding through the Community Improvement Plan budgeted for by Council.
  • The flags and flower beds in Levack downtown were discussed and Jaime assured the attendees that this was being looked after and that improvements are under way.
  • It was mentioned that the Teen Centre storage area in the Onaping Community Centre is in a sorry state and is very “junky” and unclean. Jaime took notes and will deal with this issue as she is now in charge of this department within the City jurisdiction.
  • It was requested that someone investigate the installation of more electrical outlets where the “Sewing Club” meets.
  • A number of residents complained about the condition of the area in front of the Onaping Plaza which, we were informed, is an actual designated street. Further investigation will be made.
  • There was some discussion about the lack of knowledge by many of the front-line staff at 311 (City Hall) with regard to the communities of Levack/Onaping.
  • Jaime was requested to investigate obtaining more City-marked garbage bins for Dowling and downtown Levack . One is located now in front of the Credit Union in Levack and none are located in Dowling nor Onaping.
  • Jaime was also requested to investigate improving the signage in the High Falls area—specifically the trails.
  • It was approved that the domain name of “” or “” be purchased as soon as possible and that the services of a volunteer be obtained to create and maintain a web-presence.
  • It was approved that an expenditure of $200 maximum be made by Scott for two coolers and BBQ utensils for OFCAN.
  • The next regular meeting of the OFCAN will be held on Thursday August 18, 2012 in the OFCAN office at the Onaping Community Centre at 7PM.
  1. The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM by Scott.

[Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary]

ofcanlogo Colour 2

Minutes of OFCAN Meeting—June 21, 2012

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM with Scott Sagle acting as Chair.

2. Attendees:   Scott Sagle                          Don Henwood                  Mike Armstrong

Sharon LeBlanc    Michelle McTaggart             Lisa Sagle

3. The minutes of the meeting held on May 17, 2012 were approved with no discussion.

4A. Scott & Michelle have been discussing the Dowling Skateboard Park and that OFCAN supports both the DSP and the BMX Park and Creative Playground/Splash Pad. Michelle stated that Dowling is contemplating the organization of a Neighbourhood Network Association that would work with the OFCAN. Mike nominated Michelle as the co-chair of the OFCAN. All present were in favour and it was approved. Don will modify the OFCAN letterhead to reflect this change. Scott is going to email both Jaime Thurston (City liaison) and Claude Berthiaume (Councillor) to request the road painting be completed as soon as possible.

4B. Mike stated that he is monitoring the progress on the lighting for the walkway between Levack and Onaping along the highway. He is also monitoring the progress of the tennis court lighting. He had nothing to report on the progress to date.

4C. Sharon reported that OFCAN’s current balance is $11084.93—which includes expenditures of clothing bins for New 2 U ($200) and postage for the disbursement of the BMX flyers last month ($161.70).

4D. Mr. Berthiaume was not present at the meeting. It was noted that he has promised $5000 for the BMX Park in Levack and $5000 for the Onaping Skateboard Park. These funds will be provided through Mr. Berthiaume’s HCI Fund.

4E. There was no City report as Jamie (City representative) was not present at this meeting.

4F. Darren Charbonneau (GSPS representative) was not present at the meeting.

4G. Both Don and Sharon shared photographs and a booklet that was provided by Jamie Thurston with regard to the BMX Park—specifically pictures of the construction of Adanac BMX Park. Both Don and Sharon expressed displeasure that information promised at the on-site meeting held early in June had not yet been provided by the City. Don stated that he would email both Jamie and Chris Gore (her boss) requesting site size so we can move forward with planning an Information Night for all interested residents.

4H. It was decided that the Creative Playground/Splash Pad would be the OFCAN priority for 2013. Don will, however, contact Vale, Xstrata and GBHM and measure their willingness to provide financial support (or other) for this project. He will report back at the next OFCAN meeting.

5A. Wireless Internet is now available in the OFCAN office.

5B. Michelle presented a quotation and a plan from the Canadian Ramp Company for construction of the Onaping Skateboard park. Scott will facilitate a discussion with himself, Michelle and Jaime Thurston with regard to the procedure for the construction.

Other New Business:

• Don will begin including pertinent items arising from OFCAN meetings in ORACLE so that residents can stay informed. It was suggested that Don also include a request for volunteers to come forward and put their names “in the hat” for upcoming work with regard to the BMX Park construction.

• Sharon made a motion that Don Henwood be officially recognized as the Executive Secretary of the Onaping Falls Community Action Network. This was seconded by Mike Armstrong and unanimously approved. Don will modify the OFCAN letterhead accordingly.

• Mike will speak with Jamie Thurston about having business cards printed for the members of OFCAN using the City’s logo and purchasing power.

• Don will invite Mayor Matichuk to attend OFCAN meetings.

• A special meeting of the OFCAN will be held at the Dowling Leisure Centre on Tuesday July 17, 2012 for a presentation about the Dowling Skateboard Park. Exact time will be announced in a flyer to be prepared/printed and distributed to the residents of Dowling. OFCAN will absorb the cost of the printing and postage for this flyer.

• The next regular meeting of the OFCAN will be held on Thursday July 19, 2012 in the OFCAN office at the Onaping Community Centre at 7PM.

6. The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM by Mike.

[Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Executive Secretary]

ofcanlogo Colour 2

Minutes of OFCAN Meeting—May 17, 2012

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM with Mike Armstrong acting as Chair.

2. Attendees:   Scott Sagle                          Don Henwood                  Darren Charbonneau

Mary Martel                          Claude Berthiaume       Sharon LeBlanc

Kris LongstonMelinda MottMike Armstrong

Dana MacDonaldLeona DaweLisa Sagle

3. The minutes of the meeting held on April19, 2012 were approved as discussed. No actual minutes had been recorded.

4A. Scott had no items to report.

4B. Mike brought up the point that within the past few weeks, some City staff had removed the archived materials from the CAN office unannounced. Most of the discussion that followed was directed at Claude Berthiaume (Councilor). It was noted that all of the materials had been vetted by City staff previous to this removal. At that time, the staff removed any sensitive materials and left those materials they said were not deemed worth removing for inclusion in the City’s archive department. Some members of OFCAN had moved the leftover materials into the OFCAN office for safe-keeping.. Soon after declaring the leftover materials would be “safe” to leave with OFCAN, some City staff entered the OFCAN office and removed ALL of the materials to an unknown location. The disposition of these “safe” materials is unknown at this time. As the building the OFCAN office is located in is City property, they had access to the office. Mr. Berthiaume responded that the City now has an archive building and that anyone may view archive materials through appointment only. He went on to say that as this is now an amalgamated city, there is no “Onaping” or “Levack” per se. There was some concerned opinion by some attendees that it appears the city is trying to obliterate the existence of the smaller towns before amalgamation. Mr. Berthiaume assured the attendees that he would investigate this matter and report back to OFCAN at the next meeting.

4C. Sharon reported that OFCAN’s current balance is $11,446.63 which includes recent purchases of office supplies and printing costs ($145 and $84, respectively). Sharon pointed out that some of the funds in the account are earmarked for the Playground and BMX park to be built this year.

4D. Mr. Berthiaume reported that a new Parks and Playgrounds by-law is being prepared and that communities are invited to provide input either by attending public meetings or going online and expressing their opinions. Mr. Berthiaume said that a final report would be available both online and on paper later this year.

Mr. Berthiaume reported that the Jim Coady arena roof replacement has been completed and that the plumbing work is ongoing. He also reported that a final report from the city on City Arenas is coming soon from the Parks and Recreation department at the city. This report will be available both online and in print.

Mr. Berthiaume reported that the city is in the process of creating a Family Health Team for Chelmsford. This team may consist of doctors, nurses, nurse-practitioners, etc. This team will be located in the old town hall in Chelmsford. Mr. Berthiaume will give a status report at the next meeting on this item.

Mr. Berthiaume reported that the Roads department is preparing to reconstruct a portion of New Cobden Road this Spring.

Mr. Berthiaume reported that the Chelmsford/Dowling by-pass is still in the planning stages and public consultation and a report will be available in the future.

Mr. Berthiaume had no news on the town houses under construction in Levack. Sharon LeBlanc will contact the By-law Enforcement department at the City to see if the conditions of the site can be ordered to be improved.

4E. There was no City report as Jamie (City representative) was not present at this meeting.

4F. Darren Charbonneau (GSPS representative) reported that Police attended the main intersection in Levack where the road leads into and out of the Vale mine site. Darren said that the officers did cite some motorists for failing to follow proper procedures. Darren also reported that some tickets were handed out with regard to 4-wheeler infractions. Sharon will contact By-law Enforcement at the city with regard to specific regulations regarding 4-wheelers.

4G. Sharon reported that she had spoken with Jamie at City Hall about the BMX park and Jamie had provided an aerial photograph of the area and Sharon showed the attendees the proposed site for the BMX park. Jamie also approved the flyer to be distributed to all residents concerning the BMX park and Playground that have been proposed. Mr. Berthiaume mentioned that he has $5000 to contribute from his HCI Fund for this endeavor. According to Sharon, there is approximately $18,000 also available from the Kids for Life fund for these endeavours.

4H. Sharon reported that Jamie has not responded yet to any Playground ideas. This is the playground that is proposed for next to the skating rink enclosure on Copper Street in Levack. Mr. Berthiaume also noted that the lights for the pathway are not yet installed and that he will investigate with the city and report back on the progress at the next meeting.

There was some discussion around the fencing/barrier requirements for the BMX park. Mr. Berthiaume advised that the city’s Legal Department should be asked about how this should be undertaken.

5A. Kris Langston gave a brief history of the proposed Community Improvement plan for Levack/Onaping. He presented two maps showing specific areas for improvement based on previous meeting’s information. He indicated that a public meeting would be held later this year and that an actual plan will be finalized and funding proposals will be presented at that time.

Kris asked for questions and a good discussion was held around the proposals and their benefit to Levack/Onaping.

Kris reported that the next step for him is to present to City Council that OFCAN supports a proposed Community Improvement Plan for Levack and is ready to go forward with the public input sessions.

Kris also noted that Sudbury is preparing their 5-year Plan that is mandated by the Ontario government to present. Kris noted that a link to the 5-year Plan is available on the city’s website.

Kris informed the group that a Public Open House is scheduled for June 20th in Chelmsford from 4PM-7PM at the Community Centre, This Open House will focus on Growth & Development in Sudbury. Two of the focus areas will be transportation (all kinds) and rural sub-dividing improvements to the current by-law.

5B. Don presented the upcoming inaugural issue of ORACLE (the community newsletter) that will be in selected locations throughout Levack and Onaping on June 1st and monthly thereafter.. He also reminded all attendees that ORACLE is in no way affiliated with the Greater City of Sudbury nor OFCAN and that he, as Editor/Publisher, is solely responsible for its contents.

5C. Scott will notify the previous Editor/Publisher of Novella to close the account at the Credit Union.

Other New Business:

• Mike will cordially invite Mayor Marianne Matichuk to attend our OFCAN meetings in the future.

• Mr. Berthiaume reported that the 2013 Budget will be presented at the City Council meeting on June 19th at 6:00PM in the council chamber at City Hall. Public input is invited.

• One attendee indicated that the roadway beside the Community Centre is in need of restructuring. Mr. Berthiaume made a note of this.

• There was a brief discussion about the walking trail/path between Levack and Onaping and how best it can be lighted and made more user-friendly for both pedestrians, cyclists and 4-wheelers.

• There was a brief discussion that our existing parks need improvement and that new ones should be built.

• Mr. Berthiaume presented a poster for the “Chemy Mudboggers” event being held on June 9th and 10th.

• It was requested of Mr. Berthiaume that he investigate the installation of Internet access in the OFCAN office as soon as possible.

• Mike will invite a representative from the Dowling community to become an active participant in OFCAN and to attend meetings in the future.

6. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM by Mike.

[Minutes prepared by Don Henwood, Secretary]

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There are no electronic records of any other meeting minutes.